How to Travel to Da Lat

In the south-central highlands, close to other famous tourist cities like Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat is a well-liked retreat place to escape the heat in Vietnam. There are a variety of alternatives for getting to Da Lat and each offers pros and cons, so let's choose the most appropriate way for your vacation.

Da Lat by Night

Da Lat By Night

How to Get Around Da Lat 

Da Lat is rather a small city, where most areas may be reached by foot. Other travel choices are available if you don't want to go out and explore on your own.

By Bicycle 

Cycling is a great method to keep active while on vacation in Da Lat because the roads leading into and out of the city are smooth since motorbikes and vehicles frequently clog the roadways.

Explore Da Lat By Bike

Explore Da Lat By Bike

You could borrow a bike from the hotel you stay at, from any store in the city center near Da Lat Market, or from a mountain bike. A regular bike costs about 40,000 VND per day, however a mountain bike, which is highly recommended for exploring the countryside and waterfalls, costs between 70,000 and 100,000 VND per day.

By Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle in Da Lat's hilly scenery could be an amazing experience. Check with your hotel to see if they have a motorcycle for rent, or go to a rental shop in the city center. Regular motorbike rental rates vary from 120,000 VND ($5.2) to 180,000 ($7.8). Before hiring your motorbike, check for any flaws or issues, especially with the brakes, horn, and signal light. 

Discover Da Lat Town By Motorbike

Discover Da Lat Town By Motorbike

There are several 'xe om' (motorbike taxis) accessible near the Central Market area for short journeys around town, and the fee varies based on the distance. Ask them how much it cost first and negotiate for a lower price.

By Bus

Traveling by bus is an affordable way to explore Da Lat city and the surrounding area. Buses depart from Da Lat Center Bus Station and operate from 05.30 to 19.00. Seven bus lines operate across neighboring districts, providing access to local villages and attractions like  Elephant Falls, Datanla Waterfalls, Prenn Waterfall, and Truc Lam Pagoda.

By Taxi

Da Lat is a popular tourist destination with metered taxis, making it more convenient than using the bus. There are several taxi operators in Da Lat, most drivers can communicate in basic English and Mai Linh cabs are the most recommended.

By Car

Renting a car is a great option for group travel, with daily costs ranging from $40 to $55 for a four-seater with an English-speaking driver. There are various car rental booths at Da Lat Airport, or you can book one via your hotel reception. If you want to drive independently, make sure you have accident insurance and a valid international driver's license.


How to Get to Da Lat

Unlike the other cities, Da Lat is not accessible by train, yet there are still various ways to get to this city.

By Flight

Da Lat or Lien Khuong Airport was renovated and reopened in 2009, receiving non-stop flights from other cities in Vietnam and tourists from all over the country.

Da Lat Airport

Da Lat Airport

There are three airlines that fly domestically from here: Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and VietJet Air. Until the beginning of 2018, there were five domestic routes available, with prices listed in the table below.

Flight Route

Flight Duration

Flight Operators

Flight Frequency (per day)

Airfare (one way per person)

(VAT included)

Hanoi - Dalat 

2 hours

Vietnam Airline 

6 flights 


Bamboo Airway

2 flights


Vietjet Air

2 flights


Ho Chi Minh City - Dalat 

55 minutes

Vietnam Airline 

6 flights 


Bamboo Airway

2 flights


Vietjet Air

1 flight 


Da Nang - Dalat 

1 hour 5 minutes 

Vietnam Airline

2 flights


Bamboo Airway 

2 flights


Hue - Dalat 

1 hour 15 minutes

Vietnam Airline

1 flight 


The ticket prices for an economy class are subject to change and will be updated regularly.

The airport is around 30 kilometers from the Da Lat town center and there are two popular ways to travel there: an airport shuttle bus and a cab. The shuttle bus costs between 40,000 and 50,000 VND, while the four-seat cab costs around 180,000 VND.

By Bus

Traveling by bus is a cost-effective way in Da Lat. Its intercity bus station is on To Hien Thanh Street, 2 km south of Xuan Huong Lake. Da Lat provides local buses frequently running between the city and other neighboring locations.

Da Lat Bus

Da Lat Bus

The Sinh Tourist and Phuong Trang Bus (Futa Bus) are the two most well-known bus operators, providing well-equipped buses, many trips running every day, decent services, and reasonable prices. The majority of buses operating from and to Da Lat are sleeping buses, but some companies provide both luxury minivans and sleeper buses depending on the route. Some common bus routes for getting to Da Lat and their prices are shown below.

Bus route

Bus Operators

Bus Type 

Travel Time

Ticket Price

Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat

Phuong Trang Bus (Futa Bus); The Sinh Tourist; 

Sleeping bus

8 hours

$11.7 - $12.6

Nha Trang to Dalat 

Phuong Trang Bus (Futa Bus); The Sinh Tourist

Siting bus

4 hours

$6.9 - $10.5

Da Nang to Dalat

Phuong Trang Bus (Futa Bus); Thanh Thuy Bus

Sleeping bus

15 hours 


Mui Ne to Da Lat

The Sinh Tourist; An Phu Bus

Sitting bus

4 hours


Tickets could be bought from an online travel agent or directly from the bus company, or at their offices or bus terminals and remember to purchase early during the peak season to ensure a seat.

By Motorbike 

​​If you are going from Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang, taking a motorbike to Da Lat is a worth-to-try option.

Motorbike Trip To Da Lat

Motorbike Trip To Da Lat

Depending on traffic conditions, the drive from Nha Trang will take 3 to 4 hours. The recommended route is to take the QL27C and then head west of the city, where you will find beautiful roads and a breathtaking view of the coastline.

If you depart from Ho Chi Minh City, the trip may take 6 to 8 hours, therefore taking frequent stops along the route is advised. Don't leave too late in the day, inspect your motorcycle thoroughly before the journey, and pack windproof clothing and raincoats.

By Private Car

Personal vehicles are a great choice for traveling in groups of three to eight people. They could go at any time of the day, have more room to sit comfortably, and have more space to store luggage. Renting a car is comparable to taking a cab but the services are far better. The driver can help you and provide you with crucial information as needed since he could speak English rather well. The drawback of using a private vehicle is that it can only depart from a few surrounding places, like Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and Ho Chi Minh City.


It is not difficult to find the best way to get to Da Lat. Consult our suggestive Da Lat transfers below to have the best time in this city.

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