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Heal Yourself With Red Dao Herbal Bathing

April 09, 2021 - 2883 views

Red Dao herbal bathing is not only a health care method but also a factor that forms the cultural identity of ethnic minorities. Therefore, the service of sauna, massage, bathing tobacco of the Red Dao people has become an indispensable choice of any tourists coming to explore Sapa. However, you have to be careful to find the right place with the best-rated tobacco bath in Sapa. Scroll down for more information on this service.

Red Dao herbal bathing - a unique tourism product

Since ancient times, Vietnamese people have known how to use many traditional remedies for treatment and health care. These herbs are used for bathing or soaking feet. Over many years of tradition, the Red Dao still retains the subtleties of those traditional remedies.

The village of the Red Dao is often couched in the middle of the mountain. Life is associated with the jungle, so the Dao is very good at medicine. Medicines are stored and passed on from generation to generation among the women in the house. Bathing in leaves for four seasons has become a necessary procedure for the Dao people.

A Famous Service of Red Dao Herbal Bathing in Sapa

A Famous Service of Red Dao Herbal Bathing in Sapa

The herbal remedy for bathing the leaves of the Red Dao is a combination of herbs that are good for the skin: honeysuckle, star fruit, fennel, fig leaf, camphor, royal hacienda. There are also good herbs for bones and joints: Apple bar, tan quy. According to the concept, using this remedy regularly you will see its valuable uses.

Medicinal water is poured into a wooden crate, then mixed with moderately cold water to soak in the bath. Fresh or dried medicinal plants will be chopped, put into a large pot, and boiled with firewood. It will be boiled continuously for 30-45 minutes when the water turns red and has the consistency of wine is satisfactory.

The quality of the tub is paramount. The tub must be made of pus wood, and this is the type of wood with the characteristic aroma of essential oils. The small bathroom is closed, then the steam of the bath leaves rises and blends with the fragrance of timber to create a charming characteristic smell.

Relaxing With Your Partner while enjoy red dao's herbal bathing in Sapa

Relaxing With Your Partner

When you see that the water is hot enough for you, you step in, then take a dip in the bath, breathe the warm, steamy aroma. You will feel your body "relax" in a refreshing way.

A tingling sensation appears in the first few minutes due to the temperature of the water. Next, the smell of tobacco leaves on the nose, eyes, mouth makes us uncomfortable because of the strange smell. But immediately, all senses fell into a state of buoyancy and smoothness. The muscles like a rope are loosened. At that time, you will feel your body clean and light-minded.

The use of the herbal bathing

Due to the characteristics of the terrain, the Red Dao people give birth themselves, making themselves midwives, so the use of leaf water to bathe disinfection is indispensable. It is believed that, after giving birth, women who soaked with leaf water will help to circulate blood and restore health quickly. Therefore, in a short time, Dao women can go to the fields to work, sometimes even carrying an infant. Men who suffer from colds, stress, fatigue can use bath water to eliminate stresses, increase vitality as well as detoxify the body.

red Dao's herbal bathing Has Many Health Benefits

This Service Has Many Health Benefits

For the elderly, herbal water is the treatment of rheumatism, bone pain, numb limbs. Besides, it also treats hand sweat. Children are bathed with it periodically will eliminate pimples and skin diseases. It also makes children's skin smooth and rosy.

Herbal bathing of the Red Dao is not only a method of health care of the ethnic people but also a constituent element of the Dao's cultural identity.

The location to enjoy this famous service

Here are a few famous and prestigious places for you to refer to and enjoy the treatment time.

Dao’s Center Sapa

Dao's center is a wellness location providing a large-scale, first-rate Red Dao herbal bath. It is a licensed business establishment, so visitors can rest assured when using the service here. Coming here, you will enjoy full of unique types of services such as massage, Red Dao herbal bathing, sauna, and herbal foot bath.

The reason Dao's Center is at the forefront of quality is because of the beautiful decoration space, synchronous infrastructure, and a large number of rooms to help meet the needs of visitors in and out of rush hours. Besides, the staff here is enthusiastic, hospitable, highly skilled, and well-trained.

One of the plus points of Dao's Center is that the quality of bath products. The concentration of medicine here is not doped. It has bloody color water - the exact color of the Dao ethnic formula.

Address: 26 Dong Loi - Sapa Town

New Day

Choose A Reputable Facility For red dao's herbal bathing Treatment in Sapa

Choose A Reputable Facility For Treatment

Located in the Western Quarter of Sapa town, New Day has a large number of guests because of the skill of the massage staff here. Customers coming here will be counseled and served by a dedicated, thoughtful team. However, you need to go early because the facilities here are lacking, not synchronized. The number of staff is not enough to serve during peak hours.

Huong Ly Spa

This spa is quite small with a modern style intermingled with the traditional one. When you come here, you will feel tranquillity and relaxation. The quality and service of the facility are quite good with bathtubs covered with flowers and herbal will make you have an excellent treatment time.

After years of circulation in the Red Dao community on high mountains, the medicine has now become a culturally rich tourism product for the tourist town of Sapa. Red Dao herbal bathing is very popular because it brings a sense of comfort while dispelling fatigue and is very beneficial to health.

Hopefully, this article helps you find essential information and choose an ideal experience location. Leave your comments below if you have any ideas. Thank you for reading.

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