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10 Best Recommended Cruises in Halong Bay 2023

See our top-recommended cruises from budget to luxury ones for your unforgettable boat trip in Halong Bay. Choose the best boat and enjoy BestPrice Travel's hot deals for all early bookings!

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Yes, it is worth trying. Halong Bay is definitely a place you should not miss when travelling to Vietnam because of its unique beauty.

You will get a memorable experience that combines relaxing and exciting activities: kayaking, boat rowing, cave exploring, rock climbing, etc. while cruising in the bay.

Halong bay cruise price is depended on the season, availability, and duration. Most of cruises does not include the transfer in their package. You have to pay extra for the transfer if you want to pick up from Hanoi.

The price in 2023 for a day trip is between $65 - $95/ person and $120 - $200/person for 1-night cruise. Please see the prices table below for your reference:

(Note: price is per person in USD)

Cruise Type Price of Low season (May - Sep)  Price of High season (Jan - Apr & Otc - Dec)
Day trip 65$ - 95$ US 75$ - 120$
2 days 1 night 120$ - 200$ US 130$ - 250$
3 days 2 nights 220$ - 400$ US 240$ - 250$
Charter boat - 1 night 330$ - 500$ US 360$ - 600$
Charter boat - 2 nights 660$ - 1.000$ US 720$ - 1.200$
Shuttle Bus round trip 40$ -60$ 40$ -60$


Yes, you should book your cruise 3-6 months in advance, before arriving in Vietnam. There are 3 main reasons below:

  • You can get early bird deals which can save a lot
  • More time to find the best cruise and avoid any risk about not availability
  • Find the best agent who offers the best price and best support

All cruises in Halong Bay must have permission from the Management Board to stay overnight in the Bay. Based on the weather conditions (high winds, monsoon, thunderstorm, cyclone, storm...), the Management Board has the authority to cancel all cruises on a certain day to guarantee the safety of tourists.

In those cases, the following policies will be applied for Cruise:  

  • If the cancellation is informed before you leave Hanoi to Halong Bay (you have not used any service yet): 100% refund.  
  • If the cancellation is informed during the trip (you have already used some services: transfer, lunch, day trip, hotel,...): Only the fee of these services will be charged and we will refund the whole remaining amount  
  • If the trip is cut down from 3 days/2 nights to 2 days/1 night, we will charge as 2 days/1 night trip, plus other services you have already used, and refund the remaining amount.

Important Notes:  

  • The cancellation is announced ONLY by the Management Board and often on short notice of time. Therefore your understanding of these situations is highly appreciated  
  • The period from May to July is considered storm weather in Halong Bay with many unpredictable weather conditions. Hence more cruises will be canceled with short notice during this season.
  • In all cases, please contact our consultants directly for any urgent help. We are here to support you with all of our best!

It is not easy to find the best cruise among over 100 cruises in Halong Bay. Below are 4 small tips for you:

  • Decide itinerary & cruise route: The central (classic route), Lan Ha Bay (new trendy route), Cat Ba Island (combine trip to stay in the island), or Bai Tu Long Bay (less touristy route).
  • Estimate your budget: There are different types of cruise from budget (from US120$ person/night), mid-range (from US135$ person/night) to luxury (from US165$ person/night), so let's check how much you want to spend.
  • Check which cruise fits with your needs: for family with kids, private charter, couples, honeymoonm activity onboard...
  • Choose the reputable agent to book
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Questions & Answers (235)

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Hi, I checked your cruise package on the website, and I don't know the difference between a cruise in Lan Ha Bay and a cruise on Cat Ba Island. Which destination is more experience and interesting than?

@Tinna William:

The itinerary is the same, the difference is the cruise on Cat Ba will just pick up in Cat Ba Island. Thank you

1 Reply

Hi I am Wilson, I am in halong bay and I am single traveler, I would like to join halong bay Cruise tomorrow, can you let me what kind of choice do I have?


I am not sure your budget but we have available Phoenix Cruise (4*), Rosy Cruise (4*) or Mon Cheri Cruise (5*)

1 Reply

Hi I was checking your cruise package for Hanoi to Ha long bay. Wanted to check if you serve vegetarian or indian food?


We do serve vegetarian but not Indian food.

1 Reply

Hi. We want to organize a wedding on a cruise in Halong Bay, and our wedding will be this May. We want a luxury and world-class cruise that can accommodate 50 guests for our wedding. Can you suggest to us which cruise is suitable and the prices, please?

@Kata Liath:

if you want to do in Day cruise, there will be ambassador cruise , if there is night cruise we have scarlet pearl or stellar of the sea will suitable with you

1 Reply

Hello. I want a two-day, one-night stay that is luxurious (excellent cuisine, roomy), includes transportation from Hanoi, and includes kayaking. Caves and pearl farm okay, also hill hiking is good to get great views of the bay.    Not sure whether bai tu long is better than lang ha or ha long? and which one has greater views and fewer people? Thanks a lot!


Current most unique route and quite is Bai Tu Long, So you can choose SIgnature or Dragon legend to enjoy the most luxurious trip.

1 Reply