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Sapa weather in January: Temperature & Things to Do

January 19, 2024 - 2854 views

Sapa in January is the most desirable Sapa day in a year. The flow of people flocking back to Sapa to see the white snow. Read more about Sapa weather in January in this article.

January is the mid-winter month in Sapa. At that time, if you are lucky, you can see the snow in Sapa, the snowflakes make people feel happy. But whenever it snowed, people rushed to Sapa but hurried back as if they had not met for a long time. If you plan to visit this beautiful place in January, don't hesitate to scroll down to find more information about Sapa weather.

Sapa weather in January

Situated in the province of Lao Cai, Sapa is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. Surrounded by green forests, Sapa has a subtropical climate with mixed daily weather conditions due to its setting in a mountain area. January is the second coldest month of the year with temperatures below 10°C and maybe 3 hours of sunshine per day. If you want to experience the bone-chilling cold, going to Sapa in January will be a reasonable choice.

The daily average temperature for Sapa in January is approximately 10°C. Tourists to the area can expect rainfall with an average of 23mm precipitation during the month. During the winter months, the weather is much milder than the rest of the year.

However, you can mainly expect Sapa to have a mixed climate throughout the day with sunshine in one part of the day and rain and frost the next. Humidity for the town can reach 82% but due to the cooler temperatures, visitors shouldn't expect any discomfort. The climate at this time of year makes it a good time to take part in outdoor activities, such as walking. However, there can be frost and fog at this time of year so check local weather forecasts before setting off on outdoor exploration.

Sapa weather januaray


Things to do to suitable with Sapa weather in January

Trekking to Cat Cat Village 

There are many things for tourists to do in Sapa. Cat Cat Village is popularly recommended due to its picturesque setting, unique traditions, and practices. Situated just trekking distance away from Sapa town, Cat Cat Village allows you to explore the stunning scenery that Vietnam has to offer. You can hire a guide and go hiking on one of the many tours the village has to offer. The classic tour takes place over the course of a day and includes breakfast and lunch. You can stop by a local elementary school to visit the children, shop in the craft center, and view the waterfall at the old French electric station.


Hoang Yen Chao Castle

Another great way to spend time in Sapa is to visit the Hoang Yen Chao Castle. This magnificent architectural construction attracts thousands of visitors each year. Constructed in the 20th century, you can view the building in all its glory as well as going inside.

Besides, the fascinating destination that cannot be missed when visiting Sapa in January is Ham Rong Mountain. This place opens for you beautiful scenery like orchid garden 1, orchid garden 2, clouding yard, and sky gate. When you reach the top of Ham Rong Mountain, you will explore one by one and visit each of the places mentioned above and leave the most impressive is probably the orchid garden with radiant and beautiful colors.

Suitable activity in Sapa in January

Ham Rong mountain


What to pack for traveling to Sapa in January

In January, Sapa town is still often be blanketed by fog and cold air and the temperature is usually low so these are some essential items that we highly recommended bringing with you when traveling in Sapa during January.

  • Warm clothes: A fleece and a poncho is advisable
  • A waterproof jacket that certainly keeps you dry and warm
  • You will definitely have to prepare a hood covering your head and ears, preferably a hat made from wool or leather as simple as possible, which will work better to keep warm, in addition also more comfortable and easier to wear.
  • Leather or wool gloves are also an indispensable outfit when going to Sapa in winter. Because without the gloves, surely your hands can't fit in your pocket!
  • Some personal medical prescriptions are also recommended to bring along. Since Sapa is still a small slowly developed town, it’d be hard for you to find a similar medication brand that you normally use. If you have some tiny issues with your sinuses or easy to get a sore throat, then don’t forget to bring some of your own medicine
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera or any digital devices to capture the beauty of Sapa in January.
  • Some snacks are highly recommended especially chocolate as they could keep your body warm from the inside.


Event and Festival in Sapa in January

Gau Tao Festival

Gau Tau is a H’mong festival organized by individual families within the community, taking this responsibility in turns. The hosting family invites the village shaman to help them express gratitude to the gods and ancestors, as well as pray for prosperity and happiness. After the completion of the ritual, the whole village will join together with traditional sports and dance competitions, all set to a soundtrack performed by traditional instruments.

Gau Tao festival is held from the 2nd to the 4th of January in the lunar calendar which normally falls at the end of January or in the early of February. Also, on this occasion, single boys and girls can show off their talent and have the opportunity to find their partners. This is one of the oldest traditional festivals that have remained for centuries by the Hmong People. It plays an important role in the cultural life of this community group and surrounding villages.


Roong Pooc Festival

This festival is held and by the Giay people and it is celebrated in early January of the lunar calendar. Roong Pooc Festival usually takes place in Ta Van village, it attracts people from the surrounding village and gathers a big crow every year. It has now become the biggest festival in Muong Hoa Valley with thousands of people attending each year. The festivals celebrate the Mother of the Land and people pray for a prosperous harvest for the upcoming season.

As well as worship, the people also take part in traditional games, songs, and dances. People are often reunited with old friends they have not seen since last year, and younger people use the occasion to look for a suitable husband or wife. The atmosphere is fun with the traditional music and delicious food served throughout its celebration.


Tips for traveling Sapa in January

  • January is off-season for people traveling to Sapa so there are not many tourists at popular attractions and you can easily find cheaper accommodations rates.
  • January’s weather can sometimes be harsh with snowfalls and ice. If you prefer to have local experience and stay overnight at a homestay, then bear in mind that many of them are not equipped with a heater, only a big fire in the middle of the house to warm.
  • Remember to keep yourself dry and warm
  • Have cash available: If you travel off the beaten path and away from Sapa Town, it’s better to withdraw your cash and have it ready when needed. Especially when you spend time at the house of ethnic minority people.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will have a smooth and exciting January trip to Sapa and have many memorable memories for yourself. Decide to travel to Sapa in January, contact BestPrice to have the best Sapa tours and unique experiences.

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