Da Nang to Hue Bus: Schedule & Price

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Planning to visit Danang and Hue during your vacation in Vietnam, you should consider the best transportation to travelling between. Please find detail below about Da Nang to Hue bus schedule & price. 


From Danang to Hue takes about 95 km long and will cost you 2.5 hours on a bus. The bus is a popular & money-saving way also provide you many choices like local bus, tourist bus or limousine bus. Are you interested in travelling by bus from Danang to Hue yet? Keep reading to get to know more. 

Danang to Hue bus overview

On choosing a bus as a way to transfer from Danang to Hue, you are offered 3 options including public buses, shuttle buses and limousine luxury buses. According to your demand and budget, you can choose one for your trip.

1. Public bus

A public bus from Da Nang to Hue operated by bus company of government. They run every 14 minutes from Da Nang bus station to Hue bus station. The cost for this bus is not too expensive just around 3 USD/person. 

Public bus sometimes is quite crowded because most local people choose this kind of transfer to save money. Also, the driver could not speak English, you need to read at the station before starting time and transfer back hotel on your own after arrival.

Da nang to hue bus


2. Shuttle tourist bus 

The shuttle bus is the most popular option as it is really easy to find. If you are a budget traveller, then the idea is for you. Usually, most buses from Danang to Hue are sleeper buses that have double-decks and a capacity of 40 to 46 passengers. This allows you to have some space to relax. Besides, one advantage of travelling by shuttle bus is that its price is pretty low. Therefore, you can save a sum of money for other activities on your vacation. During the trip, you will be taken to some stunning spots. This means that travelling by bus is not only a way of transfer but also a style of sightseeing. By paying a small amount of money, you will have a chance to admire many beautiful landscapes through the window.

Besides many advantages, travelling by shuttle bus is sometimes uncomfortable. This is because the kind of bus mainly serves local people, which means that its service, especially tourist service, is not professional. Additionally, in some cases, the bus is overloaded, making passengers share their sleeper. In general, a shuttle bus is a great idea for budget travelers and can be an unforgettable local-like experience. If you are interested in this, find out more information about the price and schedule below. 

Taking the bus has the advantage of being the most cost-effective mode of transportation. Naturally, this is due to the fact that it is slower and less flexible than travelling solo. The most significant disadvantage of taking the bus is that you are not able to view the stunning sight of Hai Van Pass and the splendid landscape of Central Vietnam. Instead, buses travel over the mountains via a tunnel, which is faster and less windy so it’ll be safer. 

Da Nang to hue shuttle bus

Da Nang to hue shuttle bus


3. Limousine luxury bus 

As tourism development has led to the increasing demand for high-standard travel, limousine luxury buses are operated as one of the solutions. A limousine bus, indeed, can have all advantages of a shuttle one, plus extra convenience and privacy. On each, amenities are modern and high-quality, provides passengers with several conveniences like adjustable seats, air-conditioners, TV screens, USB ports for phone charging, free water, and wifi, etc. Therefore, passengers can have a comfortable experience throughout the trip.

Besides, as a limousine bus can only offer 20 to 25 seats, it perfectly fits if you come in a group of friends or family. Onboard, you will have a private space to talk to your companies without being annoyed by or annoying other people. Also, if you have kids, the limited capacity allows your kids to play in the safe zone without running around like on a train or shuttle bus. With such services and convenience, a limousine luxury bus is supposed to cost more than the shuttle one. However, it is definitely worth it.

Da nang to Hue limousine bus

Da nang to Hue limousine bus


Da Nang to Hue Bus Price & Schedule 

In Danang, you can easily find a bus to get to Hue, especially a shuttle bus. Same with many other places in Southeast Asia, buses are one of the most common modes of transportation since they are both inexpensive and convenient. There are numerous tourist buses operated, check out the recommended Da Nang to Hue bus schedule and price as follow:

Bus Operators

Departure Time

Arrival Time

Price (one way/ per person)

Bus Type 

Sinh Tourist

04:30 PM

04:30 PM

119,000 VND 

Sleeping Bus 41 seats

Hanh Cafe

06:45 AM

09:45 AM

100,000 VND

Sleeping Bus 41 seats

Hoang Long 

06:50 AM

08:50 AM

150,000 VND

Sleeping Bus 39 seats


There are several limousine services operating on the route from Danang to Hue and they have many departure times for you to choose from: 

Bus Operators

Departure Times

Ticket price (one way/ per person)

Rating from past passengers 

Huong Giang Limousine 

07:00 AM;  10:00 AM; 02:00 PM; 06:00 PM

150,000 VND - 190,000 VND 


Dong Hanh Limousine 

06:30 AM; 12:00 PM; 05:30 PM

160,000 VND


PH Limousine 

07:00 AM; 09:00 AM; 11:00 AM; 01:00 PM; 03:00 PM 

150,000 VND 


Hoang Duc Limousine 

07:00 AM;  10:30 AM; 04:00 PM; 05:30 PM

140,000 VND


HAV Limousine 

07:00 AM;  10:30 AM; 12:00 PM; 15:00 PM; 04:30 PM; 06:30 PM

140,000 VND 


The journey from Danang to Hue by limousine shuttle bus is slightly shorter than by bus and coaches. It takes approximately 2 hours and does not include the pick-up time before departing.  Some buses do offer hotel pick up so you can arrange with your hotel receptionist and let them book the trip for you or contact directly to the tourist bus agencies. Similar to other types of buses, limousine bus also takes the route that goes through Hai Van Tunnel so you will not have a chance to enjoy the spectacular view of Vietnam’s coastline. 

To book a bus from Danang to Hue, you can go to the operators’ website and book it online. Alternatively, for the shuttle bus, you can go to the coach station and buy tickets directly, However, this way is not recommended as you can face some scammer that sells you the ticket at an exorbitant price. You can also, have a travel agent help you with this. 

Great facilities on limousine bus from Danang to Hue

Great facilities on limousine bus from Danang to Hue


Tips to travel by bus from Danang to Hue 

  • Shuttle buses are for budget or solo traveller 
  • On special occasions, the number of buses and prices can be adjusted to meet the travel demand 
  • Just bring the essentials and put them in one backpack as there is not enough space for luggage
  • On buying tickets directly, don’t buy them from any individual but at the ticket office of the station
  • If you go with a group of friends or have kids, a limousine will be perfectly suitable. You can talk to your friends or play with your kids without being annoyed by or annoying others. 

Above is all you need to know about Danang to Hue bus. For more detailed information or booking, please contact us through our website or call. We are always available to help you with the best experience in Vietnam. Wish you have an unforgettable vacation! Let's find the best centre Vietnam tours which already included transfer between Da Nang and Hue and enjoy your wonderful vacation.

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