Top Museums in Siem Reap to the Learn History of Cambodia

December 22, 2023 - 530 views

Famously known for its devastating history, Cambodia has a diverse option of museums tourists can choose from in Siem Reap, which covers an array of Cambodian history and culture. Museum in Siem Reap remarkably captures the harrowing Cambodian history and the fascinating Angkor history. To learn more about the history of Cambodia, here are some top 5 museums we recommend you check out the next time you find yourself in Siem Reap. 

1. Angkor National Museum

If you are interested in learning more about the Khmer civilization's fascinating history, we highly recommend the Angkor national museum Siem Reap. A visit to the museum will include an informative video about what amenities the museum offers. Angkor National Museum is a two-story building home to thousands of artifacts displayed according to religion, era, and royal dynasty.

Angkor National Museum Siem Reap

Statues exhibit in the museum

2. Siem Reap War Museum

Located just outside the city, people can compare Siem Reap War Museum to a graveyard of tanks and artillery. Siem Reap War Museum exhibits wartime machinery, displaying bombs and rocket shells, which tell a story of the war in the province. It shares the somber displays of the victims lost during the war and landmines. At the museum, you get a sobering realization of the frightening realities the Cambodian societies faced during this dark era. Especially when you walk next to the gated landmine displays, it is a hidden gem that not all tourists know. It is informative and raises awareness of the humanitarian crisis and the cruelty faced at the hands of the Khmer regime.  

Additionally, it echoes the effects World War 2 had on Cambodia by displaying military remnants built by the West and the USSR, which Cambodian Civil War used between the 1970s-1990s 

Siem Reap War Museum

Siem Reap War Museum

Visit the war Siem Reap museum and stroll through history while learning and experiencing the sobering displays of children, homes, and communities being destroyed. You can find it in our Siem Reap Packages in 2022.Find your best tour now at Bestprice Travel

3. Cambodia Landmine Museum

As a result of years of conflict and war, Cambodia faced being one of the top countries with the most landmines. People face the dangers of these live or forgotten mines, which can find on rice fields, back yards, or roadside. Located close to the Banteay Srey Temple complex in Angkor National Park, The Cambodian Landmine Museum tells a story about how Cambodia has such a big problem with landmines and what resolutions are to remove them.  

Since then, the museum has been closed for 2020 and has not seen visitors. It runs through donations and ticket sales, so show your support by visiting them and learning about Cambodian history. The entry fee for adults is 5 dollars and free for children under 12. Visitors can arrange audio or personal English tours.   

See real live landmines and what they look like and the effects they can have on the community. This one of the best places to visit in Siem Reap would make for a different experience than going to an ordinary museum.   

Cambodia Landmine Museum

Children stand by the gun

4. Cambodia War Remnant Museum

Aimed at helping victims and landmine survivors, War Remnant Museum is a place of healing designed to serve and satisfy its community and survivors. If you want a memorable experience, we recommend seeing the War Remnant Museum. The museum has both photographic and machinery artifacts. The pictures and information about the machines are highly informative and moving. The museum has a sense of peace and calm, making for a sobering experience.  

We recommend you take a tour with a former soldier who can explain the first-hand experiences he faced. The guide with the soldier helps to bring a sense of understanding and realization of the harrowing experiences the people of Cambodia overcame.  

War Remnant Museum tells a gruesome story of brutality and inhumanity that all tourists should see at least once to have a heartfelt appreciation of Cambodia and what Cambodia has to offer the world.  

Cambodia War Remnant Museum

Tourists listen to the lecture about war story

If you are interested in exploring the humbling history of Cambodia, you are in for an enjoyable time. Let’s check out our Best Cambodia Package in 2022!

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