Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Vietnam: Rated by Visitor 2023

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Vietnam is the top country to visit with a number of great natural landscapes, a long coastline with many beautiful beaches; from vast green terrace rice paddies in Sapa to Phu Quoc's stunning beaches full of white sand. If you are planning to visit a beautiful S-shaped country, below are useful information about the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam which are rated by visitors in 2023.

1. Hoi An: Beautiful place of illuminated lanterns

In 1999, with paved sidewalks, Chinese-style shopping houses, small canals, and French-colonial structures, UNESCO officially recognized Hoi An as a World Heritage Site. The colorful lanterns, streets, and flower garlands floating in a romantic Hoai river are unique characteristics of Hoi An. Walking along the road of this ancient town and stopping for a special coffee or drink can create peaceful vibes. Besides, you have a chance to learn about mixed Western and ancient European design styles of ancient architecture, such as the ancient Quan Thang building, Phung Hung, and Tan Ky. The main decorations are made of wood and traditional fabrics with a long history between 150 to 200 years, bringing a feeling of warm elegance.

Lantern town of Hoi An

Lantern town of Hoi An

The best time to visit lantern town is Hoi An Lantern Festival dates. It is not a fixed date because it is based on the lunar calendar every day 15 (full-moon day of the month). If you want to visit on this day, please check the calendar carefully.

Hoi An is considered as the top destination to visit in Vietnam, don't miss it by booking the best Hoi An Tours to join the lantern festival.


2. Da Lat: Picturesque & refreshing places

Da Lat is one of the most beautiful and romantic destination couples. Located 1,500 m higher than the sea surface, Da Lat offers cool weather all year round. The topography is abundant, with slopes, springs, waterfalls, etc. blended to create a stunning natural environment. First sight when coming here, you should not miss "Xuan Huong" lake, located in the center of town; the lake's surface looks like a mirror. It's most beautiful in the spring afternoons with peach blossoms. How amazing it is when we have a coffee cup and enjoy the incredible scenery of this lake.

Da Lat city

Da Lat city

You will feel relaxed and excited when standing in front of Prenn waterfall or Datanla waterfall beside lakes. They are long streams that fall from high-point mountains making white suds and flowing onto stones. It is fascinating if you are trying the canyoning in these waterfalls. There are many other beautiful places in Da Lat waiting for you to come and discover.

Let's check out Da Lat tours and find the best one for you.


3. Cat Ba Island - Pristine beaches, clear waters

Cat Ba is the best island for beach relaxation in northern Vietnam. There are 3 famous beaches in Cat Ba name Cat Co 1, 2, and 3 in the island's middle. Cat Co 1 is larger, with three sides nearly surrounded by rocky mountains. Cat Co 2 and 3 beaches are smaller but very quiet with blue water and white sand and ideal for those who want to find a spot more pristine.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

Coming to Cat Ba you also can combine with a visit to Lan Ha Bay pristine beauty with four surfaces, rocky mountains, and undulating islets. The perfect way to enjoy the magnificence of the Bay is to join a kayaking passage through karst formations and covered lagoons or along pristine shorelines skimming corners and cliffs that larger vessels can't reach.

Several Lan Ha Bay Cruises combine a visit to Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island, including all water activities like kayaking, swimming, rowing boat, etc. Let's book it and enjoy the beauty of this area.


4. Ha Giang: Great rugged peaks and green valleys

Located in Vietnam's northwest, Ha Giang has been an enticing destination for domestic and international tourists. Ha Giang is also a top-choice destination for backpackers or photographers who want to catch steep passages and incredibly stunning and pristine landscapes. Planning to Ha Giang, don't forget the "Tam Giac Mach" flower bloom season between Nov to Dec every year. It was incredible to stand in the middle of sweet purple flower fields. I am sure you will be surprised when seeing how the flower grows in all bare rocks in the middle of the arid plateau.

Ha GIang

Ha Giang

It would be best if you also didn't miss the yellow terrace rice fields between Sep to Oct every year. The fragrant scent of rice combines fresh & cool air of this highland will intensify Ha Giang's beauty. Ma Pi Leng pass is one of the highest & longest mountain passes, attracting many adventure tourists every year. The uniqueness of this pass will bring you the most significant moment of your life. There are many different unique beauties that you only can find in Ha Giang, don't wait to plan Ha Giang tours now.


5. Phu Quoc: Dense jungles, stunning waterfalls & beautiful beach

Phu Quoc is a top-list destination for a beach vacation with 37,000 hectares of virgin woodland, white-sand beaches, a bright blue sea, and diversified wildlife species. There are many beautiful beaches for your planning here, the top list we have to mention is Long Beach. Clean and blue water, golden sand, magnificent sunsets, and swaying coconut palms make Long Beach be photographer's dreamland. Coming to Phu Quoc, do not miss a chance to discover the underwater mystical realm. There are many kinds of corals, pearls, sea cucumbers, and snails that will attract your vacation here. 

Phu Quoc beach

Phu Quoc beach


6. Fansipan Peak: Vietnam’s highest peak with the glorious landscape surrounding

Located at an altitude of 3,143m above sea level, thanks to the cool air and breathtaking natural beauty, Fansipan is known as a "heaven and earth" spot. Coming here, you will enjoy a panoramic view of Sapa town from the top of Fansipan peak, the highest point in Indochina. The most beautiful moment is sunset or sunrise when you can see the orange-yellow or purple-pink sea clouds rendering picturesque scenery. Book the best Fansipan tour and take create as many memories as you can.

Great view from Fansipan Mountain

Great view from Fansipan Mountain


7. Son Doong Cave: the largest cave in the world

Son Doong cave is one of the most stunning natural caves in Vietnam and the largest cave discovered in the world. It was found by a farmer named Ho Khanh in 1991 when he found the forest. The person who first found Ho Khanh as a farmer.

Only 1000 persons are allowed to enter this cave each year and must be booked 2 or 3 years ahead. You also require to have enough health and trekking/ climbing skills because it takes almost 4-5 days trekking pass through forests and rivers to reach this cave.

Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave


8. Con Dao Island: Having splendid beaches

In the past, Con Dao is an island for political prisoners' detention and torture. But nowadays it is famous for its beautiful beaches and spectacular landscapes. Coming here, you have a chance to learn about the historical values of Vietnam's heroic time and relax on the sunny beach. Con Dao prison is a place that you should not miss. You will know about the way how prisoners have been tortured in horror. It was a long history and is not suitable for those who have weak hearts.

Besides, you also can enjoy yourself under gorgeous beaches and discover communities of marine life. One of the most beautiful beaches in Bai Suoi Nong, where tourists have to pass through a forest-tunneled path to reach. It is almost unspoiled with white sand and green mangroves.

Con Dao beautiful beach

Con Dao beautiful beach


9. Halong Bay: An unique experience with an overnight cruise

Halong Bay has become a world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO and listed among the most beautiful bays worldwide, thanks to its wonderful tectonic scenery. Coming to Halong Bay, visitors are rewarded with unique caves and surrounding mountains in a refreshing atmosphere. The best way to explore this famous destination is to join an overnight cruise. Over 100 cruises in Halong Bay offer excellent services from budget to luxury, from private to big group satisfied the most demanding guests.

Halong bay overnight cruise

Halong bay overnight cruise

You can have many great offers when booking Halong bay cruises on our website 


10. Mua Cave: Exceptional scenery

Mua Cave is located at the foot of an upside-down bell-shaped peak where eco-tourism combines mountain climbing activities. The best time to visit this area is from April to May or Sep to Oct when the golden rice fields appear. The beautiful natural scenery is created by the golden rice field merging with green mountains & blue water. I believe you will be amazed by its beauty.

Mua Cave & Mua viewpoint

Mua Cave & Mua viewpoint

Mua viewpoint is located on top of the mountain, similar to the Great Wall architecture in China, with dragon or phoenix figures carved on two sides of the stairs. Conque Mua viewpoint with 486 challenging steps, you will enjoy the panorama view of Ninh Binh's entire landscape. Don't wait to put Mua cave on your bucket list now and see the best Mua cave tours at BestPrice Travel.

To plan a trip visit 10 beautiful places in Vietnam; you can travel on your own or easier contact BestPrice Travel to arrange a Vietnam tour that covers all of these destinations.

You might also look for other places to visit in Vietnam; please read more at 30 Popular Vietnam Tourist Places.

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