Sapa Weather in May: Temperature & Things to Do

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If you want to find a place to avoid the heat, Sapa is a good choice. From May, the weather in Sapa is warmer and suitable for many outing activities like trekking, hiking, walking. Let's review Sapa weather in May and what are the best activities in this article.

Sapa weather in May overview

Around this time, Sapa is at the beginning of summer, the weather of this period is pretty good. Sapa weather in May has a temperature of about 16oC - 24oC. In the evening, the temperature will drop lower. Even at night, the temperature drops to only about 15oC - 17oC. If you intend to go to Fansipan peak in the early morning, the temperature will drop to 9oC - 10oC.

Because the Sapa weather in May is very cool, a lot of people are ready to go all the way to Sapa to avoid heat and enjoy the fresh air.

Sapa weather in May

Pros: Visiting Sapa in May is a smart choice for travelers since the weather of the town is so good. It is so pleasant that it’s not too hot or too cold, average humidity is low keeps you not sweating all day long. This is also the last month of the dry season when the sunshine is glowing on the rice terrace and you can enjoy all the activities without worrying about bad weather. 

Cons: Alongside with several advantages of traveling to Sapa in May, there are some disadvantages that you should consider to have the best trip to this mountain town. The easiest thing to see is that May is the high season of Sapa travel. A lot of people come and stay there cause high demand for transportation and accommodation, and of course an increase in the pricing. In addition, there will be no big cultural events or festivals held during this month, so if you love all the cultural events, this is a minus point.


Things to do in Sapa in May

There are many interesting things to do in Sapa during May, let's find detail now.

First, you will take a train to admire the Muong Hoa valley. Quickly return to the video to see this beautiful natural panorama. If you have a lot of time, you can try to spend a day experiencing Ta Van village. You can stay at a homestay and explore their daily life. At Ta Van, you will admire the beauty of Muong Hoa valley. You can also go to Ta Phin village at this time. You can visit Ta Phin Ancient Monastery, live at an ethnic minority's house, or a homestay in the village to experience the life of locals.

In May, azaleas are blooming brightly, adorning the scenery of the Northwest mountains. There are more than 40 types of azaleas with different colors on top of Hoang Lien Son. So when passing Fansipan peak, visitors are very excited to admire the azaleas.

Come to Cat Cat village to admire the simple houses in the village, explore the daily life and identity of ethnic minorities in the Northwest mountainous region. Or explore and take photos with the creative designs of the organizers of Cat Cat resort. Besides, you should not miss the beautiful cafes along the way to the village such as Haven cafe, Cong Cafe, Gem cafe valley, etc.

Visit Cat Cat Village

Visit Cat Cat Village


Tips for traveling Sapa in May

  • Check the weather forecast of this time period regularly to make sure you can arrange the best travel plan and follow it.
  • Accommodation and transportation should be booked in advance since May is the high season of traveling to Sapa.
  • Check on as soon as you plan to travel to get great tour deals in May.
  • Don't be afraid of trying the local food even if some of them look weird or scary, the taste of them will surprise you.
  • Since May is the beginning of summer vacation, a lot of students will walk on the streets and sell products. Please don’t buy stuff from these kids because if their parents see they can earn money, the children may have no chance to come back to school in the new semester. They have to go out and earn money instead.

Certainly, when packing for a trip, there will always be some must-have things, but depending on the different places you come to, different times of travel, the weather would change naturally and based on that, you can pack the suitable stuff for your trip. 

  • Cameras, phones, a power bank, and personal documents are 100% must-haves.
  • As the weather of Sapa in May is experiencing a seasonal transition, it’s quite difficult to tell that it will always be cool. The temperature can drop very low at night so we would recommend you to add a few more warm clothes when packing for your trip to Sapa in May. 
  • And since June is starting the rainy season, you can expect some rain in May, that’s why raincoats and umbrellas are needed. 
  • Sapa is around 1650 meters above sea level, and even though the weather is cooler, sunshine is more harmful at a closer distance, sunscreen is absolutely essential to protect your skin. 
  • A pair of trekking shoes will be really useful for adventurers.
  • Finally, good physical health gives you the best condition to discover everything you love in Sapa.

I dare say any time is a good time to visit Sapa, but each month, the scenery gives you a different experience of the destination. And May is a perfectly good time to visit Sapa too. Despite it’s a little bit touristy, the weather of Sapa in this month is so pleasant, the fields are watered to prepare for a new crop and that makes the terrace looks like a mirror reflecting the contrast of the reddish-brown of soil, the deep blue of the sky-high above and the green of surrounding forests. All of that will surely adore you. Contact us for the best Sapa tour, a lot of promotions in May are waiting for you.

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