Sapa Weather in June: Climate & Things to Do

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On the hot days of June, when the Northern provinces are struggling in the heatwave, the weather in Sapa in June is extremely comfortable. Due to the topography, the Sapa climate is always cool. Let's go to Sapa to escape hot summer days and enjoy the cool air

Sapa weather in June

In June the temperature in Sapa in the morning and the evening is about 18°C, the highest is only about 24°C. Although the weather is sunny, when you are at home you feel cool. You will completely forget the sultry heat of summer when you set foot on Sapa. Sapa in the eyes of the dreamer is a peaceful and poetic place with high mountains, green valleys, a sky full of white clouds. And in the eyes of the adventurers, this is a place you must visit once in your life.

Sapa's weather in June is very mild, the rate of rain in the month increases compare with May, the average rainfall is about 307mm with high humidity up to 81%. The temperature is quite similar to May is on average at 21°C, however the sunshine time higher with 5 hours. It is the perfect climate for you to avoid heating in the city center.

Sapa weather in June

Pros: Despite June is the beginning of the rainy season in Sapa, it’s still awesome to come this time. In all attractions, it will be less touristy, make it quiet and comfortable to visit and enjoy the stunning scenery. During the low season, hotel and transportation booking is also very easy and cheap. 

Cons: If you are an adventurous person looking for a trekking route, visiting Sapa in June seems not the best choice. As it’s the rainy season, the weather will affect your journey a lot. The roads are slippery and the high humidity will make the rocks covered with moss, making it dangerous to go trekking.


Things to do in Sapa in June

There are many attractive things to do in Sapa in June, you can escape the crowded town to the tea hills full of cherry blossoms, enjoying the fresh air and immerse in the local life with an authentic meal cooked by the homestay’s hosts. 

You can also trek the authentic hill tribe villages as June is the time when the locals water their rice terrace to prepare for a new crop. During this time, Sapa looks like a huge mirror reflecting the contrast of the reddish-brown of soil, the deep blue of the sky-high above, and the green of surrounding forests. Paying a visit to the Sapa waterfalls in June is also worth considering. Since it’s the beginning of the rainy season, the falls are full of water that makes it look so gorgeous. 

Sapa in June is the plum picking season. In fact, around the end of May, the plum has begun to ripen but it is not until June that it is ripe. Sapa plum gardens are most concentrated along the way to O Quy Ho pass, a few in Ta Van or Ta Phin villages where people plant only 3-4 trees in their houses. If you travel to Sapa in June, you have to try the feeling of picking plums from the garden.

Sapa trekking is amazing thing to do in June

Sapa trekking is an amazing thing to do in June

Depending on different years, there will be different events taking place in Sapa in this season such as in 2018, there was the Sapa Summer Festival here in June attracting so many tourists who came and joined the event. So don't hesitate to come to Sapa in June, if you are lucky enough, there can be some fabulous events and festivals occurring during your journey.


Tips for traveling Sapa in June

  • Check the weather forecast carefully and usually make sure that the rain will not disturb your itinerary.
  • Even the temperature of Sapa in June during the daytime can be a bit high, it’s extremely chill at night, so you can save a bunch of money by booking a non-air condition accommodation.
  • To enjoy the most authentic food, just follow the local people and don’t put your 100% trust in the reviews on Tripadvisor, the food recipe they cook in tourist restaurants are changed a lot to fit with foreigners’ tastes. And in different times, Sapa will have different kinds of vegetables which are the best at that month or season, so ask the local first to figure out the best dish Sapa offers you. 
  • Traveling to Sapa in June, you should go at least 3 days and 2 nights to enjoy all the great nature, and spare some time for bad weather situations.

What to pack?

  • As it’s in the rainy season of Sapa, raincoats, and umbrellas are necessary.
  • Go for trekking Sapa in June, a high-quality waterproof tent, a good pair of shoes, and a torch are certainly required.
  • Light clothes, especially the easily dry ones are preferable.
  • Mosquitoes cream is needed to avoid mosquitoes and other insects bite
  • The summer in Sapa starts in June, the sun shines quite strongly so sunglasses and sunscreen are of course essential.
  • Travelling Sapa in this season, you can consider equipping yourself with a waterproof bag or backpack. You will never want a sudden rain to make all your stuff, including clothes and electric things soaked in water.
  • And don’t forget to bring a light jacket in case the weather changes or if you want to travel to Fansipan peak, O Qui Ho pass...

Sapa is such a fairy tale destination that attracts millions of tourists every year. June can be not the best time, but it's always a good time to come to Sapa. So don't think much, just come and discover. Let's check out the Sapa tours now to get the best one.

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