Hanoi to Sapa Private Car: Fast & Convenient Ways

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Travellers normally use buses or trains to travel from Hanoi to Sapa because they are cheap methods. However, in those ways, the time is fixed in schedule, travel time costs more than 7 hours and especially, on the holidays, a lot of passengers are loaded on the same bus or train. Let’s forget all of these and discuss how to go from Hanoi to Sapa by private car: fast & convenient way.

Private Car Hanoi to Sapa

You definitely wondering how much of the price, type of car, and travel time for a private transfer from Hanoi to Sapa. Let’s check it out in my article. Besides, I suggest some useful tips for the best comfort of your trip.

Types of private car from Hanoi to Sapa

There are 3 popular private cars for rent from Hanoi to Sapa: 4 seater, 7 seaters, and 16 seaters (minivan) cars. 

  • Private 4 seater cars: usually use Corolla Altis, Toyota Vios, Mazda 3 and etc., which are all fully equipped with AC, soft seat, and water, the legroom is big enough to use. This is suitable for a group of 2 people.
  • Private car 7 seats: Innova, Ford Everest, Toyota Fortuner and etc, which are all fully equipped with AC, soft seat and water, the legroom is big. This is suitable for a group of 3 people.
  • Private minivan 16 seats: Ford Transit, Hyundai Solati and etc., which are all fully equipped with AC, soft seat, and water, the legroom is large to use. This is suitable for a group of between 4 - 10 people.

Depend on your group size you can find a suitable one. Please note that if you need a bigger car let's choose from 7 seats one.

16 seats private car Hanoi to Sapa


Hanoi to Sapa private car price

It costs you 7 hours by bus and more than 8 hours by train. However, it is only 5 hours and 30 minutes by private car for the route from Hanoi to Sapa. The ticket fees are various among car companies for different types of cars, services, experience, and facilities. I sum up the introductory price for your reference in the table below. Let’s check it.

Car types Rate (per car)/ 1 way Rate (per car)/ 2 days Rate (per car)/ 3 days
4 seaters 175 USD 195 USD 225 USD
7 seaters 189 USD 215 USD 249 USD
16 seaters 239 USD 269 USD 309 USD

There are a great number of companies that provide private car services from Hanoi to Sapa. Let’s contact BestPrice Travel for the best company that suits your needs.


Tips To Choose The Best Hanoi - Sapa Private Car

Choose a good partner: Let’s contact a travel agency or your hotel to get a good price and professional services. A good travel agency will help to arrange a car with English speaking driver (he can speak basically English as I mentioned above), which can help a lot on the way if any unexpected things happen.

Choose the right time to start: With a private car, now, you control your destiny and decide when to start your trip. The driver will come to pick you up at your hotel or any place in the range of services. The car will drive through the Expressway of Hanoi – Lao Cai, then it takes only 5.5 hours. You may consider waking up a little early to depart at 4 am. Then you can sleep again in your private car. Do not mind your sleep because the seats are quite comfortable. About 9:30, you arrive at Sapa town and let’s have breakfast at our mysterious mountainous city. You will love it right from the first look.

Travel with a group a friend: The private car service seems to suit a group of tourists. Let’s discuss with your friends if you guys can go together, which can help a lot because you share the money with them.

Understand the maximum possible passengers on a private car: 300 km from Hanoi to Sapa will cost 5.5 hours. When you choose to reserve a private car, I think you mean to get a comfortable transfer. Therefore, you should count the people in your group and book the right car to satisfy all the members of your team.

  • 4 seater car: maximum 2 adults with small luggage
  • 7 seater car: maximum 3 adults with medium luggage
  • 16 seater car: maximum 11 adults with luggage

The maximum number of guests is just for reference as my personal experience. All of you will have some bags, which will take areas in the car. If you guys do not have a lot of stuff to carry on the car or you do not mind enjoying a “cozy atmosphere” in the summer, just skip this.

Enjoy the private transfer from Hanoi to Sapa


Require a professional tour guide: In this kind of short trip, it is not so necessary to require a tour guide, however, you need a person to guide and take care of your group, let’s find a tour guide. He can communicate well with you and the locals so that he can manage to deal with the problems.

Well, it is some of the useful tips I would like to recommend. I hope you enjoy your Sapa tour from Hanoi by private car. Do not hesitate to contact BestPrice Travel for professional car services. See you in the next article.

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Hello, we are 5 pensioners traveling to Sapa on the 5 September 2023. We need pick up, 16 seater, from Hanoi Airport to Sapa, and return on the 8th September, transfer to hotel. My number in South Africa is 0822197414. Await your reply. Thanks.

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Hi! Our travel consultant sent contacted you, please check and give us more information about your trip so we can send you the best deal for your request. Thank you so much!

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Dear travel agent We would like to have an offer to travel from Hanoi to Sapa on the 27. June around 8 o’clock and back on the 29. June around 13-14 o clock We are a family of 5, mon and dad plus 3 kids 9, 11 and 14 years old. Pick-up hotel: Soleil Boutique Hotel, 211 P. Hàng Bông, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam Drop of hotel in Sapa: Sapa Clay House, Lao Chải, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Vietnam Return date(29. June) Drop-off hotel: Hanoi La Storia Hotel, 45 P. Hàng Đồng, Hàng Bồ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam We look forward to heering from you.


You can book a limousine private or book a sleeper bus. With shared seat limousine the price will be cheaper for you

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