Halong Bay Weather in April: Temperature & Things to Do

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Halong is beautiful all year round, but if you are about to visit this magnificent destination, April is the perfect time to explore this stunning bay. Let's follow our article to learn more details about Halong Bay weather this month.

  • Having a pleasant climate, April is one of the best months to travel, enabling one to organize various outdoor activities
  • If you are a culture seeker, join Carnival Halong often held on the 30th of April
  • Book in advance to avoid disappointment due to lack of accommodation


Halong Bay April Weather & Temperature

  • Temperature: The average temperature in April is around 23°C, which is not too cold or too hot as it is the end of winter and the beginning of summer.

Swimming activity is possible for everyone since the sea temperature becomes warmer at about 24°C.

  • Sunlight: April can have up to 8 hours of sunlight per day. The sunlight time is longer than it is in the previous month. The sky is blue, perfect for taking photos in this weather.
  • Humidity & Rainfall: Rainfall increases a bit to around 57 mm. The humidity level is about 75%, so you do not have to worry about dehydrated skin due to dry weather.

In general, Halong Bay weather in April is warmer than in March but is not as hot as in May or June. Thus, This month becomes an ideal time to travel when the climate is cool.


Average: 23°C

Low: 20°C

High: 28°C

Average precipitation

Rainy days

57 mm

12 days

Humidity level


Sunshine hours

8 hours per day


Halong Bay Weather April

Halong Bay weather April


Outstanding Events & Festivals

There are two national holidays celebrated in April: Reunification Day and Hung Kings Commemoration.

Local people travel a lot these days. You had better avoid this time as there tend to be very big crowds.

Carnival Halong:

  • Time: 30th April

If you do not mind the crowd, come to Halong Bay on Reunification Day, which coincides with the time when Carnival Ha Long is held.

It is an occasion to mark the start of summer and commemorate those who have lost their lives for the peace of future generations.

Coming to this festival, you will see street parades, enjoy Vietnamese traditional art performances, thematic exhibitions, art shows, and much more.

Carnival Halong’s colourful street parade

Carnival Halong’s colorful street parade


Must-try Activities in Halong Bay

Swimming & Kayaking

  • Best for: Active travelers

In April, warm sea temperatures and long sunshine hours give you a wide range of water-based activities, especially kayaking, and swimming.

These activities offer a perfect seascape to forget about your busy life and get closer to nature.

The feeling of soaking in the cool emerald water, and hearing the sound of the natural waves and winds is something you cannot find elsewhere.

Swimming with a giant float of Sena Cruise

Swimming with a giant float of Sena Cruise

You can consider some overnight cruises including both swimming and kayaking activities in the itinerary such as Sena Cruise, Indochine Cruise, and Amanda Cruise.

For travelers who have more time, booking a 3-day 2-night cruise is highly recommended. Four stars and above cruises would be a great choice if you are not tight on budget.

Taking a seaplane tour

  • Best for: Thrill Seekers

If you want to see Halong Bay from above, sign up for a sightseeing tour by seaplane.

It can be a bit expensive for budget tourists, but it is worth trying. In the blue sky, you will be able to enjoy the panorama of Halong Bay and take the best photos of this beautiful bay.

You can book a Halong seaplane tour (only from US$ 645 /pax) provided by our travel company BestPrice Travel.


Not too high temperatures and humidity in April, you can take part in cycling activities.

By joining this kind of activity, you will sweat a lot in the heat of summertime, so April is a great time for these adventures.

Cycling with friends in Viet Hai village

Cycling with friends in Viet Hai village

Viet Hai Village is among the best spots in Halong Bay for cycling, and you can explore this destination by joining these cruises below:


Useful Local Tips for Travellers

Booking tips:

  • Book a cruise in advance is highly recommended to avoid crowds, especially on public holidays and Halong Carnival
  • Book a combo Halong Bay & Hotel may be cheaper than doing it separately, so contact your travel consultant for the best deals

Packing tips:

  • April is the beginning of summertime, so bring light clothes such as a pair of shorts, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts
  • Do not forget to bring a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun
  • It is highly recommended to bring a light sweater if you easily get cold. On some days in April, the temperature can drop to 20°C


Pros & Cons of Visiting Halong in April


  • April with a cool temperature is among one of the best months of the year to visit Halong Bay. Taking part in water sports and other activities onboard will be a great experience
  • There is very little likelihood of any disruption due to the weather, causing a low chance of sudden cruise cancellation
  • If you want to see Carnival Ha Long with many street parades, Vietnamese traditional art performances, and art shows, coming to Halong Bay in April is something you should never miss


  • The favorable Halong Bay weather in April tends to attract more tourists. The bay may be more crowded this month, especially on public holidays
  • A majority of shops and services will be closed on reunification day, which can be inconvenient for you

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