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Sapa Weather in July: Climate & Things to Do

January 19, 2024 - 2049 views

July in Vietnam is usually said to be one of the hottest months with high temperatures and heatwaves. Is this true for Sapa? And should you travel to Sapa in July? The lines below will make you clear about Sapa Weather in July.

Widely famous for romantically beautiful scenes of nature, Sapa always makes tourists that come to it fascinated and devoted to love. During the sultry summer day of July, the stunning Sapa appears to be even more attractive as while we are too stifled by the intense sun in the plain, the town still experiences comfortable weather with rain mixed in the sunlight, fresh and sweet. To be honest, with such a favourable climate, July must be one of the good times to visit Sapa.

Sapa weather in July

Referring to the July weather of the North, many people often think of the harsh Hanoi or other delta areas, where the temperature can reach 30°C to 40°C and the burning sun shines all day. This thought has confused them so much when it comes to visiting Northern provinces within the summer. However, one thing that they might forget to consider is that the weather in Vietnam varies according to the terrain; and due to possessing a mountainous one, Sapa features quite pleasantly cool weather during July.

With temperatures ranging from 18°C to 24°C, Sapa's weather in July is suitable for the heat-avoiding trips of visitors in the summer. During this time in Sapa, there are also some rains. The average precipitation is around 461 mm and humidity is about 81%, enough to cool down the atmosphere during the daytime. Additionally, at this time, Sapa's weather at night has a relatively low temperature. The lowest temperature can be down to 10°C.

Generally, Sapa weather in July is not so intensely hot or uncomfortable as that in others region but pretty pleasant and favourable for your to spend your vacation in.

Sapa weather in July

Visiting Sapa in July can contain a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. Below are some typical ones of them.

Pros: As the weather of Sapa in July is pretty comfortable, you can have a chance to take part in more activities as well as enjoy more your vacation. There are quite many activities that you can join. Also, this is not the peak season of tourism, so you can easily find yourself a peaceful time to thoroughly enjoy your vacation. It is also a good chance for you to get closed to the locals and learn about their daily life, their rich culture, and tell it to your friends or family when you return to your country after your trip.

Cons: Besides the favourable weather, there are still sudden rain and thunderstorm so be careful when you come to Sapa during this time. This can make you catch a cold if you don't prepare well before starting your trip.

Things to do in Sapa in July

On travelling to Sapa in July, visitors can take the cable car to admire the panoramic view of Sapa from Fansipan Peak, which is up to 3143 m tall and is called "The roof of Indochina". From there, the view is very far and wide, especially not covered by fog like in winter, so you can see a whole area of the town and get yourself a sense of tranquillity. However, trekking is not recommended during July but you have to sit in the cable car and see everything through the glass. This is because, at this time in Sapa, thunderstorms can occur suddenly and are dangerous when you are climbing.

Additionally, some famous attractions such as Tram Ton Pass, Sapa Silver Falls, Heaven's Gate, or Love Waterfall flow more strongly and thus, are more beautiful than during other seasons. Therefore, you can spend some time coming to them and enjoy their stunning sceneries as well as cool water.

July is the time when dig and plum in Sapa grow. Usually, they will get ripe at the end of the season. It can be a great idea that You visit the peach and plum gardens of the people here and enjoy these famous Sapa's specialities.

plum garden in Sapa

Plum garden in Sapa

In addition, you can also buy gifts for your friends and relatives at one of the Sapa markets. Among those, the Love Market is held regularly so any month of the year you can join this market. You can come here to take photos or learn more about the culture of the local people. You can sit on the sidewalk restaurant to enjoy the barbecue. The experience will be great. On the weekends, the central square also takes place in a unique love market of Hmong people. This will be a good chance for you to learn more about the rich culture of an ethnic group. As there are many activities there, you will be offered a variety of unforgettable experiences such as listening to soothing, soothing melodies of music on a romantic night in Sapa.

Sapa in July still brings the poetic and fanciful beauty by the white clouds crawling around the hill, the fog crept into the passes, the golden sunshine still passing through the clouds and the green rice fields. The scenery here is very fanciful and majestic, taking a walk through the villages from low to high, you will feel lightheaded by the attraction of the mountains and poetic wooden houses scattered at the foot of the mountain.


Tips for travelling Sapa in July

  • In July, as the weather is sometimes unpredictable, you should check the weather forecast carefully before starting your trip.
  • As Sapa features many festivals and events, you can get to know about what is going to occur at the time you come to Sapa to join them
  • If you don't know where to go in Sapa, you should book a tour so the tour guide can lead you to attractions that you may like.

For the July weather in Sapa, here are things that you should pack before starting your trip.

  • Luggage and bags: As the terrain of Sapa is mountainous, you just need small bags of essential things to bring along and leave the others in the luggage in your hotel room.
  • Clothing, shoes, and weather dear: you have to bring along clothes that suitable according to the weather. In July, it is cool and rains suddenly sometimes, you need to bring along your raincoat, and umbrella in case you encounter rain while visiting places. Additionally, as at night, the temperature can reduce to 10°C, bringing along one jacket is recommended so that you can go out and take part in activities.
  • Photo Equipment: As the scenery of Sapa, you can bring along a camera to catch some great shots and keep them as memories later.

Above are our recommendations on Sapa weather in July and whether you should travel to Sapa in July. For detailed information or booking Sapa tours, you can go to our website at or call (+84) 904 699 428. We are always available to help you to get the best experience during your vacation.

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