Halong Bay Weather in August: Temperature & Things to Do

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Halong Bay weather in August is a concern for a lot of people. Some tourists do not travel to Halong Bay this month because they are afraid of the bad weather condition.

However, a lot of tourists still come to visit Halong Bay in August. If you are planning to visit in August, see the below information about Halong Bay weather. It will be helpful for your trip.

  • August is still summertime, so it’s suitable for water activities
  • These are the wettest months with high average rainfall and humidity level
  • Short daytime will affect your trip - you can have limited time for outdoor activities
  • Halong cruises may be canceled due to the higher chance of typhoons and storms. Keep an eye on the weather forecast


Halong Bay August Weather & Temperature

  • Temperature: The average temperature in August is around 28°C, lower than in June. August is one of the hottest months of the year in Halong Bay with the highest temperature is 32°C, and the low temperature at about 25°C.

However, traveling in summer, and taking part in water activities is something you should not miss. The sea temperature this month is equal to the previous month - it’s 30°C.

  • Sunlight: The daytime in this month is much shorter than in July - only 6 sunshine hours per day. You will have less time for outdoor activities and spend more of your time on activities on board.
  • Humidity: The humidity level will be very high in August, at the highest level of the year at 80%. The hot and humid atmosphere may make you feel quite sweaty and uncomfortable.
  • Rainfall: August is by far the wettest month of the year, with an average rainfall of 265mm over 16 days. Rain normally happens during the evening time, so it does not affect your trip to Halong bay much.


Average: 28°C

Low: 25°C

High: 32°C

Average precipitation

Rainy days

265 mm

16 days

Humidity level


Sunshine hours

6 hours per day


Halong Bay Weather August

Halong Bay weather in August


Top Must-try Activities in Halong Bay

Exploring the dry caves of Halong

  • Best for: Nature lovers

August weather is suitable for a lot of outdoor activities such as swimming, practicing Tai Chi, sunbathing,… and exploring caves is one of the most popular activities that all Halong cruises offer you.

Trung Trang Cave is one of the largest dry caves on Cat Ba Island that attracts lots of domestic and international tourists.

Coming to Trung Trang Cave, you can admire the unique shapes of thousands of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave.

Impressive view inside the Trung Trang Cave

Impressive view inside the Trung Trang Cave


  • Each cruise has its own itinerary. If you are especially interested in a cave, or a beach, please let your travel consultant know.
  • Remember to bring bottles of water with you as it can be very hot when taking part in these activities.

Kayaking together with your bestie

  • Best for: Groupies

After getting on the cruise, you can sign up for a kayaking tour to admire the beautiful nature of countless islets and islands.

The sunny weather in August, and the clear water makes it one of the best time for kayaking in Halong Bay. You will also have a chance to explore the most famous wet caves such as Dark & Light Cave, or Luon Cave.

Kayaking to Dark and Bright Cave

Kayaking to Dark and Bright Cave

Enjoying the massage on board

  • Best for: Relaxation lovers

There are other options for you if you do not want to get wet in Halong Bay. They are indoor activities such as cooking class, morning Tai Chi exercises, playing games, singing karaoke, or just relaxing on the cruises.

Foot massage on the Nostalgia Cruise

Foot massage on the Nostalgia Cruise

Moreover, you can contact the cruise manager to book a luxurious massage service on board. The price of a 60 min 5-star massage service for a body part (foot, hand, back,...) is about US $33.69 per pax.

For the best service quality, you should choose to relax on the 5-star Halong cruises. Here are some recommendations for you:


How To Have A Perfect Trip: Insider Tips

Booking Tips:

  • Contact your travel agency for a backup plan if your Halong Cruise is canceled due to heavy rain or a typhoon.
    • You can consider Hoa Lu-Tam Coc, which is called Halong Bay on land. If the weather does not allow you to explore it, let's choose this destination as an alternative.
    • Keep traveling around Halong Bay, Hanoi, or down south. There are many things for you to explore.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast before your cruise.
    • Contact your travel agency to check if there may be a storm and cruise can still run.
    • If it can run, do not worry about the storm, just enjoy your holiday.

Packing Tips:

  • Bring light clothes such as t-shirts, maxi dresses, or denim shorts because August can be very hot
  • If you want to take a dip in the water, remember to bring a swimsuit
  • Sunscreen is a must for sun protection when you plan to visit Halong Bay in August 
  • You may need a light rain jacket in case it rains
  • Do not forget sunglasses. As a physical barrier, this will protect your eyes from dust, wind, and sun rays


Visiting Halong Bay in August: Pros & Cons


  • The Halong Bay weather in August is great for outdoor activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking.
  • August is not the peak season in Halong Bay, booking a cruise during this time, you can avoid the crowd, or get a great discount on the cruise. The price for hotels, transfers, or flight tickets is not too high this time.


  • Sometimes the weather is too hot in August, and the intense August heat isn’t suitable for all travelers.
  • Heavy rain or thunderstorm can affect the cruise and activities on the cruise, you may not feel comfortable with this weather.



In general, August is one of the hottest months of the year, there are higher chances of typhoons which can cause the cancellation of the Halong Bay cruise. You had better plan to travel to Halong Bay before any other parts of Vietnam if you travel in August.

In case of canceling, you will have a backup plan and hopefully, you can rearrange the itinerary to visit all the places on your list. The weather is beautiful all time during the year, take your chance to explore this natural wonder, and you will love it.

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