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Halong Bay Weather in September: Temperature & Things to Do

March 22, 2023 - 398 views

September is the end of the summertime and the beginning of fall in Ha Long Bay. People enjoy the cool air with lower temperatures in comparison with what it is in the previous month. The Halong Bay weather in September is not as bad as many people think. The below article will make everything clear to you.

  • September is one of the highly recommended months to travel for perfect weather
  • This month starts the autumn of Halong Bay with no more intense hot, and cooler temperatures than the previous month
  • Cancellation rarely happens in September, so be confident about booking a cruise
  • The chance of bad weather is low, however, you should still check the weather forecast frequently


Halong Bay September Weather & Temperature

  • Temperature: The temperature this month decreases, with an average temperature of 28°C. The highest temperature is 31°C, while the lowest is 21°C.

In addition, the average sea temperature is 27°C, making it comfortable to swim. The heat this month is not too intense like it is in the summer, and not too cold to swim.

  • Sunlight: 7 hours of sunshine in one day, higher than the previous month, gives you more time to enjoy outdoor activities
  • Humidity & Rainfall: The average humidity level is around 72%, while the monthly rainfall is 190 mm with 16 rainy days, much less than the previous month with an average monthly rainfall of 265 mm.

September has a few showers before the day ends, and Halong Bay becomes clean and beautiful with sparkling golden sunshine and purple sunset. That is a perfect time for honeymoon couples or people who love romance. 


Average: 28°C

Low: 21°C

High: 31°C

Average precipitation

Rainy days

190 mm

16 days

Humidity level


Sunshine hours

7 hours per day


Halong Bay Weather September

Halong bay weather in September


Awesome Activities You Should Not Miss

Trying your luck with squid fishing

  • Best for: Relaxation lovers

After taking part in outdoor activities, you can just relax on the sundeck, watch the sunset, and enjoy the delicious seafood in Halong Bay.

It’s highly recommended to try your luck with squid fishing as it is the squid season. You may catch more squid than anyone else on the cruise!

You can have a memorable and relaxing moment with your family members while fishing squids and enjoy the fresh air of the bay at night. This activity is included in all Halong overnight cruises.

Squid fishing on the Orchid Trendy Cruise

Squid fishing on the Orchid Trendy Cruise

Finding peace of mind with Tai Chi

  • Best for: Chill-out and recharge Retreaters

If you are an early morning person, do not forget to join the Taichi class on the cruise. There will be a Taichi session in the morning on each cruise.

This kind of exercise help to reduce stress, keep fit, improve concentration, and help you to find peace of mind. You can keep practicing Taichi after the cruise by watching videos or reading books.

Tai Chi class on the sundeck of the Indochine Cruise

Tai Chi class on the sundeck of the Indochine Cruise

Climbing to the top of Titop Island

  • Best for: Nature lovers, active travelers

There is a variety of activities for you to do this month: Swimming in a crystal clear blue sky and calm seawater, kayaking to admire the landscape, and getting on a bamboo boat to explore the beautiful caves.

For anyone who prefers uncommon activities such as climbing to the top of a high island. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will have an impressive panoramic view of beautiful Halong Bay.

Panorama view of Halong Bay from Titov Island

Panorama view of Halong Bay from Titov Island

By choosing cruises having Titov Island in the itinerary, you will have a chance to try climbing mountains. Some budget Halong cruises below are highly recommended for you:


Local Tips For A Perfect Trip In September

Booking tips:

  • Avoid booking on the national holiday (Independence Day). Local people will travel a lot during this holiday.
  • Be aware of bad weather: Check the weather forecast and contact the travel agent for an update about your trip in case of bad weather like storms and heavy rain.
  • Have a backup plan to other cities in Vietnam, tours in Hanoi, or its surroundings if the cruise is canceled

Packing tips:

  • Bring summer clothes only: Tank tops, overalls, shorts, polo shirts, etc.
  • Do not forget to bring swimsuits for water activities.
  • Sunscreen is a must even though there is not much sunshine this month.
  • Bring a light raincoat, and some waterproof bags in case it rains during your trip.
  • Bring a camera to record your wonderful experience in Halong.


Pros & Cons of Visiting Halong In September


  • September is the end of the low season so there are still some promotions for booking cruises this time. Not touristy, you do not have to wait for time to do the kayaking or be served on the cruise.
  • This month is the changing season with good weather conditions, the temperature is not too hot, or not too cold. It is a perfect time for people who love outdoor activities.


  • There is a possibility of rain in September, but it does not rain too much and frequently. Rain often lasts only one to two hours each time. The tour canceled by bad weather is very rare.



September, in general, is good for traveling to Halong Bay in terms of money and weather. It is considered one of the best months during the year to travel to Halong Bay at a reasonable price and in good weather conditions.

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