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THE 10 BEST Halong Bay Cruise Recommendations 2020

Plan your trip with our best Halong Bay cruise recommendations. Here is the list of top 10 worth-booking Halong cruises to experience the amazing itinerary, pleasant services, and high-end facilities at the best price guarantee.
Mon Cheri Cruise - No 1 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Mon Cheri Cruise
22 reviews
Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island
  • 45% OFF + Free VIP Bus
  • One of newest luxurious cruises in Halong.
  • The only boat serves authentic Halal food with Halal certificate.
  • Very spacious rooms for comfortable stay (from 35m2)
18 cabins - Metal Boat - Launched in 2017
President Cruise - No 2 Best Halong Bay Cruises
President Cruise
3 reviews
Halong - Sung Sot Cave - Luon Cave - Titop Island
  • Enjoy the dinner with "Micheline Chef" Menu
  • Piano Bar with Jazz Music every night
  • Butler services available
46 cabins - Metal - Launched in 2018
Peony Cruise - No 3 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Peony Cruise
29 reviews
Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island
  • 30% OFF + Free Food Tour
  • First 4-star cruise sailing through less touristy bay
  • 20 luxury cabins with Private balcony & bathtub
  • High quality service as five star cruise
20 cabins - Metal Boat - Launched in 2018
Paloma Cruise - No 4 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Paloma Cruise
188 reviews
Halong Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay - Thien Canh Son cave
  • Classic wooden junk with 04 decks
  • The cabins have a large window for a grand view
  • Cruising through Bai Tu Long Bay - Untouched path!
18 cabins - Wooden boat - Launched in 2009
Era Cruises - No 5 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Era Cruises
13 reviews
Hai Phong- Lan Ha Bay- Ba Trai Dao beach- Dark & Bright cave
  • 25% OFF + Free Food Tour
  • Lovely private Jacuzzi & standing shower in all cabins
  • Modern boat offer high standard & friendly crew.
  • The first cruises have medical centers
18 cabins - Steel Boat - Launched in 2017
Orchid Cruise - No 6 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Orchid Cruise
104 reviews
Lan Ha Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay - Cat Ba Island
  • Jacuzzi pool on sun deck Just open Sep 2019
  • Exclusive luxury cruise to Lan Ha Bay
  • Amazing experience - rated by over 900 reviews on Tripadvisor.
14 cabins - Metal Boat - Launched in 2016
Heritage Cruise - No 7 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Lan Ha Bay - Ba Trai Dao - Dark & Bright Cave
  • The unique Vietnamese boutique offering selected artisanal products.
  • Sumptuous facilities: ocean-facing gym, splendid spa treatments,
  • Exquisite art gallery and stunning floating library, etc.
20 cabins - metal - Launched in 2019
Swan Cruises - No 8 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Swan Cruises
13 reviews
Halong Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay - Thien Canh Son - Vung Vieng Village
  • Own best reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Off-the-beaten route to Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Beautiful classic simple cruise.
9 cabins - Wooden Boat - Launched in 2015
Scarlet Pearl Cruise - No 9 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Scarlet Pearl Cruise NEW
2 reviews
Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Viet Hai Village
  • Serve a la carte for dinner
  • The only one using Catamaran Sails for the second day of 3 days program
  • Discover further Halong Bay- Lan Ha Bay
23 cabins - Metal Boat - Launched in 2019
Glory Legend Cruise - No 10 Best Halong Bay Cruises
Glory Legend Cruise
120 reviews
Halong Bay - Sung Sot Cave - Cua Van Village - Me Cung Cave
  • Most recommended 3-star cruise
  • Modern and comfortable design 
  • 22 cabins with full ocean view & slide door
22 cabins - Metal Boat - Launched in 2014

How to find the best Halong Bay cruise? 

Normally, the choice for the best boat depends on your budget, travel time, and itinerary. However, it costs time to find a Halong cruise that can satisfy all your needs perfectly by yourself. Therefore, we aggregate to the conclusion that there are two ways to find your best Halong Bay boat as the following.

#1st way: 4 easy steps to find your best Cruise in Halong Bay:

  1. Decide travel duration

There are 3 most popular options for travel duration in Halong Bay: day cruise, 2-day-1-night (2d1n) cruise, and 3-day-2-night (3d2n) cruise. Normally, a Halong Bay day cruise cannot provide the 2d1n or 3d2n itinerary but usually, a 2d1n cruise can also provide a 3d2n one and vice versa.

Mon Cheri Cruise - Best Selling Cruise 2020

Mon Cheri Cruise - Best Selling Cruise 2020

  1. Decide the right itinerary

Depend on tourists’ travel purposes, the Halong Bay itineraries are separated into the leisure itinerary, the sightseeing itinerary, and the adventure itinerary.

  1. Check your budget

Just like hotels, the cruises in Halong Bay are divided into different standards and prices, depend on your budget, you may choose the best cruise for your Halong trip. In general, the most popular cruise standards in Halong are the 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star standards. With 3 star cruises, you can find the cheapest Halong Bay Cruises at a very budget price (only from US$120) which include comfortable cabins, nice meals, tour guides, and all activities as in the itinerary. Besides, the 4-star and 5-star Halong Bay luxury cruises include the most popular Halong cruises with big size steel modern boats and perfect high-end services.

Best 4* Cruise in Halong Bay

  1. Choose the best Halong cruise that fits with your orders above

#2nd way: Check our list of the 10 best Halong Bay cruises

which were chosen by most of the tourists as some perfect recommendations for your boat trip to Halong:

Frequency Ask Questions

Find the best Halong Bay Cruise is the wonder of most tourists who plan a trip to Halong. Hereunder our 5 Halong bay cruise recommendation:

  • Mon Cheri Cruise: Bestseller 5* cruise with a great offer
  • Peony Cruise: Best 4* cruise with luxury services provided
  • Scarlet Pearl cruise: Hot trend modern 5* cruise
  • Swan cruise: best boutique 3* wooden boat
  • Heritage Cruise: great unique Vietnamese design boat

You might interest: 5 tips for choosing the best Halong Bay cruises

It is not easy to find the best cruise Halong Bay among over 100 cruises. Below are 4 small tips for you:

  • Decide travel route: Halong Bay (main area), Lan Ha Bay (new trend), or Bai Tu Long Bay (off the beaten track).
  • Estimate your budget and check how much is Halong cruise?
  • Check which cruise fits with your needs: kids friendly, vegetarian, Halal food...
  • Choose the best agent to book

You can read detail at tips for choosing the best cruise

There are over 100 overnight cruises in Halong Bay at moment, each cruise offers different experience & service standards.

Base on your preferred style I do recommend you some best Halong bay overnight cruises below:

Let's choose a suitable one and enjoy your trip to Halong Bay.

Current Halong Bay offered more than 30 luxury cruises with different price ranges, services, and design styles. From boutique-style to modern style, small size to big size, I believe that they can cover all your needs. Below some my recommendation 5* Halong Bay Cruises:

You can refer more option Halong Bay Luxury Cruises at our website

We currently offer 7 options for cheap cruises in Halong Bay, among these cruises we highly recommend you the Glory Legend Cruise which is got a very high rating on Tripadvisor or on BestPrice Travel.

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Questions & Answers (10)

Ask A Question
Asked by Carolina Tomas, September 05, 2020
We are looking for a 2 day/1 night cruise in Halong Bay with a nice/clean & comfortable boat, interesting visits & kayaking, good price. We are a family of four with 2 girls (15 and 20 years old). What can you propose? Thanks
BestPrice, September 05, 2020
@Carolina Tomas: There are many options for Halong Bay Cruise which is available family cabin for 4 people. You can have a look at Orchid Cruise, Mon Cheri Cruise, Peony Cruise, or Sena which both offer good prices and services. We also need your preferred travel date to give you an exactly Halong bay cruise price. BestPrice
Asked by Joanne Li, January 08, 2020
Greetings, We are now planning to change our flight to Cat Bi airport. If we join your two-day one night tour to Halong Bay, will you be able to pick us up on 1/24 morning from our accommodation near Cat Bi airport? Many blessings, Joanne
Joanne Li, January 08, 2020
Dear Joanne Li, Our bus dont pick up or see off at Cat Bi airport. So you can take taxi from Cai BI airport to pier and back. It is close to pier about 30min so it is more convenient to get taxi. Regards, BestPrice
Asked by Neli, November 28, 2019
Hi, I am Neli Coco. My husband and I are planning for a cruise trip in Halong Bay on Dec 10th - 11th. I see you offer many different cruises and would like to go with your agent. However, we are quite confused cause cruises are quite similar. May you recommend us some cruises? We are highly appreciate for your help. Thanks, Neli
Neli, November 28, 2019
Dear Neli, Each cruise offer different program, different design style, food and services. You can consider option with Mon Cheri, Orchid Cruise or Peony which got many great reviews. Regards, BestPrice
Asked by Foong Sye Kay, November 10, 2019
Hello! Just wondering if the family room that accommodate 4 adults have a separate door to divide the 2 beds or all beds in a room?
Foong Sye Kay, November 11, 2019
Dear Foong Sye Kay, For Family room some of them could accommodate 4 to 5 persons. Please give us your preferred travel date then we will looking at some options for you. regards, BestPrice
Asked by Alexandra Dreier, August 02, 2019
Hi there, im arriving in Hanoi on November first, spend some time there before heading south. I would like to to take a boat from Halong to either Haiphong or close to Ninh Binh. Do you offer one way trips with an overnight stay on a boat? Thanks and warmest regards, Alexandra
Alexandra Dreier, August 02, 2019
Hi I am pleased to inform that the cruise will come back from where it starts However, I am recommend you the cruise depart from Hai Phong City, then you can go to Ninh Binh after the trip Please advise how many people in the group, then I can send you the quotation Cheers