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Hanoi Tourist Attractions: Top 10 Places Must-See

December 14, 2023 - 844 views

Hanoi a city with thousands of years of history and civilization, attracts a lot of tourists every year. Things such as special architectures, great sightseeing places or famous food areas, …always make good impressions on people who have come to visit this beautiful city. Let's find out top 10 Hanoi tourist attractions to explore.

Hanoi Tourist attractions

1. Hanoi Old Quarter - The best attraction to learn Hanoi culture

It’s such a great pity that you come to Hanoi without walking around Hanoi Old Quarter. This place is famous for its ancient beauty with many historic landmarks. Tourists can visit here by motorbike, car, taxi or bus.
Hanoi Old Quarter is often called the "36 Old Streets," but in fact, there are more than 36 streets. Over the years, this place is still an attractive destination not only for Hanoi people but also for domestic and foreign tourists. There are many interesting things to discover here from French-colonial architecture, food diversity to rich history. Some famous places in the old town, such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Ma Street, Dong Xuan Market, or Ta Hien Street,... are always crowded.
Especially, if you come to Hanoi on weekends, don’t miss the opportunity to experience Hanoi Walking Street. Hanoi Walking Street is open from 7 pm on Friday to 24 pm every weekend. As an entertaining place, there are a lot of fascinating activities including Vietnamese folk games, musical street performances, portrait drawing,...
Hanoi Old Quarter
Hanoi Old Quarter

2. Hoan Kiem Lake - Heart of Hanoi center

One of the iconic destinations of Hanoi is Hoan Kiem Lake - a natural freshwater lake located in the center of Hanoi city. It’s referred to as the Heart of Hanoi Center. This lake is associated with the legend of King Le Thai To having returned a treasure sword to the golden turtle. Hoan Kiem Lake has two floating islands: Ngoc Island in the north of the lake and Turtle Island in the middle of the lake.

To experience Hoan Kiem Lake, visitors can use vehicles such as motorbike, cycle or bus, ... However, walking around Hoan Kiem Lake is also a not bad idea because at that time you don’t need to worry about finding parking areas. Besides, at present, on weekends, vehicles are also prohibited to have space for activities on Walking Street.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake


3. Ho Chi Minh Complex - memorable monument about our great president

Ho Chi Minh Complex is a memorable monument of President Ho Chi Minh - a famous world cultural celebrity and also the great leader of the Vietnamese people. It includes Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ba Dinh Square, Uncle Ho’s resident, Ho Chi Minh Stilt House,...

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the place to keep Ho Chi Minh’s body preserved for decades. Tourists can visit the Mausoleum every morning of the week except for Monday and Friday.

The Stilt House is also a must-visit place for international tourists. The Stilt House with a simple eco-friendly design is the place where many important historical events having been taken place. In front of the house, there is a pond where Uncle Ho usually fed fishes and relaxed. Nowadays, this house still has remained great artistic values ​​as well as great historical and cultural values.

Besides, the Ho Chi Minh Museum where precious artifacts and documents relating to Ho Chi Minh's life are displayed, and One Pillar Pagoda named the temple with the most unique architecture in Vietnam, are also extremely attractive destinations.

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Chi Minh Museum


4. Museum of Ethnology - excellently well-curated exhibits of Vietnam diverse culture

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology located on Nguyen Van Huyen Street in Cau Giay District is in the system of national museums of Vietnam. The proposal for the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was officially approved on 14 December 1987.

This museum plays important role in researching, collecting, preserving, and restoring artifacts and documents about 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam. Furthermore, there are often many exhibitions, performances, and other activities to introduce and educate about the cultures of ethnic groups in Vietnam as well as other countries here.

The museum consists of three main exhibition areas: Bronze Drum building, Architectural building, and Kite Garden. The museum is like a miniature picture of the history and culture of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. So if you want to learn more about the diversity of Vietnam’s culture, this will be a place suitable for you.

Museum of Ethnology Hanoi

Museum of Ethnology Hanoi


5. Hoa Lo Prison - Learn for Vietnam War

Hoa Lo prison was built during the Anti-French Resistance War to intensify the repression of the Vietnamese movements. This prison is known as "Hell on Earth", and is also a witness to the resilience and indomitability of the Vietnam people. Therefore, tourists will be able to learn more about the Vietnam War after visiting here.

Nowadays, Hoa Lo Prison is located at No. 1, Hoa Lo Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi so the route is quite convenient. Visitors can catch bus number 02, 32, 34, 38 to get there. And this Prison is open from 8 am to 5 pm every day to welcome visitors.

Hoa Lo Museum

Hoa Lo Museum


6. West Lake - a great place to get a skyline view

If you are a person loving sightseeing or being passionate about photography, West Lake is a perfect choice. West Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Hanoi and also the best place to get a skyline view.

The scenery of West Lake is like a poetic picture at any time of the day. In particular, watching the sunrise or sunset at West Lake has long been an essential spiritual habit for Hanoi people. You can get up early to cycle around the lake and breathe the fresh air here. Or you can contemplate the beauty of West Lake while sipping a cup of tea in a quiet coffee shop. It is wonderful, isn't it?

Hanoi West Lake

Hanoi West Lake


7. Hanoi Imperial Citadel - a symbol of Hanoi

Hanoi Imperial Citadel at 19C Hoang Dieu Street, Ba Dinh District, is an architectural complex built in the 7th century. This is a place that has been associated with thousands of years of defending the country of the Vietnamese people. In 2010, after making many efforts, The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

Inside this Historical Relic, there are still many large-scale architectural works or built from high-quality materials such as One Pillar Pagoda, Doan Mon (Main Gate), Kinh Thien Palace,... and other French architectural works. Therefore, this place not only has historical value but also cultural as well as artistic - archaeological value.


8. Dong Xuan Market - The biggest market in Hanoi

Established in 1889, Dong Xuan Market - the largest market in Hanoi, is an interesting shopping destination that any visitor should not miss. As a big wholesale market in the North, Dong Xuan market consists of a 4-story building on an area of more than 6,500 square meters. The market offers a wide range of goods such as fresh produce, souvenirs, accessories, and clothing, as well as electronic and household appliances.

Dong xuan market

Dong xuan market


9. Temple of Literature - The first university in Vietnam

The Temple of Literature (58 Quoc Tu Giam, Dong Da) was built in 1070 at the time of Emperor Lý Thánh Tông as the first Vietnam's national university dedicated to Confucius, scholars, and sages. Every year, the Temple of Literature always attracts many people to visit, especially the students who come here to pray for their study path.

Until now, Temple of Literature not only has cultural and historical values ​​but also is a unique architectural work of artistic value. Although there is not a large scale, the designs here have beautiful harmonious proportions and very beautiful wood texture.

Opening hours: all days of the week, from Monday to Sunday.

  • In the hot season (from April 15 to October 15): From 7:30 to 17:30.
  • In the cold season (from October 16 to April 14): From 8:00 to 17:00.

The ticket price: 30,000 VND / person for both foreign and Vietnamese visitors.

Temple of Literature Hanoi

Temple of Literature Hanoi

10. St Joseph’s Cathedral - The first structures built by the French colonial government

St Joseph’s Cathedral - the first architectural work built by the French government, is located at 40 Nha Chung, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem. St Joseph’s Cathedral with ancient and majestic architecture is not only a place to worship for Catholics but also an attractive destination for many tourists.

Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

This area also attracts a lot of people every day. Around the church, there are many lemon tea shops and delicious fast food shops. This is also an ideal entertaining place for young people every Christmas season. Our Hanoi Tours included visit most famous tourist attraction, let't find the best one and enjoy your wonderful trip.

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