8 Unique Places to Visit in Vietnam [Updated]

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Throughout their tours and holidays in Vietnam, nature lovers will also find plenty of sightseeing opportunities, ranging from sandy beaches and untouched islets to majestic mountains and tropical forests that contain thousands of rare species of wildlife. Besides, Vietnam has 54 hill-tribes and rice farmers along with the northern mountain ranges for those who want to witness true local lifestyle, while fishing villages are spread across this magnificent country's middle and southern regions.  A list of 8 unique places to visit in Vietnam has been curated by BestPrice Travel, each providing genuinely unique photo opportunities and adventures for the adventurous at heart.

1. Son Doong Cave - world's largest natural caves

In 1991, a local man called Ho Khanh first explored the Incredible Son Doong cave, followed in 2009 by a team of British cavers headed by Mr Howard Limbert. Son Doong Cave also stretches 9.00 km in length with parts going up to about 200 meters long, making it about two times wider than Deer Cave of Malaysia.

This cave's unique point is that it is well known as the largest natural cave in the world, home to several million-year-old limestone grottoes, stalactites, and stalagmites. Therefore, set inside Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park (approximately 500 km south of Hanoi), this cave is a must-see for curious travellers who want to discover one of Vietnam's natural jewels during their Vietnam tours and vacations.

Son Doong Cave - world's largest natural caves

Son Doong Cave - world's largest natural caves


2. Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge: Giant hands lift a bridge

Golden Hand Bridge is most recent tourist attraction in Ba Na Hills. This area is a mountain resort that was founded in 1919 by French colonists. It once housed some 200 villas near Da Nang, but today, only a few ruins remain. The Golden Bridge has significantly made it on everybody's bucket list thanks to social media, and it is easy to see why! Because of its unique design and beautiful make success.

Over millions of tourists come to Da Nang every year to see it in person and enjoy walking experience through this unusual position and architecture. I believe you will catch many beautiful photos with uninterrupted views of magnificent scenery.

Golden Hand Bridge on less crowded day

Golden Hand Bridge on a less crowded day

Besides, the Golden Bridge architecture makes you feel like a walk through the hands of gods in the heavens. However, It will be very crowded with thousands of tourists & selfie-stick on hand trying to capture their flawless social media story. It would be best to visit it on weekdays to avoid being too crowded and enjoy the real beauty.

You might look for tours visit Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge.


3. Fansipan Peak: magnificent view

Fansipan is the highest mountain of Vietnam, situated on Hoang Lien Son's majestic range, within Lao Cai province's territory with 3143m high. It is also the highest mountain in Indochina's three countries and is known as the “Roof of Indochina”.

Mount Fansipan has always been a desirable location for many climbers, adventurers, and tourists to conquer, whether on-road or off-road. Notably, the path leading to Fansipan is most beautiful in February, when the flowers bloom on the mountain. The subtle green of hills, colorful floating clouds make the scenery extremely romantic and unique. Moreover, climbers will cross vast green forests, wading through murmuring streams that flow cork forests, even down deep chasms of the slope, climbing over dangerous cliffs.

Magnificent View from Fansipan Peak

Magnificent View from Fansipan Peak

Besides the traditional routes along which visitors have to trek through forests to reach the mountain peak, a modern cable car system can help them get to the destination faster while experiencing unforgettable moments looking to primitive jungles and valleys covered by clouds. Also, cable cars take tourists across Muong Hoa Valley, where they can admire the ripening, golden yellow terraced rice paddies. Tourists can also admire a "treasure" of biodiversity in Hoang Lien National Park from Fansipan cable car.

Find the best Sapa & Fansipan Moutain tours here


4. Ha Giang: Great forested limestone and granite mountains

Ha Giang is a land with many magnificent landscapes: Dong Van Geopark, Quan Ba Twin Ranges, Ma Pi Leng Pass,..., 16 ethnic brotherhoods with their cultural features and vibrant traditional dresses in residential areas. The beauty of pristine natural scenery of rocky mountains, deep valleys & spectacular rice terraces is a unique point of this; a must-visited & off-the-beaten-path destination for adventure lovers & nature. Along with the magnificence of the landscape, travelers will hear about the rich culture and lifestyle of local ethnic groups living in this Vietnamese highland.

Great forested limestone & granite moutains in Ha Giang

Great forested limestone & granite mountains in Ha Giang

As rice terraces change their natural color from green to yellow at the beginning of October, it's so lovely to have breathtaking captures of stepped rice fields down the valleys with their numerous golden layers. It is also fascinating to see local ethnic groups happily gathering rice in their colorful clothes, placing it on the sack, and carrying it home. How lovely to see local rice-stepped farming practices with buffalo plowing, harrowing & planting on the high mountain slope terrains.

Then you are intrigued by the purple & pink colors of buckwheat flowers blooming everywhere in Ha Giang between late October & early November. Buckwheat is considered a symbolic flower in the northern mountainous regions of Vietnam and ts finest beauty that you can only find in Ha Giang province.


5. Con Dao: prison island

In the past, people always thought of frightening jails when discussing Con Dao and felt the agony of history. But in recent years, voted by a popular Travel & Leisure magazine as one of the 10 most stunning and enigmatic archipelagos globally, Con Dao is now being picked as a paradise for leisure travel nature discovery. Firstly, Con Dao's elegance is undoubted, as it is fortunate to have all the best for a beach destination. People also said it is a "compensation" from God for his grim past. Con Dao is the biggest of 16 islands, with 200 km of perfect coastline with a sparkling emerald sea and fine white sandy beaches. Con Dao Island looks like a mighty hunting sea bear from the air, amidst the USA's unbelievable blue.

Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island

Additionally, any tourist who comes to this gorgeous island has the same fresh air sensation and a pristine environment. Natural biodiversity is unspoiled enough that tourists can also see wild animals up in forested mountains, such as beautiful chamois, and all kinds of birds leisurely hopping on the trees.


6. Hanoi Old Quarter: the spiritual symbol of Hanoi

Hanoi Old Quarter is a top tourist destination with its stunning architecture, Buddhist temples, and long, narrow-styled shops. It would easily be one of the most unforgettable moments of your journey to Vietnam to experience Hanoi Old QQuarter's architecture. In this part, the French colonial has made a great influence on houses. At every moment you set foot in Old Quarter, you will quickly notice a collection of small houses with tile roof blocks after blocks featuring French themes. Each house is just a few meters tall, but about 10 meters long and has two to three floors.

Hanoi Old quarter

Hanoi Old quarter

On the contrary, in weeks leading up to Tet, as shopkeepers showcase traditional Vietnamese presents and decorations to usher in the Lunar New Year, Old Quarter turns into a sea of red and gold. Besides, the name "36 Old Streets" is perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics of other destinations. Artisans or merchants manufacturing their items in the same places they sell made a cooperative structure for delivering goods to specific streets. For instance, Hang Gai Street offers ready-made and personalized silk garments, embroidery, and silver items.

Best way to discover the old quarter is by joining Hanoi walking tours to understand architecture & local life deeply.


7. Cu Chi Tunnel - the extensive labyrinth of underground tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels really stand out among all locations that appear to represent a tenacious Vietnamese spirit. A ride to underground tunnels would open a window into the rich past of this land, evoking scenes from the Vietnam War.

After war ravages, Cu Chi is undeniably distinguished by its perseverance and resolve to restore itself. This region played a crucial role in US troops' wartime defeat and is known for its underground tunnel network. To camouflage Viet Cong forces, a labyrinthian network of tunnels was used to pass secret messages and stage clandestine attacks.

Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnel

Thus, tunnels in Cu Chi have become an enduring relic of wartime and are a popular tourist attraction for those interested in exploring extraordinary steps taken by Viet Cong soldiers to escape and eventually kill their enemies. While Cu Chi tunnels have become world-famous, the entire scheme extends through Vietnam, unraveling under the cities and towns, in some areas extending as far as Cambodia.

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8. Overnight on Cruise in Halong Bay: exciting activities, incredible scenery, wonderful meals

Halong Bay is a remarkable geographical formation with 1,900 islets with sandy beaches, freshwater lakes, granite caves, and floating villages. The best way to explore this landscape is by joining an overnight Halong cruise. For first-timers, a two-day one-night cruise is the best choice to explore numerous islands, villages, and caves and enjoy exciting activities like swimming, kayaking, rowing boat.

Cruise sundeck always is the first choice to enjoy the breathtaking scenery with panoramic sea view, taste a cocktail, or immerse yourself in the melodious music.

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Overnight on cruise in Halong Bay

Overnight on cruise in Halong Bay

You have just reviewed our top list of 8 unique places to visit in Vietnam. To arrange the Vietnam tours please contact BestPrice Travel - the most famous name among thousands of travel agencies offering Vietnam holiday booking services. Tourists should certainly mark BestPrice as the highest priority travel agency without delay, with more than 10 years of experience and 5 years of TripAdvisor's 'Travelers Choice' designation.


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