Sapa Weather in April: Temperature & Things to Do

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Before deciding on visiting Sapa – a natural destination in the north region of Vietnam, it is necessary to know about Sapa weather at this time. This is to make sure you can best enjoy your trip. In this articles we will show you detail about Sapa weather in April and the best things to do here this time.

Sapa is no doubt an emerging tourist attraction these days thanks to its incredible natural beauty. If you are planning a trip in April, find out more about the Sapa weather like these days.

Sapa weather in April

Sapa has seen its infrastructure changing significantly in recent years; however, it still keeps its original and natural beauty with terraced rice paddies and striking landscapes. Therefore, Sapa is still one of the most amazing and highly-seeking tourist attractions in Vietnam. Add to that, Sapa, together with its surroundings, will provide the most invaluable experiences to any tourists.

Located in a mountainous area, Sapa weather is not as hot as other tourist destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Da Nang, etc. The sapa temperature in April is just about 17oC so it is quite cool and pleasant, which is excellent for any outdoor activities. In April, Sapa has 6 sunshine hours per day.

April weather is sunny and dry, allowing you to best explore every aspect of this beautiful town, especially taking on trekking and hiking. However, sometimes the weather is unpredictable with drizzle and sudden rain. During April, foggy and cloudy days seem less prevailing.

Weather in Sapa in April

Sapa weather in April


Things to do in Sapa in April

Once coming to Sapa in April, never miss your chance to admire the beauty and take some magnificent photos of Muong Hoa Valley – one of the jewels in the crown of Sapa. Cat Cat Village is among the oldest villages in Sapa which is famous for its traditional flax and cotton production. You should pay a visit to explore Hmong culture. The other natural destinations you should not miss when visiting Sapa like Sin Chai village, Silver Waterfalls, Fansipan peak, Fairy Cave, Sapa Lake, Tram Ton Pass, Ham Rong Resort, etc. 

Are you a fan of coffee? If yes, you should have a drink at the Café in the Clouds. Add to that, you should spend time walking around Sapa market and Muong Khuong bird market. Every Saturday night of the week, local people organize the Love Market at the center of Sapa town. Take on to know more about the culture here.

admire the beauty of Sapa Terrace

Admire the beauty of Sapa Terrace


Pros and cons

Pros: April is considered the most beautiful time in Sapa. It’s the end of the icy cold days, and the sun starts shining in the middle of the day. The weather is dry so pleasant for traveling and taking a trekking tour to conquer the Fansipan peak. At night, the temperature will drop a little bit low, making the weather cold enough to enjoy the most delicious salmon hotpot with the local alcohol ever in Sapa.

Cons: Since April is the peak season of Sapa traveling, it will be really crowded and you have to book the transportations and accommodations at least 2 weeks in advance to make sure that you can get your slot. the price is also higher for some service, and if you are a quiet and introverted person, April is not a good time to visit Sapa.


Tips for traveling Sapa in April

  • April is the peak season of Sapa travel, you probably should book your transportations and accommodations as soon as possible since these services will run out very soon, and the later you book, the more expensive it will be.
  • The April weather of Sapa in day and night is quite different. It can be really cool and sunny in the daytime, but at night, the temperature may drop really low and it will be so cold. So be aware of that and prepare suitable clothes.
  • As this is a perfect time to go trekking the Sapa mountains, don’t forget to bring a good pair of shoes if you love to discover these stunning mountains.
  • The sleeping bag is essential if you are planning to have an April trek in Sapa.

The weather in April is so pleasant: cool during the daytime, and cold at night. The differences of the weather result to different sorts of belongings you need to prepare:

  • Both light and warm clothes for different times of the day and different activities you want to do.
  • Mosquitoes cream to avoid mosquitoes and other insect bites.
  • Sunscreen for sunny days.
  • A pair of trekking shoes for the new adventures in Sapa.
  • For girls, your most beautiful dresses will be useful because the scenery of Sapa in April is so stunning and I know you will not want to miss taking some memorable pictures in such a place as Sapa.

Sapa weather in April is just so good to take on a trip to this beautiful, natural, and wild tourist attraction. Don’t miss your chance to looking for the best Sapa tours now.

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