Vietnam Weather in June: Temperature & Best Places to Visit

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Vietnam weather in June not only gives a clear blue sky but also experiences the beginning time for summer vacation. If you are planning a summer vacation, we have put together the weather overview of the regions in Vietnam and a list of the top spots to visit in the country for a fantastic trip in June as below.

Vietnam weather in June overview

The temperature across Vietnam in June is around 35°C which is 0.5 - 2°C higher than the average value over the same time period. The total amount of rainfall nationwide tends to be lower than the average value for many years at the same time period about 20% - 40%. In the Central Highlands, the South, and the South Central region, the total rainfall is approximately more valuable than the average of many years. The humidity in the air ranges from 70 - 85%.

In general, the whole country experiences a hot and humid climate in June. This is one of the few times in the year that the weather in North and the Central region share a common pattern. Both regions are experiencing the dry season while it’s the beginning of the rainy season in the South.

June weather in North

In June, the North Vietnam weather is getting into the peak of summer. It is not as terribly hot as July, but temperatures average a hot 32°C although the mountain regions are very wet. The highest temperature can peak at 39°C sometimes in certain areas. The humidity in the North is quite high this month, and the sun is burning on many days, so it’s recommended to visit the mountainous area or some stunning beaches to ease the heat of the North. 

June weather in Central

The Central area is quite different from the rest of Vietnam. With a long and narrow land separated by Bach Ma mountain in the middle, Central Vietnam is divided into 3 areas with different weather conditions. However, June is the only month that the whole Central has synchronized weather. The temperature is ranging around 28°C to 38°C and the humidity is at an average of 80%. Sunshines all around the area and the rain rarely falls, making it perfectly ideal for a Central adventure. 

June weather in South

June is a part of South Vietnam's rainy season. The rain takes over more throughout the South, with an average of 25 rainy days. The rains will normally be heavy, but they will not take over long and help refresh the air. The humidity is high, and the average temperature is approximately 33°C, so prepare to sweat even if it doesn't rain. However, the afternoon downpour will clear all the hotness, making it really fresh for enjoying the fascinating activities of Saigon, especially the active nightlife.

Vietnam weather in June


Pros and Cons of travelling in Vietnam’s June

Pros Cons
  • Cheap hotel prices for the low season of international tourists.
  • Better beach vacation and other water sports experience thanks to the hot weather in June.
  • Not suitable for outdoor activities in the daytime due to high temperature and high UV index.
  • Heavy showers in the South can affect your travel plan negatively.


Best Places to Travel in Vietnam’s June


Sapa is a highland town located at the height of 1650m above sea level. The small stunning town is always pleasant thanks to its cool weather and the tranquil scenery. June's average temperature in Sapa is always at least 2°C-5°C lower than in Hanoi, there’s no Foehn wind and the humidity is perfect also. June is the time when the locals water their rice terrace to prepare for a new crop. During this time, Sapa looks like a huge mirror reflecting the contrast of the reddish-brown of soil, the deep blue of the sky above, and the green of surrounding forests.

Halong Bay

Anytime is a good time to visit Halong Bay, but in June, Halong becomes especially beautiful with a clear view of the bay with emerald water, magnificent karst tower, and crystal blue sky. Get away from the hotness of Hanoi, you can come to Halong Bay, enjoy the cool water swims, and kayak in the breeze. Cave excursions become a godsend during this month for their natural air-conditioning and complete protection from the sun.

Quang Binh

Although June in Central Vietnam is hot, Quang Binh (a province in the Central region) is still a top recommendation for traveling this month. The reason for the appearance of this small province here is due to its Phong Nha National Park and huge cave system inside which can definitely help you avoid the heat of summer. 

Of all the beautiful Karst topography in Vietnam, Quang Binh can be recognized as the destination with the greatest Karst complex. Immerse in the nature of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, you can make a visit to the most alluring, glittering limestone caves in Vietnam like Phong Nha cave, Heaven cave, En, Tu Lan cave, or the biggest cave all over the world - Son Doong cave. Making an adventure in 1 day, or 2 days 1 night with the local people in this dry, sunny month, you can perfectly enjoy all the stunning landscape, and all the fascinating activities it offers. 

Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai)

The end of May - early June is the season when the waterfalls in Mu Cang Chai, the landscape is like a natural eye-catching picture. Here, you can see the magnificent terraced fields with your own eyes. It is such a massive area of ​​up to 2,200 ha sparkling in the sun like giant mirrors, alternating with majestic green hills and extremely impressive.

Terraced filed Mu Cang Chai June

The terraced field in Mu Cang Chai in June 


Da Nang 

The dry and sunny weather of June makes it so ideal for a beach vacation, and Danang offers you even more than that. The Central city attracts millions of tourists every year, not only because of the beaches only, Ba Na Hills, Son Tra peninsula, the pagodas, bridges, and a bunch of amazing food that makes the city so worth visiting. Besides, Danang is very close to Hoi An ancient town and Hue old capital, so it’s really convenient to travel to these charming surroundings.

My Khe beach Vietnam weather in June

My Khe beach in June

Da Lat

Travelling to Dalat in June is the right time for you to start an impressive and wonderful summer vacation. Depending on the time when the summer starts, the climate in Dalat at this time is still extremely cool. There will be heavy rains in the afternoon and chilly feelings at night.


Ho Chi Minh City

June is the beginning of the rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City, the temperature stays at a low 30°C and the humidity is 81% on average, the actual feel is the exact same. Even though the rains are heavy, they are quite predictable as usually happen in the afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm, and never last long. There are hundreds of mouth-watering food and marvellous activities waiting for you in this sleepless city.


Tips for travel to Vietnam in June

  • Travelling to Vietnam in the summer, sunscreen, moisturizer, and sunglasses are certainly needed to protect your skin and eyes from the burning sun.
  • Don’t forget to drink a lot of water because the hot and humid weather in June will make you sweat and thirst a lot. 
  • Light clothes, hat, chargeable mini fan, power bank, umbrella are unlockable stuff for a comfortable Vietnam trip in June
  • Check the weather forecast constantly, especially when you travel to South Vietnam. Besides knowing how hot it would be in the next itinerary, you can always be aware of the rainfall time to plan your activities.

Vietnam is probably a beautiful country to visit no matter what time of year. In June, despite the hot weather, Vietnam offers you so many fascinating things for a wonderful adventure. So come and discover that with BestPrice Travel. Let's look at our Vietnam tour packages now to find the best one.

Plan your trip to Vietnam with the list of things you should prepare to travel to Vietnam in the summer.


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