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Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days: Best 6 Recommendations for Perfect Plan

October 29, 2022 - 1781 views

As busy travelers with a short trip in Vietnam, some desire to experience a complete Vietnam one-week itinerary, while others wish to spend 1 week in each Vietnam region separately to get a deeper insight. Let's engage in four following Vietnam itineraries for 7 days to get a glimpse of the country.

Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days

#1 One Week in Vietnam: Popular North-to-South Itinerary

  • Best for: Young Adults, Singles, Solos, and Travelers who seek a dynamic trip

Let's spend 2 days exploring the historical sites and local life in Hanoi Old Quarter, along with 2 days admiring the mystical limestones on the Halong Bay overnight cruise. In the South, you will be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta. More interestingly, the Cu Chi Tunnels will give you a glimpse of Vietnamese history.



Day 1 Say hello to Hanoi Hotel in Hanoi
Day 2 Explore Hanoi Capital and historical sites Hotel in Hanoi
Day 3 Relax on Halong Bay Overnight Cruise Cruise in Halong Bay
Day 4 Join Ho Chi Minh City Tour Hotel in Ho Chi Minh
Day 5 Uncover the Cu Chi Tunnels Hotel in Ho Chi Minh
Day 6 Visit Mekong Delta Hotel in Ho Chi Minh
Day 7 Depart from Ho Chi Minh City  


Day 1: Say Hello to Hanoi


Your driver will welcome you to Vietnam at Noi Bai International Airport and then bring you to your stay in Hanoi. You may arrange a tour guide ahead of time and meet her/him at the airport if you want someone to show you around Hanoi while displaying Vietnamese culture.

Afternoon/ Evening

After relaxation time, you may attend some unique shows to see traditional Vietnamese acts. There are two possibilities available:

  • Thang Long Water Puppet: Puppet's performance on the water stage dates back to when paddy fields in Vietnam were inundated
  • Tu Phu - Four Palaces Show: A one-of-a-kind show inspired by Dao Mau, which refers to the worship of Vietnamese mother goddesses

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Hanoi Water Puppet

Learn about Vietnamese culture at Hanoi Water Puppet

Our recommendations:

  • Attend Hanoi Water Puppet Show at Thang Long Theatre
  • Discover the Hanoi Old Quarter


Day 2: Hanoi City Exploration


Start the second day of this Vietnam 1-week itinerary to discover the historical and cultural values from the centuries in Hanoi. Let's explore Vietnam's country, people, and history through impressive destinations, such as the Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda, and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Moreover, you can move to West Lake to breathe fresh air and see the peaceful lake flow. Walk along to reach Tran Quoc Pagoda, the oldest Buddhist Pagoda in Vietnam. 

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Temple Of Literature

Our guests visit the Temple Of Literature on a family trip

Afternoon/ Evening

After being full, you should relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of smoothie in some lakeside coffee shops. 

Until admiring the sunset moment on West Lake, you should return to your accommodation. On the way, you could explore Hanoi Old Quarter at night with street food. If you don’t worry about your Halong next trip, you can get your overnight at Ta Hien, the best nightlife street in Hanoi.


Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Hanoi Street Food

Have a bite of Banh mi and join our Hanoi street food tour

For those who are nervous about exploring Hanoi yourself, you should refer to the best Hanoi Tours and get a tour guide to support you carefully. 

Our recommendations:

  • Visit historical and cultural spots: Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi West Lake
  • Taste local cuisines: Pho Cuon (rice rolls with beef and veggie), Banh Tom (fried shrimp cakes), Egg Coffee
  • Enjoy the great nightlife at Ta Hien street


Day 3: Halong Bay Overnight Cruise


Wake up and enjoy Hanoi atmosphere early morning. Take your breakfast while witnessing residents rush to work. To move to Halong Bay, one of the World Heritage Sites, you should rent a car or a van. You can sign up with BestPrice Travel to book a Halong Bay Cruise to make everything easier.

You should choose an overnight cruise for an excellent experience. It could be a 2-day-1-night package or a 3-day-2-night package. This guide will show you a 1-night cruise itinerary to optimize your brief tour time. 

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Halong Bay

Take a bamboo boat to discover the hidden part of Halong Bay


You can experience padding kayaks, discovering hidden caves, and exploring fishing villages. In addition, onboard activities are also enjoyable, such as sunbathing, relaxing with massage and sauna services, or just immersing yourself inside a jacuzzi/swimming pool.


It's time for dinner onboard. Most meals on the cruise are delicious with local seafood and fusion dishes. After that, you can join night entertainment activities like squid fishing, karaoke, night movies, drinking, etc.

Our recommendations:

  • Visit hidden caves and fishing villages
  • Go swimming & kayaking
  • Join onboard activities: sunbathing, massage services, squid fishing, etc.
  • Enjoy local fresh seafood & Western-styled dishes


Day 4: Halong Bay - Ho Chi Minh City


You should take part in a Tai-chi class or yoga class in the early morning on the vessel to train your health. Then, enjoy your light breakfast with coffee, tea, and pantries among the wonderful seascape while the cruise is sailing back to the harbor. 

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Halong Bay Overnight Cruise

Admire the charming Halong Bay from the cruise

Afternoon/ Evening

You have completed your voyage to hit your road to Noi Bai Airport and take a flight to Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Start to discover the bustling place that is considered a never-sleeping city. After checking in your hotel’s room and resting, you could visit some attractive spots there on your free day.

Here are some suggested destinations for you: 

  • Bitexco Tower & SkyDeck, with 262 meters and 68 stories, is the tallest building in Vietnam
  • Notre Dame Cathedral, built in the late 1880s by French colonists, is one of the few remaining strongholds of Catholicism in Vietnam
  • Ben Thanh Market, the biggest market in Ho Chi Minh City, is considered the symbol and soul of Saigon

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Ho Chi Minh City

Start exploring the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City

Our recommendations:

  • Join Tai-chi or yoga session on the Halong Bay cruise
  • Visit highlight attractions in Saigon: Bitexco Tower, SkyDeck, Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market
  • Taste delicious local dishes: Com Tam (Vietnamese broken rice), Hu Tieu, Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepes)


Day 5: Cu Chi Tunnels


The Cu Chi Tunnels, located 55 km south of Ho Chi Minh City, were the site of multiple military actions during the Vietnam War.

They are part of a much broader underground network throughout the country. Viet Cong soldiers employed these tunnel networks in the past, and they played a significant role in their resistance to American forces. About their structure, aside from the central axis, other branches lead to underground shelters, hideouts, and tunnels.

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Cu Chi Tunnels

Two girls are exploring the underground of Cu Chi Tunnels

You may go down to see how people lived during the war. Inside, it's gloomy, stuffy, and cramped. After tunnel exploration, you have a chance to taste Cu Chi military signature dishes for your lunch. 

Afternoon/ Evening

Return to Ho Chi Minh to visit some historical and ancient spots, such as:

  • Reunification Palace was formerly the residence of the Vietnamese President of the Republic
  • Old Post Office to observe one of the outstanding examples of French architecture in Vietnam

You may pause for a cup of coffee and see how the locals live. Then there are some of the warmest and most welcoming folks here. Return to your accommodation and begin planning for the next day.

Our recommendations:

  • Crawl through underground Cu Chi Tunnels and learn about Vietnamese history
  • Admire the historical sites: Reunification Palace, Old Post Office
  • Have lunch with boiled cassava with coconut milk, grilled/hot pot with Cu Chi beef, and rice noodle soup with pork leg


Day 6: Mekong Delta 


The Mekong Delta is the area where the Mekong River meets and flows into the sea through a series of distributaries. This region comprises 12 Vietnamese provinces and is home to over 1,000 distinct animal species. In contrast to major cities' noisy and frantic life, coming to this region will give you a sense of calm in the countryside.

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Mekong Boat Tour

Traverse the small canals of the Mekong Delta

First, enjoy a brief, pleasant boat ride down the Tien River, passing by several local fish farms. The boat will then stop at a cacao farmer's home, where you can watch how cacao beans are grown, harvested, fermented, and dried.

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week Mekong Delta

Try local specialty for lunch


Continue your journey by stopping at little shaded pathways to see desired fruit orchards and coconut farms. Coming to Vietnam will allow you to sample a variety of fruits that you may not have seen before. After that, you may rest and take in some fresh air at a local pagoda.

Our recommendations:

  • Paddle around the canals and the floating market
  • Visit fruit orchards and enjoy the taste of tropical fruits 
  • Learn about cacao production and other local workshops
  • Have lunch with deep-fried elephant-ear fish


Day 7: Goodbye to Ho Chi Minh City

It is the final day of your 7-day Vietnam tour, so you may relax at the hotel or go shopping for souvenirs on this day. If you still want to learn more about Ho Chi Minh City, there are several nearby attractions to visit. So take your time to wander around before the check-out. The trip will be complete when you arrive at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Let's check the full program of Vietnam at A Glance 7 days and enjoy 1 week in Vietnam to the fullest.

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#2 North Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days: Off-the-beaten-path Adventure

  • Best for: Young Adults, Singles, Solos, Adventurers

Joining this adventure to the northern mountains of Vietnam, you will spend 7 days getting into ethnic cultures and venturesome trekking routes. This northern Vietnam one-week itinerary features the trek in Hoang Su Phi and Ba Be National Park, along with the kayak in Nho Que River.



Day 1 Transfer from Hanoi to Hoang Su Phi Ecolodge in Hoang Su Phi
Day 2 Trek to Man Ta Pan Hill Tribe Homestay in Hoang Su Phi
Day 3 Meet the Tay people in Tien Thang Village Homestay in Tien Thang
Day 4 Discover Dong Van & Meo Vac Hotel in Dong Van
Day 5 Go a trekking route at Ba Be National Park Homestay in Ba Be
Day 6 Kayak on Ba Be Lake and Admire the Dau Dang Waterfall Homestay in Ba Be
Day 7 Back to Hanoi  


Day 1: Hanoi - Hoang Su Phi


You should enjoy your breakfast in Hanoi before moving to Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang Province.

Along the way to Ha Giang, you will admire the beautiful scenery of Vietnam's mountains and forests and terraced fields along the hills. A few houses or small villages crisscross the hills, creating a rustic beauty among the majestic mountains. It is also a good chance for you to approach the ethnic minorities who mostly live in the fields.

North Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days Pan Hou Village

Admire the scenic view of Pan Hou Village

Afternoon/ Evening

Before you travel to Pan Hou Village, let’s try some local cuisine for your lunch. These dishes may make you surprised because of their unique taste. In the afternoon, when you visit Pan Hou, you could have a short talk with the locals, take some photos with them, and discover more about their life with your tour guide’s help.

Our recommendations:

  • Visit Pan Hou Village and get to know the ethnic minorities
  • Try some signature dishes: Com Lam (rice in bamboo tubes), Carp, Rat, Horse Intestines


Day 2: Hoang Su Phi Trekking Day


It would be great if you could wake up early and enjoy the calm and fresh air here. Let your body relax before starting an energizing breakfast.

The second day of the Vietnam one-week itinerary will begin with a trek under the potter’s instruction. It will be a long road to discover Nam Hong, a Dzao village in the center of Hoang Su Phi. On the way, you can sightsee the terraced rice fields.

North Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days Hoang Su Phi

Get on the trekking route through the rice terraces

You could buy some locals' unique crafts to get memories and give to your friends and family. At noon, you will transfer to Man Ta Pan ethnic minority people’s home to enjoy your lunch and hear some local stories.

Afternoon/ Evening

Spend time wandering around the village and observing the locals' lives. When going back to Pan Hou, you will pass through Giang Thuong, which owns a stunning view of the mountains and bamboo forests. After dinner, let your hair down after a trekking day among its beauty.

Our recommendations:

  • Trek to Nam Hong and Man Ta Pan Ethnic Hill Tribe
  • Sightsee rice terraces & stunning mountains
  • Interact with the locals and learn about their cultures


Day 3: Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang


Like the other day of the northern Vietnam itinerary 1 week, you will start with a nutritious breakfast and have a chance to communicate more with the local minority. You should enjoy your free morning before starting your new trip in the afternoon.

North Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days Tay People

Learn about the customs of Tay ethnic people


Let's move to Tien Thang village, where Tay ethnic people live and develop their life. You should visit around their house to know how they keep their identity, cultural customs, and architecture intact. 

Our recommendations:

  • Visit Tien Thang Village
  • Explore the life and culture of Tay ethnic people


Day 4: Ha Giang - Dong Van


It will be a fantastic day when you have a chance to discover more attractions in Ha Giang on a 7-day Vietnam tour.

The highest protruding point on the map of Vietnam is Dong Van, which is famous for its stunning mountains, towering caverns, and vibrant wildflowers. It has the Lung Cu Flagpole, which marks our country's northernmost point and marks the Chinese - Viet border.

The upland neighborhood of Meo Vac, a little valley at the foot of the rocky mountains, has a magnificent outlook and a tranquil ambiance. Meo Vac is not only a lovely place but also a great place to visit if you enjoy exploring new things.

North Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days Nho Que River

Take spectacular photos of the Nho Que River

The major topography is a karst region formed mainly by limestone and traversed by the Nho Que River. If you want to get more memories, you can ride a boat along the poetic river. 


In the afternoon, you can go to Sa Phin, also known by the name Vuong’s house, a historic H'mong royal residence. Here, you will listen to a presentation made by a local tour guide to learn about the house and all the stories behind it.

Moreover, in front of the house, a small market shows a lot of local ingredients such as walnuts, red turmeric powder, black turmeric powder, or natural flavoring at an affordable price.

Our recommendations:

  • Visit Dong Van and explore the local market
  • Take a boat on the Nho Que River
  • Listen to the history of Vuong's House


Day 5: Ba Be National Park


Today, you will explore Ba Be National Park in Bac Can Province, also known as Ba Be Lake. The well-known Ba Be Lake is actually three lakes connected by an 8-kilometer-long waterway. The lake's surface is always tranquil, ideal for a leisurely boat ride downstream.

The national park of Ba Be has been designated as an ASEAN natural heritage site. In Ba Be Park, Lo Lo and Pu Peo people are the main ethnic groups whose history and culture are the interesting secret of Vietnam minorities.

North Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days Ba Be Trekking

A family joins off-the-beaten-path trekking


In the afternoon, continue your Ba Be trekking by walking on rocky and zigzag across the highlands. Along your road, you have the opportunity to meet and talk to different ethnic residents. You just reach Ba Be early evening and then go back to your resting place for dinner and relaxation.

Our recommendations:

  • Visit Ba Be National Park and join a hidden trekking route
  • Meet Vietnamese ethnic minorities


Day 6: Ba Be Lake


You will have a day to explore Ba Be Lake on the boat. Feel free to sightsee the river's natural beauty while you discover the secret of the Puong Cave, which is located in the park's northwestern corner. Before you take your lunch, you will pass by the Dau Dang Waterfall.

Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days Ba Be Lake

Ride on a kayak to hidden part of Ba Be Lake


You should rest a bit and then visit Widow Island, located on a corner of the south lake. According to folklore, the islet was once the home of an elderly widow spared from a flood by supernatural intervention.

The lake is made up of large and small rocks stacked on top of each other, the trees on the island are green all year round, and the roots hang down to embrace the stones. Looking from afar, the island is like a rockery in the middle of the lake.

Our recommendations:

  • Discover the secret of the Puong Cave
  • Hear the tales of Widow Island
  • Kayak on Ba Be Lake


Day 7: Back to Hanoi

You have breakfast and relax in the village's tranquillity. After that, you can say your goodbyes to the host family with a warm hug and return to Hanoi. On the way back, the lush green tea gardens, palm trees, and stilt dwellings of the local ethnic minority peoples may be seen along the twisting road.

Finally, you arrive in Hanoi and end the awesome 1 week in northern Vietnam. For any further interest, the Off The Beaten Track Northeast Vietnam 7 days always awaits you on a new adventure. 

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#3 Central Vietnam in 7 Days: Hoi An Ancient Town and Surroundings Discovery

Coming to the Central, you can admire the tranquility of Hoi An Ancient Town, experience a day as a farmer at Tra Que vegetable village, and learn about the unique culture of Champa ruins. Apparently, your Vietnam itinerary of 1 week in the Central shouldn't miss out on beach relaxation on the last two days.



Day 1 Welcome to Hoi An Hotel in Hoi An
Day 2 Join farming activities at Tra Que Village  
Day 3 Discover My Son Sanctuary & Champa culture  
Day 4 Taste the best of Hoi An street food  
Day 5 Enjoy a free day at the ancient town  
Day 6 Spend leisure time on An Bang Beach  
Day 7 Depart from Da Nang  


Day 1: Hoi An Arrival

  • Things to do: Transfer from Danang to Hoi An, Visit unique attractions in the ancient town


Beginning the central Vietnam one-week itinerary, tourists take a flight to Da Nang International Airport and move to Hoi An on the first afternoon.

This will also be very convenient because most hotels and homestays here also accept guests to check in at 2 pm. In case you want to check in earlier, you may need to pay an extra fee. After that, you have your free time to explore Hoi An by yourself.

Vietnam itinerary 7 days Hoi An Ancient Town

Drop Lanterns On Thu Bon River

Afternoon/ Evening

Vietnamese wooden shophouses, Japanese Covered Bridge, Chinese temples, and French-colonial houses are among the structures that make up the ancient town.

Hoi An - one of Vietnam's best historic towns - is described as tranquil, picturesque, and intimate. When you visit Hoi An, you will never forget the butterflies in your stomach as you stand by the riverfront at night with lanterns lighting up.


Day 2: Life as a farmer in Tra Que Village

  • Things to do: Enjoy the farmer experience at the vegetable garden, Cycle around the village, Take part in a cooking class and try your dishes


Tra Que Village is called after a sweet-scented herb used to season a variety of Hoi An dishes. Visiting the village is exposure to the serene setting and allows you to learn about the cultural lifestyle of the residents.

You will be interested in witnessing or even participating in local farmers' operations, including ground scraping, sowing, watering, harvesting, and a variety of other tasks rarely seen in modern towns. Tra Que inhabitants nourish their farm using algae found only in a lagoon in Tra Que hamlet, resulting in Tra Que herbs and vegetables being well-known for their quality, safety, and particularly great taste.

Vietnam Itinerary 7 days Tra Que Village

A Small Group Learn To Grow Veggie On A Tra Que Farm


The route encircling Tra Que Village is surrounded by magnificent gardens with mixed beds of vegetables and flowers, and it's worth taking a cycling tour through. Then it's time for lunch when you will stop at one of the many welcoming local families who show you amazing Hoi An cuisine.

You may want to take villagers' culinary courses after a wandering trip, commonly included in a Tra Que Village half-day tour. Joining a complete tour trip to enjoy both an eco excursion and a cookery experience in such a unique location is a fantastic option.


Day 3: My Son Sanctuary

  • Things to do: Learn about Champa culture, Admire its ruined structures, Cycle around the ancient town


In the morning, you will go to My Son Sanctuary, 67 km from Hoi An. The sanctuary is an excellent example of Champa civilization (during the 2nd to the 17th century, before being occupied by Vietnam).

The beautiful stone sculptures, temples, and towers of the Hindu-themed ruins are breathtaking. More than 70 temples dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses make up the complex for you to explore their culture and history. 

Vietnam Itinerary 7 days My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary Overview From Above

Afternoon/ Evening

In the afternoon, you will ride back to Hoi An Ancient Town to discover its ancient beauty. You get your town tour around historic homes and the vibrant market, which was once Asia's main trading port in the 17th and 18th centuries.

An active cycling tour will help you enjoy the clean and unique atmosphere in Hoi An and keep fit for you before you taste a lot of local dishes for your dinner.


Day 4: Hoi An Street Food Tour

  • Things to do: Explore Hoi An local dishes, Wander around the town to admire its beauty
  • What to eat: Hoi An bread, Cao Lau, Ba Buoi chicken rice, BBQ dinner


Coming to Hoi An without enjoying the specialties here will be extremely regrettable. First, start your Hoi An street food tour with Vietnamese bread. The bread here is very special because its name and taste have been known worldwide.

After that, you should take a stroll around town and sample some of the town's most famous foods, such as Cao Lau (a regional Vietnamese noodle dish), Banh Xeo (a sizzling rice pancake specialty), and Mot drink (a famous herbal tea in Hoi An). Complete your lunch with Ba Buoi Chicken Rice.

Vietnam Itinerary 7 days Hoi An Street Food Tour

A Family Enjoy Hoi An Street Food Tour


Relax after a full stomach, then ride through calm lanes, walkways, and selected streets while keeping an eye out for bikers. Moreover, you can unwind with sweets and a few last words with your guides and fellow foodies at a quiet coffee shop.


Finish your food tour with a BBQ dinner at an authentic Vietnamese Restaurant. Enjoy delicious, fragrant, and vibrant pieces of meat grilled on a blazing hot stove. You will surely fall in love with this taste of Vietnam itinerary for 1 week.


Day 5: Hoi An Ancient Town Free Day

  • Things to do: Take a walking tour, Buy some handicrafts and souvenirs, Learn about the historical stories, Enjoy nightlife in Hoi An

Morning/ Afternoon

You can walk down the streets and expose to a wide range of handicrafts, souvenirs, apparel, and eateries. This day gives you more time to uncover the Chinese Assembly Halls, Museum of history and culture, Guan Yin Temple, Tran family home, and chapel. Although many old houses have been converted into contemporary businesses, they prioritize preserving the area's historic appearance.

Vietnam Itinerary 7 days Guan Yin Temple In Hoi An

Guan Yin Temple In Hoi An


For anyone visiting Hoi An for the first time, the nightlife is a unique experience. At night, beautiful lanterns of all forms and colors illuminate the old yellow houses, giving Hoi An the appearance of a picture. Many coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants offer happy hour specials and a welcoming atmosphere to visitors. Therefore, you should get some drinks there and enjoy your overnight.


Day 6: An Bang Beach

  • Things to do: Watch the sunset and sunrise on the beach, Go windsurfing, ride a water motorcycle, or kayaking, Dye skin by bathing in the sun


Let's go to An Bang Beach, one of Hoi An's most beautiful beaches in Cam An Ward. It's simple to get there; you may rent a bicycle or motorcycle from a rental store. You may also conceal a taxi.

You have a wide range of things to choose from, both on and off the water. You may go windsurfing, riding a water motorcycle, or kayaking. This location is also ideal for sunbathing. There are many board rentals available, and if you want to learn to surf, the trainer will show you how. 

Vietnam itinerary 7 days An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach Coast


Another thing that you should do is go to An Bang Beach to view the dawn and sunset. Early in the morning, you can go to the beach to see the dawn, feel the sea breezes stir the water, and watch the waves softly lap the shoreline.

The sunset scenery is spectacular late afternoon, with the sun shining like a fireball on the skyline. The last rays of the sun shine down on the small fishing boat, creating an image of perfection.


Day 7: Move to Danang

Have an energy breakfast and prepare your luggage carefully. Don't forget to pay your extra bills. Get out and walk around the ancient town to feel its pulse one last time. Have some coffee until your departure time for your flight at Danang Airport. Say goodbye to this amazing central Vietnam one-week itinerary.

For a deep discovery of the central, let's engage in Hoi An Surrounding And Beach Break in Central Vietnam 7 days at BestPrice Travel. 

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#4 South Vietnam in A Week: Saigon City Break & Beach Relaxation

For those in search of an active trip to big cities and pristine beaches, this itinerary will give you a glimpse of Saigon in 3 days and Phu Quoc Island for the rest. Besides, you can try crawling through the underground tunnels at Cu Chi and visit floating markets in Mekong Delta.



Day 1 Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City Hotel in Ho Chi Minh
Day 2 Explore the underground system at Cu Chi Tunnels Hotel in Ho Chi Minh
Day 3 Get an insight into local life at Mekong Delta Hotel in Ho Chi Minh
Day 4 Transfer from Saigon to Phu Quoc Hotel in Phu Quoc
Day 5 - 6 Enjoy beach relaxation on Phu Quoc Island Hotel in Phu Quoc
Day 7 Depart from Ho Chi Minh  


Day 1: Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City

  • Things to do: Attend a Vietnamese cultural show, Enjoy a luxury dinner cruise on the Saigon River

Morning/ Afternoon

Welcome you to one of the most famous and bustling cities in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, also known by the local name Saigon. You may be quite tired after the jet lag, so you should take a rest in your private. If you don’t want to do that, you could try local street food to fill your stomach.

Vietnam Itinerary 7 days Water Puppet Show

Saigon Water Puppet Show


A suggestion for you is to watch A O Show, a bamboo circus featuring the local life of Southern Vietnam, or the Saigon Water Puppet Show, a form of water puppetry in Vietnamese folk art.

Another choice is to enjoy a Luxury Dinner Cruise on Saigon River Tasting a delicious meal on the Saigon River is also a pleasant way to relax.


Day 2: Cu Chi Tunnels

  • Things to do: Learn about the Vietnamese War at Cu Chi tunnels, Travel highlight spots around Ho Chi Minh City


The 250-kilometer-long underground tunnel system is why many people come to the Cu Chi Tunnel Discovery. When you enter the tunnel's confidential environment, you'll find hospitals, kitchens, bedrooms, schools, working spaces, armament warehouses, and whatever else the tunnel's residents require.

Cycling, swimming, camping, boating, canoeing, and duck riding are just a few of the activities available here. The majority of tourists express themselves through shooting gun games. You can choose from a variety of guns, most of which were used during the conflict, and use them to practice shooting with the animal-shaped target while following the staff's directions.

Vietnam Itinerary 7 Days Cu Chi Tunnels

A Guest Try To Use A Gun At Cu Chi Tunnels


Come back to Saigon to get a Ho Chi Minh city tour after your lunch. You will travel around the city with a lot of highlight attractions such as the War Remnants Museum, the Reunification Palace, the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, the Old Post Office, and Ben Thanh Market.

These spots have common characteristics in the French colonial classical architecture combined with the classical and modern architecture of Vietnam. This is also a great opportunity for you to learn and discover the stories hidden deep in Vietnamese history.


Day 3: Mekong Delta Day Trip

  • Places to visit: Ham Luong River, Local businesses in Mekong Delta
  • Things to do: Join local workshops, Take a short stroll, Try 'xe loi' ride to see real Delta village life, Cruise along the narrow canals


You should wake up early and complete your breakfast before 8 am to transfer to the province of Ben Tre to join the Mekong Delta day trip. You will begin your journey on the Mekong River when you start boarding at the Ham Luong River. On the cruise, you will visit a variety of local businesses to get a sense of how the local economy operates.

Moreover, you will join a coconut processing workshop, where you can try the fresh coconut and see how every component of this adjustable nut is transformed into food.

The boat will then stop in a tranquil town where you may take a short stroll to see real Delta village life in a mat-weaving cottage, where straw mats are weaved with a handloom - you can even try your hand at knitting a mat weaving.

You can take a 'xe loi' (a type of motorized rickshaw) into the forest, where you can see fruit orchards. Complete your morning with a substantial lunch at a riverside restaurant (local specialties such as elephant-ear fish and river shrimp, washed down with some cold drinks or beers).

Vietnam itinerary 7 days Mekong Delta

Tourists Observe Coconut Processing At A Workshop


You can spend your afternoon boarding a sampan boat for a relaxing trip along narrow canals. You should feel and enjoy the atmosphere of the floating market before returning to Saigon.


Day 4: Flight to Phu Quoc

  • Things to do: Join Good Morning Saigon! tour, Fly to Phu Quoc, Relax on Phu Quoc Island


Hope you have a sweet dream after an energetic Mekong Delta day. Today, you will fly to Phu Quoc for your new journey on the Vietnam itinerary for 7 days. You have two choices for your morning: enjoy on your own or join our Good Morning Saigon! Tour

Vietnam Itinerary 7 days Good Morning Saigon Motorbike Tour

Good Morning Saigon Motorbike Tour


Your flight will be implemented in the afternoon. The flight time is around 1,5 hours. Your tour guide will pick you up at Phu Quoc Airport and then transfer you to your hotel or resort on the island. You should take a rest in your private room.

Another choice is going along the beach coast to enjoy the fresh sea air or tasting some local seafood at a restaurant around your accommodation. It is a great time for you to relax and get your overnight on Phu Quoc Island.


Day 5: Vinpearl Phu Quoc

  • Places to visit: Vinpearl Safari & VinWonders Phu Quoc, Dinh Cau Market
  • Things to do: See the dolphin show at Aquarium Park, Have fun at the amusement park, Taste supper at the night market

Morning/ Afternoon

Have a good day in Phu Quoc, dear tourists! Start your day with a swim in the turquoise water or have fun at Vinpearl Phu Quoc with unfettered access to all of the top indoor and outdoor entertainment. 

Aquariums with dolphin music shows; amusement parks with exciting games such as electric vehicles, roller coasters, and so on are examples of entertainment. In this fantastic water park, you will expend all of your energy on endless activities, experiences, and joys. A succession of culinary restaurants selling specialty foods prepared by talented chefs is noteworthy.

 Vietnam Itineray 7 days Vinpearl Phu Quoc

A Group Of Friends Plays Water Game At Vinpearl Phu Quoc


On the road, you come back to your resting place; you will move to Dinh Cau night market. Tasting local dishes at Dinh Cau market will make you a special experience. Enjoy your supper and explore Vietnamese culture there before relaxing on your bed tonight. 


Day 6: Phu Quoc Discovery

  • Places to visit: Phu Quoc pepper garden
  • Things to do: Learn about pepper production, Discover a fish sauce farm, Shop for souvenirs


Continue your southern Vietnam itinerary for 1 week, you will discover the culture of the people here through their lives and how they work and build this island. You should rent a motorbike and ride it with your fellows to travel around the island easily.

Firstly, you will head to a pepper farm to learn about pepper production or buy pepper after your trip. The Phu Quoc pepper gardens are also a "virtual living" place in the middle of a super-quality background, featuring the green color of the leaves, dotted with clusters of red pepper, helping you create instagrammable photos.

Vietnam itinerary 7 days Phu Quoc Pepper

A Farmer Is Working On A Pepper Farm


After that, you move to visit a fish sauce factory. Phu Quoc people have long been famous for their tradition of making fish sauce. The taste of fish sauce here is rich and delicious. Coming to this place, you will be able to observe how the locals make the fish sauce and taste its sample. This is also a good opportunity for you to buy a few bottles of fish sauce as a gift.


Day 7: Saigon Departure 

You get a free and relaxed morning with the sound of waves crashing. Before preparing your package and moving to the airport, you should enjoy this time. Give your host a warm hug and follow your driver to get your flight.

Let's follow our Saigon and Phu Quoc Relaxation 7-day tour and enjoy it to the fullest!

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All in all, you will have a variety of choices to traverse Vietnam in only 1 week. Depending on your interests and budget, BestPrice has selectively chosen the best Vietnam itineraries for 7 days as follows. 

7-day Vietnam Tour



Vietnam at A Glance 7 days

Hanoi - Halong Bay - Ho Chi Minh City - Cu Chi Tunnels - Mekong Delta  From US$ 589/ pax

Off The Beaten Track Northeast Vietnam 7 days - Private Tour

Hanoi - Pan Hou - Ha Giang - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Ba Be Lake  From US$ 1061/ pax

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Hanoi - Halong Bay - Ninh Binh  From US$ 1518/ pax

Cycling Along Vietnam Central Coast from Hue to Hoi An 7 days

Hue - Hoi An - Quang Ngai  From US$ 1076/ pax

Hoi An Surrounding & Beach Break in Central Vietnam 7 days

Hoi An - Tra Que Village - My Son Sanctuary  From US$ 419/ pax

Saigon and Phu Quoc Relaxation 7 days

Ho Chi Minh City - Cu Chi Tunnels - Ben Tre - Phu Quoc  From US$ 548/ pax


For more detailed plans, let's contact us for the best Vietnam tour packages!

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