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Yoga in Sapa – Why Not?

April 09, 2021 - 1383 views

Yoga has been one of the most ideal retreats for people who are looking for a great feeling and better functions in their daily life. Have you ever thought of doing yoga in the majestic Sapa of Vietnam?

Why should you do yoga in Sapa?

Sapa is one of the best tourist attractions in Vietnam. It is a highland town that welcomes a rising number of not only national but also foreign tourists every year. So, why we highly recommend this beautiful mountainous region in the north part of Vietnam for yoga lovers? And here are several reasons why Sapa is an ideal destination for an amazing retreat.

Sapa Is An Ideal Place To Enjoy Your Yoga Vacation

Sapa Is An Ideal Place To Enjoy Your Yoga Vacation

When you do yoga in Sapa, you always look for tranquility in your mind. Sapa can provide you with this kind of peacefulness with its cozy atmosphere, breathtaking scenery, and friendly locals. Once coming to Sapa of Vietnam, you will be highly impressed by the spectacular views of this destination. You can admire the clear sky or thick mist flooding through the valleys.

And is there anything more peaceful and comfortable than doing yoga in a high position where you can overlook all these spectacular mountain sceneries? Surely the mountains, the green field terraces, and the small villages here are no doubt a lifelong experience you will never forget. Besides, the atmosphere here is pleasant and the environment is clean since there is no busy traffic like in some big cities.

Refresh your mind and body with yoga while admiring the majestic nature in Sapa

Refresh your mind and body while admiring the majestic nature in Sapa

Sapa, however, is not only an ideal place for your yoga retreat, but it is also a destination that you can go into the life of ethnic minorities and refresh your mind and your body. Despite the development of tourism these years affecting the town’s infrastructure greatly, it seems that the ethnic minorities here still keep their unique cultures.

There are 8 different ethnic minorities in Sapa: Hmong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Muong, Thai, Hoa, and Xa Pho. All of which, Hmong people are accounted for 51.65% of the population. Each group of people has its own traditional costume with distinctive and unique designs. Women often wrap their hair at the back of their heads and wear a turban belonging to their ethnic groups.

What are the best places to do yoga in Sapa?

It is quite difficult to find a yoga center in Sapa as around you are the mountains, clouds, green rice terraces, and small villages. Now we will recommend some of the best well-known yoga centers in Sapa so that you can make a decision quickly.

Sapa Clay House – Mountain Retreat

Address: Lao Chai Village, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Tel: (+84) 096.528.8160 – Hotline: (+84) 0125.917.2201

Sapa Clay House is perceived as one of the best retreat centers in Sapa. The center impresses the yoga lover right from its innovative architecture – a combination of the traditional house of the Ha Nhi ethnic group and the modern architecture. The Welcome House is big and includes a Lounge & Bar, a restaurant, a kitchen, and 4 seasonal houses. This Welcome House has a splendid view of Hoang Lien Son Mountain and Muong Hoa Valley.

Sapa Clay House With Innovative Architecture is the best place to practice yoga in Sapa

Sapa Clay House With Innovative Architecture

You also can enjoy a private wooden bathtub in the Private Bamboo Hut which views Hoang Lien Son mountain and the paddy rice field of Y Linh Ho village. The Seasonal House, consisting of 4 rooms inspired by the 4 seasons of Vietnam, is another place to get a retreat. This 30 m2 room, with its comfortable bed, relaxing chair, private bathroom, and wooden bathtub, promises to bring the most authentic experience to any tourists.

And the best amazing thing about this yoga center is that it tailors you a whole week or month retreat package to best suit you. Your retreat package may include yoga/Taichi/meditation retreat, massage, herbal bath, foot therapy, massage. Your daily meals made from organic products will be prepared by the chef here.

The Sacred Healing Center

The Sacred Healing Center (SHC) is a dynamic worldwide event that hosts organization that focuses on promoting and hosting the best available modalities of alternative healing retreat and excursions around the world. Aiming at happier and healthier lives, the Center sends its members to many parts of the world, including Sapa of Vietnam. You can contact them through their website or send a direct email to

In their retreat, there are 2 options you can choose from: a private backpacker–style room ($799) or a private mountain–view bungalow ($1,199). The SHC member will get a discount of 5% and students (with valid student ID) will get a discount rate of 10%.

Best things about this retreat:

  • Talented and dedicated retreat leaders and teachers
  • Do pranayama and asana yoga daily
  • Grow and empower your practice
  • Improve sequencing and theme-weaving skills
  • Enjoy healthy and delicious Vietnamese meals (prepared with vegetables produced by the locals)

Beyond breathtaking views and a peaceful atmosphere, Sapa is an ideal destination to make meditation and enjoy your introspective yoga vacation in Vietnam.

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