Siem Reap Food and Drink

Siem Reap, a city in Cambodia, is known for its stunning temples and ancient ruins. However, the city is not only famous for its historical sites but also for its delicious food and drinks. The city offers a wide range of culinary experiences, from traditional Khmer cuisine to international dishes. Siem Reap's food scene is a perfect blend of flavors, textures, and aromas that will satisfy any food lover's taste buds. Let's explore some of the best food and drink options that Siem Reap has to offer.

Siem Reap is Famous For Its Historical Sites

Siem Reap is Famous For Its Historical Sites


Siem Reap Food

Siem Reap cuisine is a blend of traditional Khmer cuisine and international influences from neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. Some popular dishes in Siem Reap include Fish Amok, which is a steamed fish curry with coconut milk and spices, Lok Lak, which is a stir-fried beef dish served with rice and vegetables, and Khmer Red Curry, which is a spicy curry made with meat or fish and served with rice. Siem Reap is also known for its street food scene, with vendors selling everything from grilled meats to noodle soups and desserts. Overall, Siem Reap cuisine offers a unique and flavorful experience for visitors to the region.


Fish Amok

Fish Amok is a traditional Cambodian dish that is popular in Siem Reap and other parts of Cambodia. It is a type of curry made with fish, coconut milk, and a variety of spices and herbs. The dish is typically served in a banana leaf cup, which gives it a unique and authentic presentation.

Fish Amok is often served with steamed rice and garnished with fresh herbs such as cilantro or basil. It is a flavorful and aromatic dish that is beloved by locals and visitors alike. If you ever have the chance to try Fish Amok in Siem Reap, it is definitely worth a taste!

Fish Amork

Fish Amok served with rice


Lok Lak 

Lok Lak is a popular dish in Cambodia, and it is typically made with stir-fried beef that is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and garlic. The beef is then cooked with onions and served with lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. 

The dish is often eaten with a dipping sauce made from lime juice, salt, and black pepper and is typically served with rice. Lok Lak is a simple yet delicious dish that is loved by locals and tourists alike. While beef is the most common meat used in Lok Lak, some restaurants also offer chicken or pork options. Vegetarian versions of the dish are also available, which typically use tofu or mushrooms as a substitute for the meat.

Lok Lak -  A Popular Dish in Cambodia

Lok Lak - A Popular Dish in Cambodia



Prahok is a traditional Cambodian food made from fermented fish that has been a staple in Cambodian cuisine for centuries. It is typically made by mixing small freshwater fish, such as the Mekong catfish, with salt and leaving it to ferment for several months. The fermented fish is then mashed into a paste and used as a seasoning or condiment in many Cambodian dishes. Prahok is known for its strong, pungent flavor and aroma, which some people find overpowering.

Despite its strong taste, Prahok is a popular ingredient in many Cambodian dishes, including soups, stews, and stir-fries. It is also often used as a dipping sauce for vegetables or grilled meats. Prahok is considered an important part of Cambodian culture and cuisine, and many families have their own recipes and methods for making it.


Prahok is Often Used As A Dipping Sauce


Green Mango Salad

Mangoes of all varieties are available in Cambodia, and they are all used to prepare tasty dishes, with green mango salad being one of the most popular. Fish sauce, lemon juice, herbs, garlic, and red hot pepper are used to season the mango. It combines the strong flavor of the herbs with the sourness of the mango. This simple and refreshing dish can be found in almost every restaurant in Siem Reap.

Green Mango Salad with Shrimp

Green Mango Salad with Shrimp

Siem Reap Drinks

Siem Reap is also known for its delicious and refreshing drinks that are perfect for quenching your thirst in the hot and humid climate. Here are some popular drinks you can find in Siem Reap:


Fruit Juices

Fruit is an essential ingredient in local cuisine, and it is widely used for meals as well as for drinks. We recommend trying lemon iced tea, lemonade, coconut water, passion fruit juice, or fruit shakes.

After a long day under the sun, smoothies are excellent way to refresh your body. Walking around Siem Reap, it is easy to find juice stalls with blenders and fruit displays or cafes selling excellent smoothies. You can have coconut milk, sugar syrup, or condensed milk added.

There Are Many Fresh Juice Stall Along The Street

You Can Find Many Fresh Juice Stall Along The Street



Coffee is becoming increasingly popular in Cambodia, with a growing number of cafes and coffee shops opening up in major cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Cambodian coffee is known for its unique taste, which is often described as sweet and fruity with a hint of chocolate. In addition to traditional coffee drinks like espresso and cappuccino, many cafes in Cambodia also offer local specialties like iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk or coconut milk.



Cambodia has a thriving beer culture, with several local and international brands available throughout the country. The most popular local beer in Cambodia is Angkor Beer, which is brewed by the Cambrew Brewery in Sihanoukville. Other local brands include Cambodia Beer, Bayon Beer, and Kingdom Beer.

In addition to traditional beers, Cambodia also has a growing craft beer scene, with several microbreweries opening up in recent years. Some popular craft beer brands in Cambodia include Cerevisia Craft Brewery, Himawari Microbrewery, and Riel Brewing.

Siem Reap Brewpub

Siem Reap Brewpub

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