Oudong Hill

Oudong Hill (Udong Hill) is situated about 40km to the north of Phnom Penh. From 1618 to 1866, it was the capital of Cambodia, but now Oudong Hill is a quiet area which includes many wonderful constructions.

To reach the hill's top, it takes a lot of energy because you have to get over about more than 500 steps from the parking area. Not only include a small town, Oudong Hill also owns many stupas and shrines. For instances, the first stupa which is used for worshipping King Monivong, was decorated by four style faces. The second one is Ang Duong' stupa that was decorated with ashes color. The third stupa is located on the south and named Chedi Dramrei Sam Poan. This place has been used to keep King Soriyopor's remains and been decorated by elephant carvings.

Oudong Hill

Oudong Hill


Standing on the hill’s top, tourists will be treated by a panorama view of beautiful sightseeing of Phnom Penh. Among imposing mountain, vast of green fields and bushy trees, you can identify easily many famous attractions of the Cambodia’s capital such as: silver pagoda, Cambodia Royal Palace, and golden roofs that is the specific characteristic of temple or pagoda in Cambodia, etc


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Ceiling and mural paintings in the Main temple

Ceiling and mural paintings in the Main temple 


On the path to Oudon hill’s top, there are many beggars. Besides, you also can leave money in baskets corrective with your animal or relatives spirits for the upkeep of Udong. Tourists will meet many local children who can speak English a little bit and guide tourists to visits highlights of Udong hill.
You should go here on weekends because of flea market of local people. They sell old clothes, household goods, foods and drinks, etc.

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Is it safe for a single traveller? Any nice hotel for 2night stay?

@Leong Chooi Peng:

Hi! It's safe for single traveller. Oudong Hill is nearby Phnom Penh, you should stay at Phnom Penh and travel to Oudong Hill (a half-day or full-day tour is enough). We suggest you to book our itinerary to Oudong or contact to plan a customize trip to Oudong Hill through email: sales@bestpricetravel.com

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