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Halong Bay Cooking Class: A Glimpse of Vietnamese Recipes

December 14, 2023 - 498 views

Cooking class is an amusing onboard activity when you cruising in Halong Bay. By joining this, you will be able to learn some techniques to make Vietnamese dishes and taste delicious Vietnamese dishes.

Cooking class on Halong Bay Cruise is an interesting experience, especially for those who really love cooking and would like to explore Vietnamese cuisine. The below article includes general information about cooking classes in Vietnam, a list of the best cruises with cooking classes, and some tips for cooking classes in Halong Bay.

Overview of Halong Bay Cooking Class

Cooking class on the cruise is among the best things to do in Halong for every passenger, especially for those who love cooking and cuisine. Most Halong Bay cruises have a cooking class included in the tour, therefore you can have a chance to join the class without paying any extra.

  • When to take

Cooking classes often last about 1 - 1.5 hours. Depending on the cruise itinerary, it can be before dinner on the 1st day after visiting caves and going kayaking, or cooking class can be after lunch on the 2nd day of the 2-day-1-night cruise.

  • What to learn

A cooking demonstration is a great chance for you to sample fine cuisine and learn more about Vietnamese culinary culture. The Chef on the cruise will show and direct you how to make Vietnamese traditional dishes such as a fresh or dried springing roll or how to carve different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

  • How you can expect

There can be competition among passengers on the cruise. The cooking is fun and it is even more fun when you become the winner of the competition. The best part of the cooking class is when you enjoy your own dish. Some people say it is the worst part because they cannot eat what they made. Do not trust them, that is a joke because the chef will share with you great techniques to make the dish. You will not know how talented you are at cooking when you join the class.

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Places to Join Halong Bay Cooking Class

1. Mon Cheri Cruise Halong Bay

Mon Chéri Cruise is among the best 5-star cruise in Halong Bay which has a great cooking demonstration. The cooking demonstration is in the afternoon when you have finished outdoor activities like kayaking and exploring the caves.

During the sunset party, the Chef will show you how to make Vietnamese cuisine of traditional spring rolls. It seems to be difficult to make this kind of dish, however, under the instruction of the talented Chef, you will be mastered cooking this dish.

Cooking class

Cooking class on Mon Cheri cruise

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2. Era Cruises Halong Bay

Era Cruises Halong Bay is another great 5-star cruise where you can join the cooking class. The cooking class is during happy hours, and the chef will show you how to prepare delicious appetizers and you will be guided step by step through the process. The dishes are not the same every day, so find out more when you check in on the cruise.

Cooking Class on Era cruise

Cooking Class on Era cruise

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3. Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Unlike Era cruise or Mon Cheri cruise, Scarlet Pearl Cruises will teach you how to become a talented bartender. You will be taught how to make a special cocktail for a special family event. The cooking is before dinner time, so you will be able to taste your own cocktail during dinner.

Refer to one of the best cruises in Lan Ha Bay, you can check the Scarlet Pearl cruise.


4. Sena Cruise Halong Bay

You may not know that “Sena” has a meaning, which is the Lotus of Asia. Lotus is the symbol of a beautiful simple but vital flower. On the Sena cruise, you will not learn to make any Vietnamese traditional dishes, but you will see how Vietnamese Lotus Tea is served in the right but simple way in order to preserve all its sweetness and lingering taste. A cup of high-grade green tea combined with lotus’s luscious fragrance gives you a crisp, sweet, vanilla hinted flavor with the scent of Lotus flower lingering in the mouth.

Cooking Class

Drinking tea on the Sena cruise

To read more information about the Sena cruise.


5. Indochina Sails

On Indochina Sails, you will be taught how to carve fruits and vegetables. The Chef of the cruise will conduct Fruit and Vegetable carving, show you how to decorate, and make some traditional Vietnamese food. It can be a bit difficult, but you will love this class. 

Cooking Class

Learning how to carve fruits and vegetables on Indochina Sail

For those interested in exploring Halong Bay from Tuan Chau port, refer to Indochina Sails.


Tips & Experiences

Some tips for Halong Bay Cooking Class:

  • Don’t be shy to taste it or share your dish with others
  • Do not mind asking the Chef to repeat the instruction or explain the steps to make the dish
  • Do not mind coming to the Chef and asking for a written recipe of the dish or his own secret to making the dish delicious
  • Do not forget to take pictures of your dish when it is finished

Hope that the above information is useful for your Halong Bay cruise trip. If there is any information you need to know, contact us.

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