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5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Sapa [Must-See]

May 20, 2021 - 5382 views

Sapa is an attractive destination for tourists that come to the North of Vietnam. There are many reasons for its being so widely known. Among them,  that here stands a lot of beautiful waterfalls is undeniable. The waterfall is one of the most marvelous terrains in the world, contributing so much to many beautiful landscapes. In fact, almost all places that have charming waterfalls are usually famous tourist points with thousands of tourists visiting every year. Immersing yourself in the tranquility of Sapa’s waterfalls is never a bad idea. Let’s have a look at the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Sapa to find out the best destination during your upcoming vacation in the town.

In geography, there are many reasons for waterfall formation. That’s why this terrain is not popular and most in highlands with imposing mountains. Vietnam is extremely lucky because the Motherland gives this country numberless beautiful sightseeings from the South to the North, including many charming waterfalls. Sapa is a small town in Lao Cai province. It’s in Northwestern Vietnam and has many suitable geographical conditions for waterfall formation.

This process requires some factors such as this area have many steep mountains and it’s also the upper course of rivers or streams. In common, the water of the rivers flows smoothly through certain terrains. However, there are some cases where the surfaces have some cracks or sudden changes leading to the vertical drops where the flows are through. With such conditions, it’s obvious that water will flow vertically over steep drops. This image makes the name of this special terrain waterfall.

Sapa waterfalls

About Sapa, this town is located on Lo Suay Tong mountainside with an altitude from 1500 meters to 1700 meters. Thanks to that, it’s also special in geography when being one of the regions in Vietnam having Humid subtropical climate to Temperate climate. There are upper courses of many major rivers such as Ngoi Bo river. Besides, the systems of rivers and streams here are very diversified including Bo stream system with 80 kilometers of length and Dum stream system with 50 kilometers of length.

The combination between climate and types of terrains is very meaningful in creating marvelous landscapes with a diversified ecosystem. In this case, Sapa is really a gift of the Motherland with a lot of beautiful landscapes and many of them are great waterfalls.

1. Silver Waterfall

Address: O Quy Ho commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai province 

Located beside 4D Highway, it’s convenient to visit this beautiful waterfall. Silver Waterfall is 200 meters high and the upper course of Muong Hoa Stream at an altitude of 1800 meters, below O Quy Ho pass. The mountain is so steep that water mostly falls vertically into the surface below. This image of water makes it called “Silver”. The amount of water from a stream is not much and changes seasonally. Thus Silver Waterfall has a more light beauty than a common waterfall with the course of a river, making a romantic space that attracts thousands of tourists to visit each year, especially for trekking trips.

Silver waterfall Sapa

Silver waterfall Sapa


2. Love Waterfall

Address: San Sa Ho commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai province 

Located on Hoang Lien Son mountain, Love Waterfall is from the upper course of Golden stream which originates at Fansipan mountain peak. It’s in Hoang Lien National park and just exploited for tourism. In fact, Love Waterfall is the beginning of the journey of conquering Fansipan mountain peak, giving it a chance to be more popular with tourists.

In the near future, it completely can be one of the most attractive tourist points in Sapa. With a height of 100 meters with the surface below, the beauty of this waterfall seems lighter than other waterfalls but romantic and attractive. In general, it looks like a conical hat with a vital ecosystem. One more remarkable feature of this waterfall is its name. Not just because of the romantic space it creates, this name originates from the legend about the love story of O Quy Ho woodsman and a fairy, which creates this beautiful landscape for Sapa.

Love Waterfall

Love Waterfall


3. Tien Sa (Cat Cat) Waterfall

  • Address: San Sa Ho commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai province 
  • Open time: 05.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m 
  • Ticket price: 40.000 VND 

Tien Sa waterfall is in Cat Cat tourist point, which is very famous for its traditional beauty and also known as the Vietnamese version of Phoenix ancient town (China). It’s an imposing landscape among a romantic space with fields, villages, etc. in this place.

This waterfall is not high. It flows over a vertical drop of Hoang Lien mountain into the Tien stream which will flow into the Red river then. In fact, tourists visit this waterfall mostly when they arrive at Cat Cat tourist point and enjoy the traditional culture of locals here. Thus don’t skip the chance to explore this interesting destination when you want to visit Tien Sa waterfall, one of the most romantic waterfalls in Sapa.

Tien Sa waterfall

Tien Sa waterfall


4. Ta Lam Waterfall

  • Address: Muong Khuong town, Lao Car province 
  • Open time: 12.00 am to 6.00 pm 
  • Ticket price: Free

Ta Lam Waterfall is famous as a beautiful waterfall on Nam Thi river. The waterfall itself lies between two mountains, creating a picture of two dragons landing with its body and tail on the evergreen mountains. Coming here, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the cool water and admire the stunning scenery.

You can get to Ta Lam Waterfall after hours of trekking and climbing to the mountains. The peaceful atmosphere and stunning scene of nature will help you relax and have your energy back to get ready for another route. Don’t forget to take some photos for your travel collection and to show your friends or family as well. Ta Lam’s entrance fee is free, so you can easily get into it. 

Ta Lam Waterfall

Ta Lam Waterfall


5. Tac Tinh Waterfall

Address: Binh Lu commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province

Tac Tinh Waterfall, also known as Love Waterfall, is located in Binh Lu commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. The waterfall is one of the most stunning landscapes in Lai Chau that attracts many visitors to explore every year. Lying between a huge mountain area, Tac Tinh looks like soft silk that ranges on the majestic elephant. From Sapa, it is pretty easy to get to the waterfall.

Usually, you will have to spend only about 1 hour and 57 minutes going from Sapa town to Lai Chau. Therefore, if having a chance and enough time, you should never miss this magnificent natural scene. Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility and enjoy the cool fresh water. As the waterfall is not so famous, tourists getting there are not crowded. You can freely enjoy your time.

One more thing about Tac Tinh Waterfall is that it was linked to a sad love story between a Dao ethnic couple. This story has been told widely among the locals, so if interested in or curious about it, you can ask them. They are hospitable and willing to tell you the story. This is great as through that story, you can learn more about the Dao ethnic culture and tell your friends or family when you are back in your home country. 

Ta Tinh Waterfall

Ta Tinh Waterfall

Above are our recommendations for the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Sapa. If your have any question or seek for more detailed information, please contact us through our website so that we can help you. Besides, as we are offering Sapa tours, which are quite interesting, you can go to our website and take a look at some of them. We are always available to give you the best experience on your vacation. Wish you enjoy your time in our beautiful country. 

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