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Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days: A Glimpse of the Khmer Jewel

December 20, 2023 - 417 views

This travel guide about Cambodia itinerary 7 days proves that this country is not only symbolic of Angkor Wat. As a new destination in Asia, Cambodia is a landmark of attractive natural and manufactured attractions. BestPrice Travel will show you every detail! Let us pave a way for your upcoming trip!

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days

Day 1: Land in Phnom Penh - Cambodia's Capital

Welcome to the land of ancient temples and jungle ruins! You will spend 7 days discovering Cambodia and its Khmer cultures. After resting for a while in hotels, you can have a short trip around the city of Phnom Penh.

The Royal Palace of Cambodia is a complex of many different architectural works in the central area of ​​Phnom Penh's capital. All results on the palace grounds are built in the typical architectural style of Cambodia. It has been the residence of the kings from the day it was built in 1866 until now. Besides, the royal palace is also a place to receive international delegations and organize important events for the Cambodian royal family.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Royal Palace

Pavilion Changchhaya of Royal Palace

Don't pass by the Pavilion Changchhaya, a prominent area inside the palace grounds. You will admire the giant portrait of the Cambodian King in front of the building. It is also where the king often stands to announce important events in the country.

Another spot that you can't miss is the Silver Pagoda, which consists of many different towers and exquisitely carved Buddha statues inside. The Cambodian King also frequented this temple to discuss with the monks about Buddhism. The temple has a cultural function and preserves religion rather than a worship function since it owns more than 1,600 valuable treasures made by kings and nobles. It's the area where the royal family and others come to pray for peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Silver Pagoda

Silver Pagoda in the Royal Palace complex

It would be best if you considered the time in the schedule of Cambodia itinerary 7 days as most locals burn incense during the worship period. The weird thing is that visitors often put money on the Buddha statue for the mascot. There are a few people reading fortune telling so you can see a little future.

Day 2: Visit Tonle Bati & Tuol Sleng Prison Museum

After breakfast, tourists will lead to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, the hell on earth under the Khmer Rouge. It's obvious about the immediate feeling of horror as soon as you step in. The long grey walls, covered with barbed wire, are nothing compared to old iron beds in tattered mats. Another area is a place to store images of faces with all emotional states of bewilderment, fear, and resentment. The people were brought to carry out legalization and then executed.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Credit: Nisa + Ulli Maier)

The killing field in Cambodia is about 10 km from Tuol Sleng prison. The Khmer Rouge killed millions of Cambodians by brutally smashing a pickaxe, axe, or stabbing with a dagger until death. You'll be able to watch the documentary in English at the museum, but you should take a tour of the fields before stopping at the killing field for details. Moreover, artifacts left after the massacre, such as the remains, barbaric murder torture tools, and images of people being tortured brutally.

Tonle Bati is the city's popular weekend getaway since it's 30 km far from the South of Phnom Penh. Strolling around the lake, enjoying the Ta Prohm and Prasat Yeay Peo Temple, and chatting with friends are unforgettable experiences. The lake is known as the pearl of the mountains and forests with emerald green water. Thanks to the pure scenery, dawn is the right time to admire the soft sunlight and fully feel the beauty of this place.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Tonle Bati

Tonle Bati's temple (Credit: Baron Reznik)

Day 3 & 4: Visit Kampong Cham & Kampong Thom

Let's start the third day of the 7-day Cambodia itinerary with an excursion to Kampong Cham.

Kampong Cham is the largest city in northeast Cambodia. Kampong Cham stretches along the legendary Mekong River, almost between Phnom Penh and Kratie. So tourists can quickly arrive at Kampong Cham from these two cities.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Kampong Cham

Bamboo bridge in Kampong Cham

The streets follow the ancient, beautiful French architecture and the bustling market. If you have enough time, please enjoy the blooming pond of white lotus. The wind sways the verdant palm trees and green rice fields. According to the travel experience, one of the most precious moments visitors can't miss is admiring the sunset and floating along the lapping water. The atmosphere is mild at this time since the weather is less hot.

Wat Nokor Temple is the most beautiful destination in Kampong Cham. The temple is a little outside the city but easy to get to. Wat Nokor was built in the 11th century and is quite well preserved. Behind this splendid tower is another, more modern building slowly rising, where you can see the Buddha image. Besides, there is Koh Pbain island on the city's outskirts - a place mysterious and charming enough to discover on your own.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Wat Nokor Temple

Wat Nokor Temple (Credit: Hannes Rada)

Restaurants in Kampong Cham close pretty early. So make sure you have settled somewhere before 8 o'clock. The selection is quite good since both Cambodian and Western dishes are available.

You may be interested in Phnom Pros and Srei when you are in Kampong Cham. Your adventure to the hills above, a peak just 30 meters high, will be filled with surprising and exotic sights. The mountains are home to an impressive collection of pagodas, fruit statues, curious monkeys that will steal your food, and sugarcane vendors selling soft drinks. Nearby Mount Srey requires climbing an antique-looking set of stairs 308 steps surrounded by verdant forests. When you reach the top, you will encounter an old temple with a simple breathtaking design.

After all, day long outside, let's keep going on the road to Kampong Thom overnight!

Sambor Prei Kuk is Cambodia's third-world heritage site, along with the ancient ruins of Angkor and Preah Vihear temple. Sambor Prei Kuk is considered the first capital of the Chenla dynasty of the pre-Angkor period, the capital of the ancient Chenla Empire. Surely visitors will be amazed when visiting the temple clusters because the delicate carvings created by the old Khmer people still leave their mark.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Sambor Prei Kuk

Sambor Prei Kuk

Let's start the journey to Siem Reap - a must-visit destination in Cambodia itinerary 7 days. The hotel's room system with impressive services will satisfy all kinds of needs. All rooms have a modern design to bring a comfortable experience for customers. Thus, have a break and prepare yourself for the following days.

Day 5: Explore Roluos Group & Banteay Srei Temple

Beginning your visit to Rolous Group, buddies!

Bakong Temple is one of the precious temples of Siem Reap. The temple is about 13 km from the city center. Temple Bakong Temple is also a temple located in the Angkor ruins, built in the 9th century and supposed to be one of the most important monuments. And the locals used to call this building the Roluos cluster.

The group is a reasonably intact architecture built of pink stone and sandstone with many delicate motifs carved on the door frames. Significantly, the rooftop bearing the image of a Naga snake's tail is arranged symmetrically, curving to the sky, carved very elaborately and meticulously.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Rolous Group

Rolous Group temple

Cambodia's Banteay Srei Temple is not only a place of worship and belief but also a famous tourist destination. The temple is a miniature when taking the Angkor buildings as the standard. These factors make the temple popular with tourists and are referred to as jewels of Khmer art. The temple is a masterpiece of laterite and red sandstone sculpture. Besides, it's not worth considering the pinnacle of rock art with its delicate and skillfully patterned reliefs.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Banteay Srei Temple

Banteay Srei Temple

Making sugar palms is a traditional occupation of the Khmer people in Pradark, which is recognized as a traditional handicraft village. Learning about palm sugar making is learning about a part of the national culture. When enjoying the smooth taste of each sugar grain that melts into your mouth, visitors will understand why jaggery has become a specialty of 7 days of Cambodia itinerary.

Day 6: Enjoy a Full-day Trip to Angkor Complex

Angkor Thom - the last significant capital of the Khmer Empire, is another pride of Cambodians. The center of Angkor Thom is the Bayon temple, with many mysterious smiling human heads, a total of 256 stone faces on 54 towers looking in all directions at Bayon temple. The entrance to Angkor Thom is imposing as on both sides are statues of gods holding the body of a 7-headed snake, several hundred meters long along the two sides of the entrance to this ancient city.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple (Credit: Ted McGrath)

Currently, the city of Angkor Thom is only in ruins; inside is a dense forest of tall trees and vines everywhere, but the remains are enough to prove that Angkor Thom in Cambodia is a significant used-to-be capital. In addition to Bayon Temple, visitors can visit other temples. Some places are the Royal Enclosure, Phimeanakas, the Elephant Terrace, and the Terrace of the Leper King & Ta Prohm.

At night, getting acquainted with Pub Street. The place is always lively and bustling in the evening because many restaurants and bars are open all night. If you want to find an entertainment spot, you definitely can't ignore Pub Street.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Pub Street

Siem Reap Pub Street

Day 7: Discover Siem Reap and Say Goodbye to Cambodia

As a tourist center of Cambodia, Siem Reap boasts hundreds of attractive natural and man-made attractions. Beautiful temples, unique museums, cultural parks, vast lakes, and mountains are covered with green grass.

Cambodia Itinerary 7 Days Siem Reap City

Spend the last day of 7-day Cambodia itinerary exploring Siem Reap city

Besides, the Cambodian cultural village is a sightseeing destination that introduces the tradition and daily life of different ethnic groups. There are 13 other villages built according to the model based on the cultural life and character of 19 ethnic groups in Cambodia. You can also enjoy a variety of live performances such as acrobatics, traditional Khmer wedding ceremonies, Aspara dances, and fishing demonstrations.

Just relax a little bit, buddies!

When traveling to Cambodia, you are free to admire the history illuminated by many carefully preserved stone carvings in Buddhist and Hindu temples. Those who love nature can participate in many activities such as mountain climbing, bird watching, picnicking, and swimming. Or if you are looking to experience local life, there are also many traditional performances and cultural dances.

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