Vietnam Weather August: Temperature & Best Places to Visit

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Planning to visit Vietnam this August, and you are wondering if it is the right time for your holiday. Find all you need to know about Vietnam weather in August in this article below.

Vietnam Weather August Overview

Although it’s the first month of autumn, the Vietnam weather in August here is still extremely hot. Of course, it’s cooler than in July; however, the average temperature of August is still around 32°C which is pretty high. There are showers throughout the country but it just can make the weather become more comfortable for a few days, after that, the weather’s even hotter.

On the other hand, Vietnam is a long country and there is no surprise that the weather in the North, South, and Central region is different. Just take a look at the weather detail of each area as below 

Vietnam weather in August

Vietnam weather in August

August weather in North Vietnam

The North welcomes autumn in August and although it’s really hot, it’s still the most romantic time of the year here that you should not miss. There is a huge difference ìn the temperature here during this time. It might reach 37°C in the early of August and down to 25°C at the end of the month. In addition, daytime and nighttime temperatures are also different as it will get a bit chilly at night while it’s hot during the day.

North Vietnam doesn’t have much rain in August but when the rain comes, it becomes strong showers that can deluge many streets and create severe floods in mountainous areas.  Put the rain aside, August is, in fact, a great time for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take pictures. Mountains offer more trek, homestay is gorgeous, the rice terraces start to turn from green into gold colour.

August weather in South Vietnam

In South Vietnam, August is the time when the first rains begin to appear. If you are tired of summer weather, you can come here to feel the cool of the rainy season, especially in the morning and late afternoon. The temperature here is not stable but high or low depending on the time of day. During the day, sometimes the temperature is up to 30°C but at night, it might drop to 16°C, depending on the day. The showers are often in the afternoon, from 3 pm to 5 pm. They aren’t severe and shouldn’t affect your travel plans too much if you’re okay with the rain or can wait until it stops (which is very quick).

August weather in Central Vietnam

August is a good time to travel to the center of Vietnam as it is the end of the dry season. In general, it is usually sunny with temperatures around 30°C - 35°C. However, the end of August begins to usher in the rains and overcast weather. Fortunately, these showers go as quickly as they come, leaving the sky bright and clear again. Besides, the Central cities closer to the south of Vietnam (Da Lat, some of the central highlands) will be wetter than the other areas. 

It’s perfect to visit Central Vietnam in August thanks to the nice weather. You just have to remember to be well prepared for the sudden rain and the slippery paths especially in national parks like Phong Nha or Bach Ma after the showers end.

Vietnam weather august


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Have a chance to admire the beautiful scenery in Vietnam’s changing season time.
  • Good time for traveling with not-so-hot weather and less rain.
  • Cheap services prices and good deals for the low-peak tourism season.
  • Strong sudden showers may affect your travel plans.


Best Places to Visit in Vietnam's August

There are a lot of things to do & places to visit in Vietnam in August. Keep reading the article and you find the best places to visit for your next trip in August.

Da Nang

Danang is one of the best places in Vietnam to visit in August as it is neither monsoon nor typhoon season now. My Khe beach in August is beautiful with the white sand beaches smooth like ice cream, peaceful waves, golden sand, warm blue water, the romantic poetic surrounds. This beach is even more attractive when the sun falls down. Another tourist attraction you should visit while in Danang this time is Ba Na Hill as the weather here is perfect for sightseeing and having fun. Ba Na Hill in a day is similar to the north of Vietnam in a year with four-time that the temperature changes. Spring in the morning with the gentle cool breeze, Summer at noon with plenty of sunshine, Autumn in the afternoon with cool weather, and Winter at night and you need to wear warm clothes.

Visit Da Nang in August

Visit Da Nang in August

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is considered the pearl of the ocean with a wonderful landscape and great service. It is an ideal place to visit in August as it is the dry season, the weather is warm with little or no rain. Lying on the beautiful white sandy beaches, getting your skin tanned, or joining amazing water sports, testing a diversity of seafood will be a great experience here. Visit Ba Ho waterfall, see the Po Nagar Cham towers, take a mud bath, go snorkelling and diving, check out Long Son pagoda, or visit Vinpearl are among the great things to do in Nha Trang in August.

Halong Bay

Halong bay is always a must-visit destination for international tourists, no matter how the weather is. Aqua green water, cool countless caves, and unique grottoes resembling a fantastic scene make the perfect escape from the heat of summertime. Travelling during summertime, you can easily find the cruise with affordable options. Moreover, Halong Bay is less crowded than it is in other months, you will be able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, having a greater chance to get immersed in the local culture. What is better than joining water activities, enjoy the delicious seafood in one of 7 Natural world heritage during summertime, and get the benefit of promotions. Book Halong Bay cruise for this summer with BestPrice travel to get the best deals.

Travel to Halong bay in August

Travel to Halong bay in August


Sapa welcomed us by the gentle air of early autumn and with the first rainy season. In the morning at the beginning of August, Sapa is full of clouds, looking like soft cotton. Sapa town is hidden under the mist, waking up early you will see the clouds rolling in the sky and high on the ground. August is harvesting season in Sapa, the rice turns from green to yellow. Visting Sapa this time, you will have a chance to get the amazing view, immerse into the pleasant atmosphere, or get the best images of Sapa. Y Dinh Ho- Lao Chai - Ta Van or Cat Cat- Shin Chai is among the best trekking route in Sapa. Be aware that it can be hot and rainy in Sapa this time, however, it is worth trekking in Sapa this time.

Trekking in Sapa in August

Trekking in Sapa in August

Mai Chau

The weather in Mai Chau is hot, but it is still lower than other sites in the north of Vietnam. If you are not interested in trekking or cycling to the local village under the heat of the weather in the summer, paying a visit to Mai Chau’s magnificent waterfalls could be a great idea. Chieu Cave, Mo Luong Cave, and Pieng Kem Grotto are just some of the places around the ancient region that is worth visiting thanks to the cool weather inside. Book your accommodation where a swimming pool is available, so you can swim after a long day with outdoor activities. Do not miss your chance to taste local drinks and food as they are fresh and delicious. Traditional dance of local people is also great things to see at night.


Travel tips in Vietnam's August

  • Bring along sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sunshine at high temperatures in August.
  • Always have a bottle of water while enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Be prepared for sudden showers with an umbrella and light waterproof jacket.
  • Check for the best deals before booking any services for your trip as August is the time of big promotions and hot deals in Vietnam.

Vietnam weather in August is not a bad time for you to have a nice trip. Smarty chooses the place which has good weather conditions and is suitable to your taste, you will not be disappointed. Whether mountainous discovery or beach vacation, there are many interesting and useful activities available to experience this month. Hopefully, through the information above, you can find yourself on an interesting Vietnam tour in August.

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