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The Ultimate Summer Packing List for Halong Bay Vacation

February 28, 2022 - 402 views

Halong Bay in the summertime has the most gorgeous scenery than ever. To enjoy your summer vacation, you should either plan your trip or prepare the essentials. Check this article out to see the ultimate summer vacation packing list to Halong Bay.

Whenever you go for a vacation, the weather is a decisive factor that affects your choices of the packing list. Summertime in Halong Bay is from May to September when the temperature is around 25 – 35 degrees Celsius. Generally, the weather is sunny and hot all the time, with higher chances of shower and thunderstorms.

Learn more about the Halong Bay weather on summer days.

Before your summer vacation to Halong Bay, check the weather forecast and refer to the following summer packing list.

Bikini is a must-have item for every girl in Halong Bay summer

Bikini is a must-have item for every girl in Halong Bay summer

1. Clothing items

Swimsuits, bikinis, or swim trunks are the first thing to pack since swimming is a not-to-be-missed activity among the emerald and calm water in the summertime. The second summer packing item should be a T-shirt and shorts, which are good bets for outdoor activities like kayaking, cycling, and hiking in Halong Bay. Also, remember to pack one set of pajamas to sleep at night and a nylon jacket if there is a chance of rain.

  • For female travelers: summer is a perfect time to wear a tank top, halter top as well as a crop top. Some shorts and floral dresses are also needed to enjoy the clear blue sky and turquoise sea in Halong Bay. If you go for an overnight Halong Bay cruise, casual skirts and sundresses are the best choices for onboard activities, while elegant and formal style is perfect for dinner and party on a cruise.
  • For male travelers: simple and active style is an ideal choice of summer packing list to Halong Bay. Pack lightweight shorts and polo shirts for casual look, chino pants, and pastel shirts for a more formal occasion.

Summer outfits for Halong Bay vacation

Summer outfits for Halong Bay vacation

2. Footwear

"Good shoes take you to good places". Choose a nice pair of sandals to fit for most of the occasions on your Halong Bay summer vacation. Meanwhile, sneakers will ensure your safety and comfort during cave visits and physical activities.

There is no need to bring flip flops since most of the hotels and Halong Bay cruises provide customers with flip flops in room and cabin. Also, leave your high heels or luxurious shoes at home, because you travel and explore most of the time, formal attire is inappropriate on summer vacation to Halong Bay.


3. Summer essentials

  • Sunglasses: Not only an eye protector but also a chic stylist, sunglasses must be on the top list of summer essentials while soaking up the sunshine in Halong Bay.
  • Sunscreen: Located in a tropical region, the sun in Halong Bay summer is harsh on beaches and sundeck. It’s the reason why a waterproof and 50++ SPF sunscreen is a must-have item to pack in your suitcase.
  • Baseball cap/wide-brimmed sun hat: This fashion item will either make you look cool or keep the toxic UV rays that might cause skin issues.

A wide-brimmed sun hat is neccessary to avoid harsh sunlight in Halong Bay

A wide-brimmed sun hat is necessary to avoid harsh sunlight in Halong Bay


4. Entertaining items

  • Camera: Don’t miss out on the chance to take awe-inspiring photographs in Halong Bay on summer days. A camera or good camera phone is the perfect item to pack for Halong Bay summer vacation.
  • Binoculars: On the Halong Bay cruise, you might pass by many islets without directly entering the venues. Let’s bring your binoculars to watch the natural scenery from afar.
  • Board-game: A set of board-game is absolutely a must to pack if you travel in a group to Halong Bay. Especially in the case of wifi disconnection on a cruise, an interesting board game will reconnect your quality time together.
  • Book: Whenever you need to put your feet up in the nature of Halong Bay, a favorite book and some fresh juice on sundeck will be a perfect getaway from the hustling.

A camera will save your stunning moments in Halong Bay

A camera will save your stunning moments in Halong Bay

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5. Other essentials

  • Umbrella: Summertime in Halong Bay often comes with sudden rains. Prepare your own umbrella or buy a light raincoat to avoid being wet.
  • Insect repellent: Of course, there’s no insect on the Halong Bay cruise. But your itinerary might include a visit to local villages or a national park. Moreover, it’s best to carry insect repellent in the tropical and humid climate of Halong Bay.
  • Medicine: Although popular medicine and emergency kit are available at the hotel or on board, you still need some special one in case needed. For example, if you have seasickness, allergies, or respiratory disease, a first aid kit of medical supplies is exactly what you need for a Halong Bay trip in summer.
  • Toiletries: It’s abnormal to use toiletries provided in the bathroom due to the unknown brand names and the littering of plastic packaging into the environment. Hence, it’s highly recommended to pack your own toiletries for your summer vacation to Halong Bay.

Pack your own toiletries for summer vacation in Halong Bay

Pack your own toiletries for a summer vacation in Halong Bay


6. Summer packing tips

  • Check the weather forecast at least one day before your departure to get better prepared. Don’t worry if the bad weather comes during your Halong Bay trip. Check the article out for a backup plan upon weather condition and ship availability.
  • Is there plenty of stuff you want to bring along? Learn these helpful packing tips to enjoy your Halong Bay summer vacation.

All things considered, you need to be a wise packer to choose the essentials for the summer packing list to Halong Bay. Follow our summer packing tips and join our best of Halong Bay tours with the best price and high-quality services guaranteed.

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