Is It Better to Book Halong Bay Cruise through A Travel Agent or By Yourself?

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Should you book Halong Bay Cruise through a travel agent or directly by yourself? Let’s figure out the pros and cons of both approaches to Halong Bay Cruise deals.

Most travelers must have ever been accustomed to booking accommodation and transportation independently while traveling to Vietnam. However, it’s more complicated to book Halong Bay cruises since you have to choose the suitable ships, itineraries, cabin categories and other more. So we highly recommend that first-time cruisers should book Halong Bay Cruise through a travel agent instead of booking directly by themselves.

Depending on each traveler’s demand and interest, some people are interested in booking via a cruise travel agent, while others feel comfortable with booking directly by themselves. This article will lay out the pros and cons of these both approaches to guide you the best way to book a Halong Bay Cruise deal.

Booking Halong Bay Cruise with a travel agent


First of all, booking via a travel agent gives personalized advices from a knowledgeable source. A reliable travel agency will discuss further about your travel preferences, budget and specific demands to recommend which Halong Bay cruises will be the best fit for you. Furthermore, travel agents usually offer a great diversity of travel deals apart from Halong Bay Cruise, then booking through travel agents can help you arrange flights, pre- or post-cruise stays, in-port excursions and special arrangements such as celebrations onboard or arrangements for dietary and medical concerns. No matter you’re a newbie or an experienced traveler, a travel agency will support you to customize your own interests in Halong Bay Cruise.

A travel agent gives personalized advices to choose the most suitable Halong Bay Cruise

Secondly, a third-party travel agent will save you both money and time struggling for the best deals of Halong Bay Cruise. In fact, travel agents have access to a variety of special discount codes and promotions through suppliers. They often save an additional amount or provide clients with free transportations and all-inclusive fees of services on Halong Bay Cruise. In addition to saving money, you’ll save a large amount of time planning your own vacation, checking the booking site and searching for hot deals every day. Don’t worry! A professional travel advisor will create the best Halong Bay itinerary for your booking, including transportations, accommodations, tours, meals and exclusive visits based on your preferences.

Finally, travel agents not only help you complete your Halong Bay Cruise booking, but also act as your vacation advocate. If you’re confused about the weather, traditional culture, exchange rate, travel visas procedure, necessary vaccinations and so on, a travel consultant can give you a brief on everything you need to know before booking Halong Bay Cruise via agency. Especially, travel agents will update special requirements and help head off other travel predicaments of some Halong Bay Cruises. At last, if something bad happens such as a canceled deal or a missed connection due to bad weather, travel agents will help clean up the mess.

A travel agency will give you a heads-up about what's coming next while traveling to Halong Bay


The first drawback of booking through a travel agent is that you’ll have to carry out all communications with Halong Bay cruise line through the agent. This non-direct approach can sometimes slow the process down if your travel agent is unavailable.

Additionally, the most considered part of using a travel agent is to find a trustworthy and professional one. You need to research carefully and view clients’ feedbacks to check the reputation. Be aware of unscrupulous companies and travel scams in Vietnam if you don’t want to waste time listening to bad advices or trying to track the agent down when you’re in trouble.

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Booking Halong Bay Cruise by yourself


First thing first, booking Halong Bay cruise by yourself gives you the most convenience to plan the trip on your own. You’ll have various options to select; you can do travel research and make a purchase whenever you find the most appropriate Halong Bay Cruise for you. For those who’re experienced and in search of independent traveling, booking Halong Bay Cruise directly can satisfy your preferences to the fulfillment.

Booking by yourself helps you plan your trip independently

Besides, booking Halong Bay Cruises through the cruise line directly will help you easily compare fares and special deals across multiple sites. You can follow the email subscription to inform you about last minute deals, price drops and limited-time promotions. Moreover, Halong Bay Cruise operators can provide you useful information including deck plans, cabin layouts, cruise ship amenities and in-port activities that travel agents might not have enough information. 


Unlike booking cruise via travel agencies, you have to take all the responsibilities for doing research, making decisions and figuring out who to contact in case of problems. If you book Halong Bay Cruise by yourself, no one is going to alert you to a factor to consider or remind you to book excursions.

In addition, booking through a Halong Bay cruise line’s website can cost higher than booking with a travel agent since you might miss out on agency-specific promotions that could get you extra perks and savings.

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All things considered, every coin has two sides; hence, either booking Halong Bay Cruise via travel agents or booking directly by yourself gives you a worth-trying experience. If you know Halong Bay Cruise like the back of your hand or you’re eager to research and plan a perfect trip on your own, you should consider a direct booking. In case you’re first time cruiser and have a lot of special requests, you’d better book Halong Bay Cruise with a travel agent. All you need to do is providing essential information about your trip; travel consultants will offer you great deals with the best prices of Halong Bay Cruise.

At BestPrice Travel, you can get the best experience of booking Halong Bay Cruise with a reputable and excellent travel agent. We’re specialists who understand your interests and insight into every specific segments of travel, like vegans, Muslim or LGBT. We’re flexible about alternative options whenever something wrong happens. And, we’re always available to follow up your booking process and response as soon as possible.

Bestprice Travel offers a great diversity of Halong Bay Cruise deals

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