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Hue Weather January: Temperature & Things to Do

June 17, 2021 - 290 views

Time to travel to Hue is what travelers need to find out before visiting it. If you intend to come here and wonder about the Hue weather in January, refer to this post.

If you have ever been to Hoa Lu ancient capital (Ninh Binh), Co Loa, Thang Long (Hanoi), which used to be the capital of Vietnam, now become a ruin, you will see the ancient vestiges of Hue ancient capital. With sumptuous palaces, strongholds, temples, tombs, pagodas, and many garden houses dating back to hundreds of years, the ancient capital of Hue has a peaceful and tranquil beauty.

Hue Weather in January

With average temperatures from 19°C to 23°C and rainfall ranges around 115mm. The Hue weather in January is quite cool with drizzles. Hue people often joke that the rains this month are a specialty of Hue because it rains without strong winds, or as cold as the north. However, it persists from day to day, week after week making indigenous people flock to the street these days rarely.

One thing that is quite special, which we rarely see elsewhere, is that Hue also has its spring. The spring in Hue lasts from January to the end of February, which is the transition time between seasons, when the cold dissolves, dissipates, making room for the sunshine of the new day, the new season, and everywhere on the piece. In that peaceful land, people realized that a fresh coat was put on, full of vitality but still waving the shyness and care.

Hue weather in January


Things to do in Hue in January

There are a lot of interesting activities to do in Hue despite not great weather condition, let's discover detail.

Enjoy Hue specialties

Visitors can come to Hue in January to enjoy hot but spicy specialties. The dishes such as tré, sour rolls, filtered flour, soup, beef noodle are delicious dishes not to be missed when coming to Hue these days!

Hue weather in January food

Spicy food in Hue 

Go sightseeing

This season coming to Hue, you will come across the image of a green, lush city with the anticipation of the new year, Hue becomes even more beautiful and unique. When you visit Hue in January, don’t forget to explore Imperial City in Hue, Tomb of Tu Duc, and Tomb of Minh Mang. The weather during this time of the year is perfect to walk around and discover the beauty of the old city. Besides, you can visit Dong Ba market which always brings a bustling atmosphere, especially when the Chinese New Year is around.

Hue weather in January Hue imperial city

Hue Imperial city


Pros and cons of Visiting Hue in January

Pros: Since January is the low season for tourism in Hue, all services are quite cheap. Even when you book at the last minute, the price of everything is still very affordable. Besides, you can easily get several great tour package promotions that can help you save a lot of money. 

Cons: The rain may be a minus point for Hue traveling plans in January. Rains will not be heavy or affect your itineraries much but they last very long and make the sky so cloudy and grey. If you love taking pictures and videos about all the places you came to, January is not a perfect time for you to visit Hue.

Tips for traveling Hue in January

  • Warm clothes and an umbrella or raincoat are absolutely needed for the cold and drizzle weather of Hue in January.
  • In January, there are a lot of good tour promotions that can help you save money, which is perhaps even cheaper than booking every single service yourself, so don’t hesitate to contact BestPrice Travel and get the best deal for yourself.
  • Even if accommodations, transportations, and everything is cheap in January, you should perhaps make some comparisons then take the best option with an adorable price. You don’t have to rush so take your time and consider all choices carefully.
  • At any time, don’t forget to exchange some Vietnam Dong to pay for the small souvenirs you buy or the meals at local vendors.
  • Travel insurance and personal documents are certainly needed anywhere you pass by.

Hue is a famous tourist destination with gentle beauty and a quiet atmosphere. In the surroundings, there are many places to visit and long-standing historical sites, so attract many tourists. We hope this article about Hue weather in January will help you a lot. We hope you will have a meaningful trip here!

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