Halong Bay Biking

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What is more romantic than cycling on the beautiful coastal road of Halong at the sunrise, listening to the sea waves? If you are romantic person, Halong bay is a place you should visit once during your lifetime. If not, there are also a lot of other activities in Halong Bay for you.

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Cycling is not only good for your health but also fun and interesting activities. Throughout Vietnam, there are many beautiful routes where you can cycle. Halong Bay is among the most fascinating destination for this hobby. The below article will provide you some information about cycling in Halong Bay, some beautiful routes and tips for cycling.

cycling in Halong bay

Cycling in Halong bay

Halong Bay biking

Cycling is an outboard activity that brings tourists a lot of excitement. Some cruises on Halong bay include cycling in its itinerary. Cat Ba island is one of the best places in Halong Bay for cycling. This island is located about 30 km from the center of Hai Phong city and 25 km away from Ha Long city, surrounded by high mountains, thick jungles, and vast ocean. Cycling on this island is an ideal way to explore the wild nature of the area around. Most of Halong Bay cruises have biking activity to Viet Hai village in Cat Ba. If you are not taking a cruise, you can rent a bicycle to get around Cat Ba.

Cycle rental: 20.000VND per hour and 100.00VND per day

Bike rental: 120.000-200.000VND per day

Best places to cycle in Halong Bay

There are 3 main routes for cycling in Halong Bay. Each of these beautiful biking routes offers tourists with different experiences and feelings. It is great if you have time and can cycle all 3 routes. If possible, I would recommend booking a Halong Bay cruise which offers biking to Viet Hai village. Check Mon Cheri Cruise 3 days, Peony Cruise 3 days, Heritage Cruise 3 days or Scarlet Pearl Cruise Halong Bay for more details

1. Gia Luan Harbour - Trung Trang Cave - Hospital Cave - Cat Ba Town

It starts at Gia Luan harbor, then visits Trang Trang and Hospital Cave and ends in Cat Ba town. Traveling this road, you will be able to see the stunning ocean view, dramatic cliffs, amazing curve… It is one of the most romantic roads in Cat Ba, especially at sunset or sunrise. On the way to Cat ba town, you can stop at Trung Trang and Hospital cave. Three hundred metter Trung Trang cave is a true masterpiece with countless natural stone stalactites in unique shape and glistening jew while Hospital cave is special with its formation by the sedimentation of coastal limestone. This cave overlooks the breathtaking view of Cat Ba National Park.

Cycling in coastline

Cycling in coastline

2. Phu Long port - Thien Long cave - Cat Ba town

This biking route starts in Phu Long port, passes through the forest to Thien Long cave, and ends in Cat Ba town. Cycling in this road, you will feel the transitions between sea and forest atmosphere and weather. You will see a lot of hills, wonderful cliffs, and Thien Long cave. Thien Long cave has wonderful scenery with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in many different shapes. It is believed to a place remains of ancient people's life. There different areas of the cave that look like a different world with many rock formations. So do not miss your chance to see this cave when you cycle on this route.

Cycling to explore the forest

Cycling to explore the forest

3. Viet Hai Village in Cat Ba

Viet Hai village is located approximately 18km from Cat Ba town and belongs to Cat Ba National Park. This village is surrounded by high mountains and thick forests of the national park. What people love about this village is the quiet atmosphere, friendly local people, hidden houses under the leaves, nestled in a garden or green jackfruit. People here have a simple life with a gentle heart, and they are satisfied with what they have. Biking to this village, you will have a chance to blend yourself with nature, enjoy the fresh air, cool breeze of the ocean, see the primitive beauty of a typical Vietnam village in the countryside.

Cycling in Viet Hai village

Cycling in Viet Hai village

Halong Biking Tips

  • Do not forget to check the bike condition before you rent. Use a good helmet.
  • Keep your eyes open when biking in Vietnam. Get used to the use of horns by local people.
  • Vietnamese drive on the right-hand side of the road, but cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians can suddenly appear from every direction, often using both sides of the road depending on how heavy the traffic is.

Spending your time exploring Halong Bay by cycling is one of the best things to do in Vietnam.

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