Da Nang Cuisine

Da Nang not only attracts tourists with its stunning scenery but also offers them a wide range of appetizing dishes. Da Nang cuisine features many interesting things that you should never miss during your vacation. Let's go and explore more.

One of the things you definitely shouldn't miss when traveling to a new destination is trying local cuisine. Each traditional dish tells its own story about the culture and history of that region. Lying along the central coast of Vietnam, Da Nang, for years, has been known as an ideal destination for tourists all around the world, not only by the beauty of the beaches and vibrant coastal life but also by the diverse cuisine here. 

Have you been interested in Da Nang foods yet? Whether the answer is yes or no, keep reading as we will bring you some useful suggestions on popular Da Nang dishes that you should try.

Da Nang Cuisine

Da Nang Cuisine

1. Da Nang Local Cuisine

Da Nang Street Food

You can easily find many local dishes of Da Nang in many eateries and restaurants along the city. The gastronomy of Da Nang represents a typical cuisine style of Central Vietnam, especially its strong influence by the flavors of the neighboring provinces, which are Quang Nam and Hue, adding a bit of savor from the South. Different from the cuisine of the North, which is characterized by mild seasoning to enhance the taste of meat, or the dishes of the South, which are characterized by sweetness, the culinary art of the Central provinces like Da Nang will impress you with their flavorful taste. 

You can definitely imagine all of the flavors exploding in your mouth once you bite a piece. The experience will be so interesting that you should never miss it in your life.  There are some of the most popular and unique traditional dishes that you shouldn't miss when coming to Da Nang: 

  • Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo (sliced pork rolled with rice paper)
  • Nam O Fish Salad
  • Tré (Fermented Pork Roll)
  • Banh Canh (Thick noodles soup)
  • Bun Mam Nem (Vermicelli salad with pork and anchovy sauce)

Da Nang Traditional Food Bun Mam Nem

Da Nang Traditional Food - Bun Mam Nem

Da Nang Seafoods

The seafood here is very diverse. You can find many different kinds of shrimp, crab, squid, shellfish, and even species you may have never heard of such as Chip Chip, Nam O Fish, Babylonia Tesselata, etc. Through the skillful hand of local chefs, these fresh ingredients are cooked into a variety of dishes, from simple to complex, with a special flavor of Da Nang cuisine: the aroma of lemongrass, the spice of chili, the sour taste from vinegar or lemon, and the pure sweetness of seafood.

One Of The Very Popular Dishes In Da Nang Steamed Clams With Garlic Butter Sauce

 A popular dish in Da Nang - Steamed clams with garlic butter sauce


Da Nang Sweet Desserts

In addition, you shouldn’t miss the unique desserts of Da Nang. These sweet desserts often are made of fresh fruit combined with coconut milk, ice cream, jelly, or boba. You can try a healthy Avocado Smoothie with Ice Cream, Da Nang Durian Dessert Soup, or Che Xa Xoa Hat Luu (Vietnamese mixed dessert soup). Walking along the shoreline with the waves crashing and enjoying a cool and fresh dessert is definitely a wonderful experience in Da Nang.

Avocado Smoothie With Ice Cream

Avocado Smoothie with Ice Cream

2. Da Nang Drinks

As a tropical region, the popular drinks in Da Nang are usually cool and refreshing. There are a variety of types of drinks in Da Nang, which usually use fruit and herbs as the main ingredients, such as Lemon Iced Tea, Juice, Lychee Tea, Peach Tea, or Herbal Teas mixed with Lime and Lemongrass. In addition, Soy Milk is also very popular because of its nutrition and can easily be paired with local food. 

Lychee Orange And Lemongrass Tea A Very Popular Drink In Vietnam

Lychee Orange & Lemongrass Tea - a very popular drink in Vietnam

At the end of the day, you can drop in a local restaurant and grab a craft beer with friends, enjoy the magnificent view of Da Nang city from the highest luxury rooftop bars with a glass of signature mixed drink, or gently try a unique cocktail with soft music in a local pub.

The Anchor Restaurant And Bierhaus

​​The Anchor Restaurant and Bierhaus

Aren't Da Nang foods worth a try? Don't hesitate to pack your bags and get on the road to enjoy the appetizing dishes of this city. It would be an unforgettable experience. You can contact us, BestPrice Travel, via our website or WhatsApp if you want to find out more interesting and useful information for your Da Nang trip.