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Halong Bay Weather in July: Temperature & Things to Do

March 17, 2023 - 1102 views

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Your next holiday vacation is in July & you choose Halong Bay. You are excited, but wondering whether July is the perfect time to travel. Read the below article and it will help you to answer: How is the Halong Bay weather in July?

  • Halong Bay weather in July is quite hot and humid
  • Summer months like July is ideal for various aquatic activities
  • Update the weather conditions by checking the weather forecast constantly
  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen! The July sun is very hot


Halong Bay July Weather & Temperature

  • Temperature: The average temperature is 29°C, the same as the previous month. The highest temperature can reach 37°C, while the lowest temperature is 26°C.

July is among the hottest month of the year. However, the average sea temperature is about 30°C, making it perfect for swimming.

  • Sunlight: Because July is in the summertime, so the daytime is quite long and equal to June - 8 hours per day.
  • Humidity: The average humidity is around 75%. You may be sweating as July is hot and humid, but do not let it prevent you from joining activities onboard.
  • Rainfall: The average rainfall grows up to 201 mm with 15 rainy days. Halong Bay frequently experiences rain this month, the rain can cool the heat and you will feel better. 

Typhoons sometimes happen in July, and that would be great if you can check the weather forecast before the trip.



Average: 29°C

Low: 26°C

High: 37°C

Average precipitation

Rainy days

201 mm

15 days

Humidity level


Sunshine hours

8 hours per day


Halong Bay Weather July

Halong Bay weather July


Must-try Activities in Halong Bay in July

Sunbathing on the secluded beach

  • Best for: Rejuvenators

Many people choose to travel by the weather. If you are a fan of cold weather, traveling in winter is a suitable choice for you.

Meanwhile, for travelers who love relaxation, sunbathing is a popular summer activity, and traveling to Halong Bay in July is absolutely perfect for this.

Halong has many pristine beaches, enabling you to relax on the stunning white sand and witness the natural beauty of the bay.

Moreover, you can also go swimming: Nothing is better than immersing yourself in cool water to avoid the heat of summer when swimming.

Relaxing on the beach under bright sunlight

Relaxing on the beach under bright sunlight

Savoring Vietnamese cuisine on board

  • Best for: Foodies

Vietnam is famous for its diverse and tasty food. If you are a food lover, do not hesitate to book 5-star cruises which have a vintage Indochine concept.

You will have a chance to taste various delicious traditional Vietnamese cuisine and fresh Halong seafood on board. For fastidious gourmets, consider Ambassador Cruise, which is the only luxury 5-star cruise having Michelin Star Chef.

Delectable desserts on the Capella Cruise

Delectable desserts on the Capella Cruise

Discovering wet caves by kayaking

  • Best for: Active travelers, adventure seekers

The daytime in July is longer than it is in other months of the year. Summer brings July clear views with crystal clear sky and emerald water, making this month worth sightseeing and taking part in kayaking.

Kayaking among gorgeous Halong landscapes

Kayaking among gorgeous Halong landscapes

One of the most beautiful and well-known caves in Lan Ha Bay that many people love exploring by kayaking is Dark and Light Caves. This is undoubtedly an ideal place for active travelers to kayak & admire the incredible natural rock formations.

You can have a chance to visit this unique cave by joining a cruise tour to Lan Ha Bay.


Useful Local Tips for Foreign Travellers

Booking tips:

  • July in Halong Bay can experience bad weather like typhoons, or heavy rain. You had better keep an eye on the weather forecast.
    • If you may encounter a storm, contact your cruise operator or travel consultant to double-check and have a backup plan.
    • If the cruise is allowed to run, just enjoy it. There is no need to worry about the safety of the cruise.
  • Plan to travel to Halong Bay first. If the weather is bad and you have to cancel the cruise trip, pick up other places on your list to travel first, then continue with Halong Bay. Typhoons or heavy rains will not last long.
  • If it rains when you are on the cruise. There are still a lot of things for you to do. Below are some recommendations for you:
  • Enjoy the spa & massage
  • Savour colorful cocktails at the bar
  • Join a cooking class on board
  • Play games and make new friends on the board

Packing tips:

  • Bring light clothes, especially loose-fitting clothing such as wide-leg pants and oversize shirts made from breathable fabrics
  • Bring caps, hats, and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the intense sunlight of summertime
  • Sunscreen is a must-bring item in July. UV Radiation can cause health effects such as skin cancer, premature aging, and other skin damage.


Pros & Cons of Travelling to Halong Bay in July


  • July is the low season, so you may be able to book a Halong Bay cruise which is much cheaper than it is in other months. You can avoid the crowd, and enjoy a quieter and less hectic Halong Bay.
  • July is best for taking part in water activities. Cool water will please the heat and your passion for activities under the water.
  • If taking photos is your interest, July weather can bring you the best glorious warm-colored photos. You may need some luck to avoid the rainy days!


  • July's temperature can be too hot for some people. This month is not suitable for people who are not used to the intense heat of summer.
  • Typhoons and severe storms sometimes happen, which can affect your travel plan. It is very rare, but the cruise can be canceled if there is a typhoon.



Hope that the above information about Halong Bay weather in July is helpful for you when planning a trip. If you can only take your Halong Bay vacation in July, just do it.

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