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Da Nang Weather Overview

Da Nang is a renowned tourist destination with magnificent beaches and attractive cultural destinations. As it is located in the center of Vietnam, there are two distinct seasons in Da Nang: dry and rainy seasons. And these natural factors might greatly affect your travel experience.

So here is the essential information that you need to know about Da Nang weather and how to plan your travel itinerary to this city.

Da Nang weather

Dry Season (February - August)

The dry season usually takes from February to August, when the city receives very little to no rainfall. In July and August, the city endures intense tropical heat and high humidity levels, making these the hottest months. The highest average temperature is 36°C recorded between the months of May and September. Expect enormous crowds and congested traffic as Da Nang becomes a popular weekend getaway for locals.


Rainy Season (September - January) 

The monsoon season occurs between September and January. During these months, Da Nang receives the most rainfall, while the coldest temperatures are reported in November and December. The temperatures might range from 18°C to 31°C on average. Da Nang weather has a history of floods caused by typhoons, but they are rare occurrences, therefore beach activities and outdoor sports are restricted during this period.


Best Time to Visit Da Nang

The most beautiful time of year and busiest travel season in Da Nang is from April through August. Due to less rain and more sunlight, now is the ideal time for you and your family to book a trip because it is ideal for both sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Find out more detail about each month's weather below to create your perfect Da Nang travel plan.

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Average Maximum Average Minimum Average Rainfall
January 24°C 19°C 96.2mm
February 26°C 20°C 33mm
March 28°C 22°C 22.4mm
April 31°C 24°C 26.9mm
May 33°C 25°C 62.6mm
June 35°C 26°C 87.1mm
July 34°C 26°C 85.6mm
August 34°C 25°C 103mm
September 32°C 24°C 349.7mm
October 29°C 23°C 612.8mm
November 27°C 22°C 366.2mm
December 25°C 20°C 199mm

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