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Top 10 Amazing Things to do in Central Vietnam

July 12, 2023 - 446 views

Plan to visit Central Vietnam and you feel wonder what could we do when traveling here? Please do not miss our article about 10 amazing things to do in Central Vietnam.

1. Visit The world's cultural heritage, My Son.

Located nearly 70 kilometers from Da Nang city, My Son Sanctuary appeared with many Champa temples' architectural complex, unique architecture. Even though My Son Sanctuary has existed for a long time up to centuries, it was not discovered until 1885. In 1999, UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site. If you are a tourist who engrosses in ancient cultures, this is a place worth exploring.

The temples with unique architecture in the sanctuary of My Son give you a chance to enjoy the traditional structure surrounded by small temples and towers. Besides sightseeing, tourists can join in the Siva dance repertoire performed by Cham artists.

My Son heritage

My Son Heritage

2. Walking in Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An preserves a rather massive intangible cultural foundation. Not inspired by busy life pace, the town flirts with residents' daily lives with customs, belief activities, folk arts, cultural festivals, and the romantic natural landscape, unique dishes. In addition to the cultural values, the South Central coast area's town also impresses you with diverse architecture.

Like other spots in the middle of Vietnam, If you come to Hoi An in the summer due to high temperature, the trip might not smoothly as expect. October to December is the rainy season and might influence your trip. Thus, The perfect time to have a trip to Hoi An is from February to April every year, with little rain and a pleasant climate.

Walking in Hoi An Ancient Town

Walking in Hoi An Ancient Town

3. Tak marvelous photos at Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills

Almost every traveler who comes to Bana Hills will not miss Golden Bridge because of its unique design. The bridge was designed like soft golden silk cradled on giant mossy hands - the hands of a mountain god. All kinds of weather conditions both make your trip a beautiful memory. Why? Because the picturesque view will keep you always taking photos!

Take a great photo at Golden Bridge

Take a great photo at Golden Bridge

The recommendation that you always hear from the tour guide is to welcome the dawn along with the dreamy sky. To capture the surreal beauty of the early morning on the Golden Bridge, you should stay overnight at the hotel on top of Ba Na and get up early to catch the dawn gradually rising on the bridge.

Don't miss out on the chance to admire Ba Na Hills on the cable car journey to the top!

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4. Bamboo Boat Ride at Rung Dua - Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Cam Thanh Coconut Forest has been growing for 200 years. The amount of coconut brought by the southwestern immigrants fully corresponds to the central area's favorable soil and water conditions. The coconut bushes have naturally grown from just a few hectares into a forest with a total area of over 100 hectares.

If you reach the forest for the first time, we bet that the impression is hard to fade with hundreds of coconut hectares. It stretches near Cua Dai and gives an image of the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam. The only difference between them is perhaps the means of transport used. In the Mekong delta, people travel on wooden boats, while visitors use basket boats to go to the coconut forest. It is exciting while sitting in a basket boat weaving under coconut trees. You will also see a rural water region's beautiful scenery that makes visitors feel interested in this place.

Cam Thanh Coconut Forest

Boat trip in Cam Thanh Coconut Forest

5. Be a Farmer at Tra Que Herb Village

Tra Que Village is one of the rare places to keep the organic way of growing vegetables. Therefore, this small site becomes one of the attractive destinations not to be missed. You can book rooms in hotels. However, these accommodations are quite far from the herb village. Then, picking a homestay near the herb farm can be a right choice. Tourists can immerse themselves in the lush green space of the vegetable fields.

Here, you can also wear farmer clothes, slippers, and conical hats and participate in vegetable production daily. For those who do not grow up in the countryside, this will be a new and wonderful experience. If you do not like to look after vegetables, you can sit at the restaurants around the vegetable area. At the same time, you are watching the farmers take care of vegetables while enjoying Hoi An's delicious dishes. Last but not least, keeping souvenir photos with friends and relatives is one must-do thing.

Be farmer in Tra Que Herb Village

Be a farmer in Tra Que Herb Village

6. Learn Vietnamese History at Hue Imperial City

Hue Imperial City witnessed the beginning and end of Nguyen Dynasty - the last feudal Vietnam dynasty. One of the spotlights of this destination is the distinct form of the wall - No one can deny the unique architecture of 4 main gates facing four directions: East, West, South, North. Along with that is a complex of works serving the rituals, monarchs, and activities of the king and royal family can be another element attracting you.

After Hue Citadel, the Nguyen Dynasty kings' mausoleum is a place that no Hue tourism experience can ignore. There are a total of 7 tombs among the 13 kings of this dynasty. One interesting thing is that each mausoleum has a distinctive architectural feature attaching to the individual king's personality. It leads to the contribution to telling historical stories for posterity.

Learning Vietnamese history in Hue Imperial city

Learning Vietnamese history in Hue Imperial city

7. Cruising & listen to "Ca Hue" at Huong river

Over three centuries of establishment and development, Hue has become a typical tourism product of Hue. Thanks to the effective management and organization model, the quality of performances tend to go up and uprising commercialization.

Hue concert hall has only a few addresses but these spaces still meet enough conditions to perform for tourists. For more convenience, you can reach an independent institution on Huong river-designed to be built following the traditional art form specializing in Hue chamber music's organizing performances.

cruise and listen Hue traditional music on Perfume river

cruise and listen Hue traditional music on Perfume river

8. Do a Cooking Class in Hoi An

Vietnamese cuisine is world-famous for its fresh ingredients and colorful diversity in Cham cultural features. Guests can also visit many specialties in other regions, such as the Red River delta area. You can sign up for a cooking class with the head chef and cook your dish with step-by-step instructions, then enjoy your work for lunch.

Cooking Class in Hoi an

Cooking Class in Hoi an

9. Explore Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha is considered one of the most outstanding ecologies globally, with limestone mountains growing almost continuously and relatively homogeneous. Additionally, It is a typical sample of the karst genres' geological process and active global activity in the biological field and the world's most dynamic scenic area.

As the name of "Kingdom of the cave," this is a paradise with many hidden and fascinating things for families, scientists, adventurers, and tourists. Owing to nearly 8 km and mainly with underground rivers, the serial caves have the longest underground river in the world, especially Son Đoong cave.

Explore Phong Nha Cave

Explore Phong Nha Cave

10. Ride motorbike pass Hai Van

Not only a breathtaking road for those who love adventure, but the pass also makes people fascinated by the charming natural beauty and the historical story that takes place here. You will be captivated by nature for the enchanting beauty with green mountains on one side and crystal coastline on the other.

Through the pass will let you know more scenes- many beautiful blue-green beaches. There are even some yards, and you can take a shower and check-in and take photos.

Ride Motorbike pass Hai Van

Ride Motorbike pass Hai Van

I hope that the information above will give you some hints to have a fantastic holiday! Please see our central Vietnam tours list if you are planning a trip, which can give you some basic ideas for the itinerary, and pricing. 

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