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Tai Chi in Halong Bay: Best Way to Refresh Your Mind & Body

January 04, 2024 - 962 views

Tai Chi is one of the complimentary activities on an overnight Halong Bay cruise which combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and easy movement to keep you fit.

Halong Bay is a perfect place for Tai chi. Joining a Tai-chi lesson in the early morning in one of the seven natural wonders in the world is something you should never miss! The below article is about Taichi, some cruises for the best Tai chi lessons, and tips for it.


Overview of Tai Chi

Tai chi is a martial art that originated in China in the 13th century and it is now practiced around the world as an exercise to keep fit, reduce stress, prevent falls, improve balance, improve concentration, and many other skills. Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao, and Sun are the five main types of Tai Chi. Each style has a unique feature, but all share the same philosophy: concentrating on the natural balance & basing on the two opposite elements of the universe (Yin and Yang).

Tai Chi is one of the best things to do in Halong Bay, which is good for everyone, even children. According to the latest research from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, this exercise can improve and potentially prevent chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. It is a good idea to learn some basics of Tai Chi with an instructor on the Halong Bay cruise, then you can use a book or youtube channel to do it by yourself.

Tai Chi in Halong Bay

Greeting at the beginning of the Tai Chi lesson

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Places to Do Tai Chi in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a beautiful and tranquil area with open fresh air, which makes it a perfect place to practice Tai Chi. Tai Chi on the Halong Bay cruise is often in the morning on the sundeck. All the cruises offer free Tai Chi class, which is about 30 - 45 mins. Tai Chi professionals will teach you the basics of Tai Chi. No matter whether you are a professional or a complete beginner, he’ll be sure to take you through your paces. Bellow are recommended cruises in Halong Bay where you can learn Tai Chi.

1. Indochina Sails

Tai Chi in Halong Bay: Indochina Sails

Tai chi class on Indochina Sails cruise

Tai Chi class in Indochina Sail cruise starts at 6:45 and lasts about 30 mins. After the exercise, you can enjoy coffee, tea, and breakfast pastries served in the dining room.

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2. Signature

Tai Chi in Halong Bay

Taichi class on Signature cruise

You can participate in Tai Chi sessions on the Signature cruise from 6:30 to 7:00. Breakfast is served a 7:00, so a cup of tea, coffee, or juice after the exercise in never-ending miraculous scenery will be great for you.

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3. Pelican

Start your day with Tai Chi class on the sundeck of Pelican Cruise from 6:00. It is followed by breakfast with coffee and tea in the dining room.

4. Peony 

Tai Chi in Halong Bay

Tai chi on Peony cruise

The Tai Chi lesson on the Peony cruise starts at the same time as the Pelican cruise. Tai Chi professionals on the cruise will show you the basics of Tai Chi step by step.

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5. Mon Cheri Cruise

Tai Chi in Halong Bay

Tai Chi on Mon Cheri cruise

Mon Cheri Cruise starts its Tai chi session at 06:00. You can practice Tai Chi, watch the sunrise on the top of the deck, enjoying the coffee.


Tai Chi Tips & Experience

  • Dress comfortably

Tai Chi in Halong Bay

Dress comfortably when practicing Taichi

Choose loose-fitting clothes that don't restrict your range of motion. You can use lightweight, comfortable, and flexible shoes or practice Tai Chi barefoot. You'll need shoes that won't slip and can provide enough support to help you balance, but have soles thin enough to allow you to feel the ground. Running shoes, designed to propel you forward, are usually unsuitable.

  • Check with your instructor

If you have a limiting musculoskeletal problem or medical condition or if you take medications that can make you dizzy or lightheaded, you should check with your instructor before starting tai chi. Given its excellent safety record, chances are that you'll be encouraged to try it.

  • Learning Tai Chi on cruise

Most teachers will let you observe how she/ he practices Tai Chi first, so pay attention to his/her movement and follow the instruction. Be aware of your base, your connection to the ground

  • Relax and enjoy

Halong Bay is beautiful in the sunrise. Just enjoy the Tai Chi session and do not forget to take pictures to keep your wonderful moments in the middle of world heritage.

Tai Chi in Halong Bay

Practicing Taichi at the sunrise in the wonderful Halong Bay

If you like Tai chi, continue Tai chi exercise by watching youtube or reading guides in the book. You will see great results after a long time of practicing.

For more details, this guide on Halong Bay Tourist Information for First-time Visitors will help you to get the best experience in Halong.

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