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Sapa weather in August: Climate & Things to Do

May 20, 2021 - 987 views

Planning to visit Sapa in the upcoming August but you don’t know what the weather is like and what to do during your trip to the town of mist. Then, the lines below will make you clear about Sapa weather in August.

Sapa is one of the most well-known destinations in Vietnam. Due to its stunning sceneries of nature, the town itself attracts thousands of tourists every year. The beauty of Sapa doesn’t remain the same throughout four seasons. In each season, it varies and has different interesting features, brings beautiful streaks and different experiences to visitors.

August is the time that Sapa enter Autumn. The town, then, give tourists the impression of a peaceful place where life goes on day by day and is so fresh. Many people would like to come during this time of the year. Indeed Sapa has conquered the hearts of many people because of the beauty of nature, the climate that is like a miniature Europe. Coming here, you will have great moments to keep your youth

Sapa weather in August 

Entering the month of August, Sapa weather experiences warm and comfortable weather that is really favorable for traveling and tourist activities. 

In particular, the average temperature in Sapa in August is about 20°C with the lowest reported at about 18°C and the highest one is around 24°C. During the daytime, there are about 5 hours of sunshine per day. At night the temperature can drop by 10°C, which makes it cool or even cold from dusk till dawn. 

Also during August, tourists coming to the area can expect rainfall with an average of 430mm precipitation over the course of 23 days during the month. This usually occurs as rain and drizzle due to the tropical climate at this time of year.

At this time, the humidity is quite high and almost the rainfall of August in Sapa is the highest compared to the rest of the year. The precipitation of Sapa in August is around 480mm. Despite the rain, Sapa weather in August is still warmer with humidity ranging from about 80% to 83%

This weather, in general, is quite suitable to travel and take part in activities in Sapa. It also helps make the town’s scenery even more stunning and impressive. On coming to Sapa during August, you will have the chance to both admire a magnificent view of mountains, waterfalls, plants, as well as animals and see how well the local ethnic people have related to nature. 

Sapa weather in August

August is a good time to pay a visit to Sapa, as the weather is so favorable and the sceneries are beautiful. However, are there any disadvantages of traveling to Sapa during the month? 

Pros: Visiting Sapa in the warm weather of August, you can have more chances to take part in traveling activities as well as explore the whole town’s beauty. It also gives you quite a comfortable feeling that can refresh your mind after days of working in the city. You will have a chance to get closed to the locals that are working on rice paddies, talk to them, and get to know about their daily life, how they do to grow the rice plants. 

Cons: Despite the weather is pretty fine, you can get heat exhausted or fatigue. This is due to a long time of sunshine per day. 


Things to in Sapa in August 

Autumn is the most beautiful time to visit Sapa because the rice is growing, green in a corner of the sky, the weather is still cool and sunny during the day. Therefore, choosing to get to the town in August, you can see many interesting things that have never existed in the city and take part in activities that you will never forget. 

First, tourists coming to Sapa in August have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful moments of paddy fields of the year. The terraced fields of Sapa deserve a beautiful work of art created by the talented table of indigenous people. Every year, in the garden of the cable car station, there are all kinds of flowers, hydrangeas, rosebuds, and the best of sunflower hills in August.

Besides, you can take part in activities such as cycling through the path to sightsee the yellow rice paddies, enjoy the light wind, or climbing to the top of Fansipan and have a panoramic view of the whole area. 

At night, after spending your time cycling, climbing, in your free time, you can wander around the town’s streets, drop in some shops to buy things like souvenirs, clothes, blankets, or snacks, and talk to the locals to get to know about their daily life. 

Enjoy green rice terrace fields in August

Enjoy green rice terrace fields in August


Tips for traveling Sapa in August

  • Don't forget to check the weather forecast carefully before starting your trip
  • As Sapa features many festivals and events, you can get to know about what is going to occur at the time you come to join them 
  • If you don’t know where to go, you should book a Sapa tour so the tour guide can lead you to attractions that you may like. 

What to pack?

To prepare the best for your Sapa trip in August, you can take note of our below suggestions on what to pack. 

  • Clothes: The weather is warm and sometimes hot, so you need to bring a hat and umbrella along. Also, if you are not familiar with the weather in the hilly area, a jacket when traveling to Sapa in September is not redundant! You should also prepare more thin, lightweight jackets that keep your body warm and convenient for the pretty small suitcase. 
  • Sunscreen: During the daytime, there are about 5 hours of sunshine prepay. Therefore, don’t forget to bring sunscreen along to protect yourself from UV. 
  • Cameras, camcorders: Sapa is famous for its romantically stunning scenery, so it will be a regret if you don’t take some great photos. Remember to bring a camera, camcorder, or at least a smartphone along. 

Above is the information about Sapa weather in August and interesting things when coming here. Hope you will have many meaningful trips to Sapa. During the holidays if you do not know where to go, please come to Sapa to rest. 

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