Ho Chi Minh weather in November: Temperature & Things to Do

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Ho Chi Minh has a tropical wet and dry climate characterised by its two distinct seasons: the dry and the rainy season. November is the end of the rainy season, making it not the best time to visit. However, this month is still among the best months to visit this city. Keep reading our article about Ho Chi Minh weather in November to find useful information about the weather, things to do, and some tips for your trip to Ho Chi Minh city.

Ho Chi Minh weather in November

November is the last month of the rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City, the weather during the day is more pleasant than a few months ago with little rainfall and low humidity. The average monthly temperature is 28°C, the average high temperature is about 32°C, the average low temperature is about 23°C. Rain also decreased slightly from last month, about 100mm with 10 rainy days in the month.

Min Temperature
Precipitation 88.8 mm
Max Temperature
Rainy days 12.4 days
Sunshine hours 10.8 hours


Pros: There are only scattered rains, not as torrential as previous months, and the weather is quite cool, suitable for sightseeing and entertainment activities, especially exploring the bustling life. The night rhythm of the magnificent Saigon. In addition, at this time, tourists coming to Saigon are not too crowded, so you can comfortably enjoy a private, secluded space and the price of Saigon hotel rooms is also relatively cheap.

Cons: Although Saigon weather in November is much better than other rainy months, this is not really the ideal time to visit this vibrant city. Sudden showers can disrupt your day trip, especially outdoor activities. If you can travel in December, the weather will change to the dry season and immerse yourself in the jubilant festival atmosphere of the locals.

Ho Chi Minh weather November


Things to do and events in Ho Chi Minh in November

Dinner cruise on Saigon river

When the night falls and the weather gets cool, that is a great time to enjoy the cruise dinner along Saigon River. The scenery on the Saigon River and Saigon saw from the cruise are beautiful. You can both enjoy views and have dinner with local specialities when the boat cruises along the river, passing the beautiful buildings like Vinhomes Central park, Vinhome Golden River, Landmark 81, Bitexco Tower…


Go shopping

Shopping in Saigon does not mean you need to have a lot of money as there are many places for you to buy things in Saigon from the local markets to the luxury malls. If you are looking for cheap items, go to Ben Thanh, Binh Tay, or An Dong market. Moreover, you can go to Saigon Square, Taka Plaza… for the latest and most constantly updated styles of pants, shirts, dresses, or accessories at surprisingly cheap prices.

Go Shopping in Saigon

Go Shopping in Saigon


Conquer Cu Chi Tunnels

If it does not rain, you can visit the Cu Chi tunnel which is located 45 kilometers from the city center. Not only is it one of the longest tunnels in the country, but Cu Chi is also among the top underground works in the world voted by CNN in 2013. Besides conquering the tunnel, tourists coming here talk with a local family to better understand the local life in the past and at the present.

Let's book a half-day Cu Chi Tunnels tour to discover this amazing place.


Join motorbike tour

Seeing Ho Chi Minh during day time is not enough, you may need to join a motorbike tour at night to see the best of the city. Nighttime in Ho Chi Minh is different from the day, the city becomes irresistible with its energy and tons of people who are finding their way through the city. And it is time to check-in Bitexco Tower, cross China Town, the local market and taste the best food in town.

Tips for traveling Ho Chi Minh City in November

What to pack

  • Always bring a raincoat & an umbrella with you in case it suddenly rains in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Walking in the rain can be a romantic scene, but you are very susceptible to colds and illnesses! Do not forget to bring common medicines such as pain relievers, cough, fever, flu… in your Ho Chi Minh travel luggage.
  • Pack some insect repellent as the rainy season is the breeding time for mosquitoes and bugs. As mosquitoes enhance the potential of quite dangerous diseases, this tip is indeed essential. Better safe than sorry!
  • Pack easy-to-dry and comfortable clothes. Without the sunshine, it is easy to have the clothes damp. A thin, light jacket is good for both sunny days and the night with strong winds

Other tips

Saigon in November can have rain in the afternoon, so plan your trip for outdoor activities in the morning when it does not rain. Then you can come inside the buildings such as museums, cathedrals, markets, and post offices, and shopping malls when it rains.

Avoid going out when it rains as Saigon can be flooded, and you can get stuck long hours in the flood.

The weather in the next month, December is much better than it is in November with little rain. It is best if you can travel next month. The good thing to know is that booking a tour in the low season for the trip in the month with the preferable weather conditions.

Hope that the above information is useful for your travel plan to Ho Chi Minh City. If there is anything you need to know, do not hesitate to contact us for more detail.

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