30 Popular Vietnam Tourist Places [Must-go]

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Vietnam has proven itself to be a diverse travel destination with plenty of touristic attractions and natural scenery. No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is something to explore in each season.

Here are 30 popular tourist spots in Vietnam to add to your itinerary, compiled by our experienced travelers.

top 30 vietnam tourist places

1. Hanoi Old Quarter

Among the most-visited places in Northern Vietnam and Vietnam in general, Hanoi Old Quarter bears strong historical values with its ancient French architecture, bustling local life, and delicious street foods. There is no doubt that foreign travelers should stay in, or at least visit Hanoi Old Quarter, at least once during their Asia trip. The remarkable thirty-six streets paint the scene of old Vietnamese urban life, along with the development of modern buildings. The narrow valleys, tucked-in vendors, and fast-paced traffic will become an unforgettable experience that makes many fall in love with Vietnam.

  • What's there to love: An intimate insight into local Vietnamese life, beautiful French architecture with modern buildings, small houses that hold a long history.
  • Things to do: Sip an iced coffee in the morning while looking out at the moving traffic, wander around the streets, explore small vendors who offer delicious food at reasonable prices.

hanoi old quarter


2. Trang An Ecological Park 

A relaxing getaway destination not far from Hanoi capital, Trang An Ecological Park has become increasingly popular among foreign tourists in recent years, thanks to the blockbuster Kong: Skull Island filmed here. Trang An eco-tourism area was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2014. Covering an area of more than 2000 hectares, Trang An stretches over the territory of Ninh Binh city and three districts. It has a very diverse biological system made up of limestone mountains about 250 million years ago. It is the perfect destination for those who love nature and discover the magnificent caves of Ninh Binh, as well as visit the mystical and sacred Buddha pagodas. Tourists will sit on boats rowed by locals and observe the strange-shaped rock caves. They can enjoy the fresh, relaxing atmosphere and immerse themselves in the cultural values of Trang An.

  • Ticket prices: 250.000 VND for adults and 120.000 VND for children 1 meter to 1.3 meters, including a boat ride through Trang An.

trang an


3. Tam Coc in Ninh Binh 

Tam Coc is worth exploring for the emerald blue waters, secluded resorts, and spacious ecotourism site. It is famous for its harmonious combination of majestic mountains and waterways flowing peacefully. Explore the nearby ancient temples and cycle along the path surrounded by vast rice paddy fields. Tam Coc is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tam Coc ninh binh


4. Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge 

One of the most popular travel destinations in Vietnam is Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge. You might not be unfamiliar with the breathtaking photos taken on this remarkable site, with the newly-built Golden Bridge. Ba Na Hills is a large amusement complex, consisting of fun rides for children and photogenic spots for Insta-worthy pictures. Dedicate a whole day to explore Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge.

  • Fees: 750.000 VND for adults, (~30 USD), including entrance fee, cable car, transfer to entrance, and all rides inside.
  • When to visit: If you want to visit Golden Bridge without the site being cramped by tourists, you should go early in the morning. Also, avoid the hottest times of the day, such as noon and hot afternoons on summer days, as you might be exposed to excessive sunshine.

golden bridge


5. Hoi An Ancient Town 

A popular travel destination for domestic tourists, Hoi An Ancient Town is an incredible place to visit. Hoi An's unique beauty is portrayed in other cities of Vietnam, such as at the International Cruise Port of Halong Bay. After touristic development, the town has attracted millions of tourists each year. There are local shops selling souvenirs, the picturesque river of, the lit-up lanterns, cozy homestays, and nearby beaches — Hoi An is an all-in-one attraction that guarantees a great time in Vietnam. Photographers will especially love this place as there is plenty to capture as you wander through the off-the-beaten-track streets.

  • Things to do: Shop for souvenirs, visit the well-decorated local cafes, try out Central Vietnamese food, take plenty of photos in the ancient-looking streets.

Hoi An town


6. My Khe Beach 

If you fancy swimming after a long day of exploring Hoi An Ancient Town, drop by My Khe Beach. My Khe is considered one of Asia's most picturesque beaches, with its prominent features: white, smooth sands and beautiful coconut trees. It is said by foreign tourists to be the cleanest beach in Vietnam, with many cafes and seafood restaurants nearby. My Khe made its reputation as an irresistible beach destination. There are high-standard hotels and resorts near the beach, as well as an abundance of water activities. Coming to My Khe, tourists are in for a relaxing day lounging in the sun and watching the magnificent scenery in the sunset.

my khe beach


7. Cam Thanh Coconut Village 

A few kilometers away from Hoi An Ancient Town, Cam Thanh Coconut Village. It is an off-the-beaten-track destination with a tranquil atmosphere. Coming to Cam Thanh, tourists are surrounded by coconut trees and beautiful rivers. The village's unique craft of making coconut paintings is what attracts domestic and foreign tourists. While wandering around the village, you can observe the process of crafting by locals and take a tour of the Vietnamese bamboo basket boat. Coconut Village will make an unforgettable day excursion of exploring educational and cultural values.

  • Entrance fees: 40.000 VND per person, 150.000 VND for basket boat (maximum of 2 guests).


8. Ha Giang 

Flower blooming seasons and cool weather have been some of many reasons to visit Northern Vietnam. Ha Giang is a destination that should not be missed if you want to discover the local ethnic life and admire the impressive views of the mountains. Since Ha Giang became one of the top destinations in Northern Vietnam, there are many things to see.

ha giang

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the northeast of Vietnam, about 2,000 meters from sea level, where there are majestic hills and hidden valleys. Nature bestows here the picturesque natural landscapes with mountains, rivers, and immense flower fields that attract visitors during different times of the year.

  • What to see: Tourists coming in October and November must observe the triangular flower circuit in Sung La - Dong Van Valley or at the foot of Ma Pi Leng Pass. Besides, there is the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Lung Cu Flag Tower, and plenty more photogenic sites.
  • How to get there: Ha Giang is located 300 kilometers from Hanoi. You can go on your own via tourist bus, car, motorbike or book a full Ha Giang package tour.


9. Mai Chau 

Like Ha Giang, Mai Chau is a mountain destination that has become a popular short vacation destination for Vietnamese. This rural area located 150 kilometers away from Hanoi guarantees a peaceful time in the captivating mountainous scenery. Visitors are rewarded with magnificent sites of paddy fields, mountain slopes, and local villages busy with culture. Mai Chau, despite the tourism growth, remains a tranquil destination, with hazy beauty and glorious sunshine to provide a break from the bustling city streets. Each season paints Mai Chau a different color, with flowers and fields changing colors, making it perfect to visit at any time of the year.

  • What to do: Stay in a local homestay, wake up early in the morning to shop, scroll around and watch children playing in the fields.

Mai Chau


10. Bac Ha Market 

Bac Ha Market is 76 kilometers away from Lao Cai Town. This market is a vibrant representation of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Taking place once a week on Sunday morning, Bac Ha Market is one of the biggest and most attractive in the region. The market is lively with energy and colors of ethnic costumes from the tribe people exchanging livestock and other products. Bac Ha is a great place to visit and observe locals communicating with each other on the weekends after a long week. A visit here will provide you with a sense of community in the rural North Vietnam region, away from the modernized life in the cities. It is not a place for souvenir shopping, but foreigners are welcome to look around the various stalls selling different products.


11. Cloud Glass Bridge 

Cloud Glass Bridge, Cau Kinh Rong May in Vietnamese, is one of the cannot-miss destinations in Northwest Vietnam. Located near Sapa, this attraction spot would captivate adventurous travelers. While crossing this special bridge, visitors are rewarded with a sight never seen before, with apparent clouds on top of the mountains and the calm streams below. The Cloud Glass Bridge is completely safe to cross. The only thing to keep in mind is the transparent glass allowing a clear view below, which may bring about a thrilling experience.


12. Fansipan Peak 

If you are an adventure lover, conquering Fansipan Peak is something to cross off your bucket list. Marked as one of the most beautiful places to watch dawn or sunset, Fansipan Peak will make you realize the value of traveling to natural sites again. Nowadays, Fansipan Peak is easier to access via cable car to suit different types of travelers. However, the experience of trekking independently is worth trying if you are an experienced hiker because there are several areas along the trail that require skills and caution.


  • Service fees: 750.000 VND (~32 USD) for adult's cable car ride and 550.000 VND (~24 USD) for children from 1 meter to 1.4 meters. Tickets are for round trip and are subject to change depending on the time of the year.
  • Note: The cable car will not take you to the peak of Fansipan so you can climb the remaining steps for one hour or buy a train ticket for an extra 100.000 VND.


13. Halong Bay 

There is no doubt that Halong Bay is one of the most-visited destinations in Asia. Halong Bay is on the tip of everyone's tongue when thinking about Vietnamese attractions for its status as UNESCO's World Heritage Site. Coming to Halong Bay, visitors are rewarded with unique caves and surrounding mountains in a refreshing atmosphere. This scenic destination attracts millions of tourists each year, with the most popular activity is going on an overnight cruise. Halong Bay now offers a wide range of recreational activities for expats such as water sports, Sun Group amusement complex, city tours, and luxury services in island resorts.

Halong Bay


14. Bai Tu Long Bay 

Bai Tu Long Bay is a separate bay in the northeast of the island that takes up three-quarters of Halong Bay. While it is less known than Halong Bay center, the beauty of Bai Tu Long is equally as rewarding. The destination is home to many small islands and unspoiled beaches, surrounded by mountainous scenery. The local life at the floating villages of Bai Tu Long Bay boasts cultural significance and makes it a worthwhile experience for tourists. With the vast development of tourism, It's beauty has come to light in recent years and become the destination for some Bai Tu Long overnight cruises.

bai tu long bay


15. Lan Ha Bay 

Lan Ha Bay, made up of four hundred limestone cliffs, boasts stunning scenery with emerald water and quaint attractive beaches. It is an amazing alternative to the world-renowned Halong Bay while providing a range of fun-filled activities beyond cruising. This destination is suitable for those looking for a quieter, less touristic spot while still enjoying the beautiful scenery. You will not run out of things to do here, like kayaking along the calm currents, explore the hidden caves that took thousands of years to form, get an insight into local life by visiting fishing villages, and engaging in plenty of water activities. Nowadays, there are some Lan Ha Bay Cruises take you to explore the beauty of the underrated bay.

Lan Ha Bay


16. Sung Sot Cave 

Sung Sot Cave is a familiar name in Halong Bay's travel itinerary. It is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Halong, where the insides of the caves are lit up with colorful lights and incredibly unique limestone karsts. Visitors will be amazed by the spacious area since they first step foot. Taking you from one surprise to another, it is certainly a one-of-a-kind tourist place. The beautiful pictures do not do Sung Sot Cave justice. You will have to come and experience it first-hand and be impressed by Vietnam's natural beauty.

sung sot cave


17. Son Doong Cave 

Son Doong is the largest cave in the world. This phenomenal cave boasts unbelievable beauty that draws the attention of many journalists, scientists, and international travel enthusiasts ever since it came to light. To reach Son Doong, visitors have to trek through a minority village. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Vietnam, and travelers have to meet many requirements for heath before registering to visit here. At the moment, tours to Son Doong is very limited and expensive, since it requires the help of many professionals. As an alternative, tourists can visit other spectacular caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.


18. Phong Nha Cave 

Phong Nha Cave is one of the most-visited caves in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in general. Phong Nha is the Phong Nha - Ke Bang region's absolute highlights, worthy of a visit at least once. After being recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2013, it has continued to retain its uniqueness and historical significance in the eyes of locals. Though there are many caves in Vietnam, Phong Nha Cave became a remarkable site, due to many reasons: the most beautiful underground river, the highest and widest entrance, the largest and most beautiful dry cave, and more. Travelers around the world find themselves mesmerized by the rock formation that bears interesting names inside the cave.

phong nha cave

  • Entrance fees in 2021: 120.000 VND for low tourist season (January to March and October to December); 150.000 VND for high tourist season (April to September)


19. Nha Trang Bay & Island 

Many Vietnamese people enjoy going to the beaches on their summer holiday, and Nha Trang is a popular destination for this reason. There are many luxury resorts and private beaches on the beautiful coastline, but there are also great street foods on an excursion to the city center. Also, Nha Trang offers a myriad of recreational activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving for diverse undersea life. Nha Trang is the perfect mix of a luxury getaway and exploring like a local, so do not hesitate and consult us today for a great vacation.

  • What to do: Visit local museums, Buddha pagodas, participate in Vinpearl Land Nha Trang games, go shopping for souvenirs.

nha trang


20. Mui Ne 

Five hours away from Ho Chi Minh City is Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, a popular destination for Southern Vietnamese. Mui Ne is home to awe-inspiring natural landscape, with breathtaking white and red sand dunes that look like a painting. This spot has increasingly become popular for international travelers who want to take a break from the city and head to a beach town with slopes and long stretches of beautiful beaches.

There are plenty of things to do here for the thrill-seekers and the casual travelers, including the must-do riding a quad bike on the sand. Those who want to stay more than a day in Mui Ne will be happy to find out this has developed into a tourist site with various hotels and resorts of different ranges. It is definitely an interesting stop in your Vietnam itinerary.

mui ne

Mui Ne sand dunes, an extremely popular spot for photos


21. Tu Duc Tomb 

Tu Duc Tomb is the most popular and impressive mausoleum of the royals’. It was completed in 1867, during the reign of Emperor Tu Duc. It is a complex of architectural works located in a small valley in Thuong Ba village, Hue, about 6km from the city center. Coming to the historical site of Tu Duc Tomb, tourists get the educational benefits and admire the tranquil surroundings of nature.

tu duc tomb

  • Entrance fee: 150.000 VND for adults, 30.000 VND for children 7-12 years old. Tickets are purchased at the entrance. There are also combo tickets for the multiple venues of Hue Tomb.


22. Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue 

Thien Mu Pagoda is a notable site in Hue, the old capital. It is the oldest pagoda in the city. Thien Mu's distinctive bell and design has appeared in various paintings, poems, proses and songs of the people. Visitors will recognize the pagoda The surrounding tranquil scenery of Thien Mu adds to the landmark's beauty, with the Huong River flowing in front of the Citadel. Thien Mu Pagoda is not only a spiritual place but also a wonderful space for tourists sightseeing, a must-see destination to grasp the romantic and charming beauty of Hue. Visiting Thien Mu Pagoda, tourists let their minds wander off to the harmonious combination of peaceful landscape and the sacred pagoda that holds much value to local people.

Thien mu pagoda

  • Entrance fees: None.
  • Note: Dress appropriately and take off your shoes upon entering the inside of the pagoda.


23. Hue Citadel 

The massive complex comprises hundreds of monuments, ruins, pagodas, and royal tombs. Hue Citadel is a site in the Complex of Hue Monuments that was recognized as UNESCO's World Heritage Site. One of Vietnam's historical and cultural highlights, it is a must in your travel itinerary to see the ancient features and life of the royals. It was the place of settlement of the Nguyen dynasty for 143 years, from 1802 to 1945. Hue Ancient Citadel is known for its immaculate architecture in harmony with the peaceful natural surroundings that provide a sacred atmosphere. The timeless site is carefully preserved and serves as a memorial for a period of imperial feudalism in Vietnam.

  • Entrance fees: 200.000 VND for adults, 40.000 VND for children.

hue citadel


24. Lang Co  

Lang Co Town is located in Thua Thien - Hue province, on the root of the Hai Van mountain range. Lang Co area is blessed with the rich beauty of greenery, rivers, islands, and emerald beaches. It was a popular attraction spot for nobles in the past, being one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Now, Lang Co beach still retains its status as a paradise destination for a summer escape in Hue. Though Vietnam is home to many picturesque regions, the distinctive charm of Lang Co is worth exploring at least once in central Vietnam.

  • What to do: Immerse yourself in nature when staying at a resort, admire the pristine Lang Co beach with fishing boats of locals, take in the breath-taking views of Lap An lagoon, visit Bach Ma National Park about 30km away from Lang Co.

lang co


25. Mekong Delta 

Visiting Mekong Delta is one of the best ways to get a grasp of Vietnamese local life. This amazing region simply cannot be discovered on a short day excursion, as there is more to it than floating markets. Life in Mekong Delta revolves around water, and many locals' source of income comes from agricultural industries. The area is brimming with wildlife and history. A unique destination in Asia, Mekong Delta is a great choice for keen foreign tourists interested in seeing a culture completely different from their own.

  • What to do: Visit on-the-water villages, see floating markets and ancient houses, step inside The Lover's House, go bird watching.

Mekong Delta


26. Da Lat City 

Da Lat City is best to visit during the winter months when the sunshine shines over the greenery and paints the city in a hazy picture. One of the most popular tourist cities for Vietnamese locals, Da Lat has proven its top-tier status with countless hotels, unique cafes, vibrant street food scene, and rewarding natural scenery. There are plenty of beautiful landmarks to see in Da Lat, so dedicate at least a few days to explore this city by motorbike, walking or cars.

  • What to do: Visit the many strawberry farms, take lots of photos at the cafes, relax by the tranquil Xuan Huong lake or Tuyen Lam lake, visit Emperor Bao Dai's Summer Palace, explore Penn Waterfall.
  • Climate: Those who are familiar with the tropical climate will find Da Lat rather cold. Jackets, scarves, and knitted hats are needed when you visit Da Lat from November to February, as the temperature can hover around 20 degrees Celsius.


27. My Son Sanctuary 

My Son Sanctuary, located in Quang Nam province, southern Vietnam, is a noteworthy site with Hindu temples that reflect Cham-style architecture. This complex has temples built by Cham Kings during their reign. Each temple has a typical architecture that reflects the historical stage of the Champa kingdoms. My Son was destroyed by time and bombing in the war, but parts of the sanctuary have been rebuilt. Tourists who are interested in history and culture should not miss My Son during their visit.

  • Entrance fees: 150.000 VND.
  • Opening hours: 6:30 am – 5:30 pm. The best time to visit My Son is in the morning and late afternoon to avoid the heat and crowds.


28. Cu Chi Tunnel 

For a more unique and exciting experience, head to Cu Chi Tunnel. Cu Chi Tunnel plays an important part in the Vietnam War. It has been preserved by the government to offer an insight into Vietnam's past for Vietnamese younger generations and historically-curious foreigners. In the past, Cu Chi Tunnel served as a secluded place for Vietnamese locals during the war. In this tiny underground tunnel, there were hospitals, schools, and kitchens operating. Not only is Cu Chi Tunnel a unique experience unlike an island paradise or busy touristic city, but it will also help you gain knowledge into the past lifestyle of Vietnamese people during the Vietnam war.

  • Entrance fee: 110.000 VND (~5.5 USD). There are many tour operators offering day tours in Cu Chi Tunnel, such as Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day.
  • Note: Proceed with caution as the tunnel might not be suitable for travelers with breathing difficulties, as it is a narrow place.


29. Phu Quoc Island 

Phu Quoc is the perfect island destination for those keen on lounging on the beach and swimming on their vacation. This separate island in the south of Vietnam bears captivating beauty, with a clear sea, luxury resorts, and plenty of entertainment facilities. Stay in a villa near the beach and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime when coming to Phu Quoc. This island is truly one of the best paradise destinations in Asia.

Phu Quoc

For couples on a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary, having a multiple-course dinner along the coast while watching the sunset on the idyllic beach is certainly an unforgettable experience. There is a wide range of hotels, villas, and resorts with modern amenities and professional services to choose from, so you will not be disappointed when coming here.

  • What to do: Swim in the clear blue waters, explore the roads on a motorbike, hang out at the bars after midnight, getting a luxury massage, participate in plenty of fun beach activities like snorkeling and kayaking.
  • Tip: June to August is peak travel season for domestic tourists so hotel rooms will run out quickly during this time. With pleasant weather and sunny days in the summer months, you might not get the best deals while visiting Vietnam during summertime.


30. Con Dao Island & Prison 

Con Dao island is a one-hour flight away from Ho Chi Minh City, in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. It got the name 'paradise on earth' due to the idyllic scenery of white sand, wild forests, and picturesque beaches. The beaches in Con Dao boasts poetic and tranquil charm, most unexploited for tourism, so its beauty remains intact.

Con Dao island

Aside from natural beauty, Con Dao holds a strong history of Vietnamese people's past sufferings. The must-see spot in this place is Con Dao Prison, built by the French colonialists and the American imperialists. There are hundreds of cells and separate rooms for imprisoning and torturing Vietnamese patriots and political prisoners during the war. Tourists who come to visit Con Dao Prison may be shocked to discover all the brutal systems used to torture. Now the site has become a sacred place of the country to commemorate the fallen national heroes of older days. In addition to the Con Dao prison, there are other cultural spots to visit.

  • What to do: See sea turtles lay eggs, go snorkeling, hiking up the mountains, explore the undiscovered islands, watch the sunset, try out local specialties.
  • The best time to visit Con Dao is from April to November as the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm.


The charm of Vietnam leaves much to the imagination, so visiting the country on a first-hand experience is the best way to discover why it is so attractive for foreigners. For the best value deals and make sure you do not miss out on the highlights, check out our Vietnam tours. We have something to cater to every kind of traveler — romantic honeymoon, families with children, adventure seekers, etc.

One of BestPrice Travel's most popular tours is Highlight of Vietnam 12 days, where you will embark on a journey from the North to South Vietnam and visit many popular tourist places. Do not hesitate and contact us today for a fulfilling travel experience.

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