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Halong Bay Weather Overview

Bearing a resemblance to Hanoi, Halong Bay's climate features typical humid and tropical monsoon weather in northern Vietnam.

The temperatures range from around 14°C - 35°C and humidity fluctuates from a minimum of 68% to a maximum of 90%.

Halong Bay Weather

Spring - Drizzle and Foggy

  • Months: Feb - Apr
  • Temperature: 18°C - 30°C
  • Humidity level: 68 - 75%
  • Average hours of sunshine per day: 3

Springtime has an average rainfall level that increases gradually from 28 mm to 84 mm. Notably, it occasionally appears in the northeast monsoons in March.

Halong Bay Spring

Halong Bay spring marks the fresh beginnings of the year

The spring in Halong Bay is enjoyable and comfortable since it’s not as harshly hot as in summer and not as bitterly cold as in winter.

The bay looks more charming and picturesque in misty and mizzle, making spring become the second-best time to visit.

Best things to do

  • Outdoor activities: Enjoy amusing activities such as kayaking, biking, or taking a cruise to behold the breathtaking view of the bay on a clear sky day.
  • Cave visiting: Explore the majestic caves reborn in spring and marvel at the impressive rock formations in misty outfits on a foggy day.

Spring Weather

  • Higher price than usual due to the peak season and surcharge for the Tet Holiday
  • A high chance of cloudy and foggy days
  • Pack a light sweater and cardigan in case of any possible cold


Summer - Sunny and Harsh

  • Months: May - Jul
  • Temperature: 26°C - 38°C
  • Humidity level: 75 - 78%
  • Average hours of sunshine per day: 6

In summer, overheating temperatures of 30°C – 35°C. The typical sweltering months include June and July, while August is replaced by cooler weather and the more frequent wind blows for the upcoming autumn.

With increasing humidity levels, the rainfall rises rapidly reaching total precipitation of more than 1,000 mm during the summer months.

Halong Bay Summer

BestPrice Travel's guests soak up the pretty sun in Halong summer

This season has the highest chance of storms and typhoons over the year. But don't worry, the storms in Halong Bay are not heavy due to the closed-sea area and don’t last more than 3 - 4 days.

Best things to do

  • Water-based activities: The summer months are the most beautiful times to join water activities in Halong Bay.
  • Sightseeing: Despite bad weather in summer, the wonderful beaches and crystal-clear sky are worthwhile to see.
  • Squid fishing: July is a high season for Halong squid, so join a cruise to try your luck.

Summer Weather

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  • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses along because of the high UV index
  • Prepare a raincoat or an umbrella on hand to avoid sudden rain
  • Possibility of the peak season for domestic tourists
  • Hard to predict Halong Bay weather in summer, then follow the weather forecast 2 weeks ahead of the booking day

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Autumn - Calm and Cooler

  • Months: Aug - Oct
  • Temperature: 19°C - 33°C
  • Humidity level: 70 - 72%
  • Average hours of sunshine per day: 6

Autumn is the most pleasant time to soak up the comfortable climate in Halong Bay. The average temperature varies from 23°C – 27°C, so you can enjoy the sunshine, which is not as extreme as in the summer.

There might be light rain in September since the rainy season in Halong Bay is over. On the last days of October, the northeastern monsoon may occur.

Halong Bay Autumn

Autumn is a perfect time to admire the most beautiful sunset in Halong Bay

This season is the best time to visit Halong Bay when you can minimize the risk of extreme weather and immerse yourself in beautiful sunshine, clear crystal sky, and breezy weather.

Top things to do

  • Outdoor activities: You will be welcomed to all outdoor activities, including swimming, kayaking, cycling, and rock climbing.
  • Cruising: Booking a Halong overnight cruise will feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring scenery of the bay.

Autumn Weather

  • Bring a camera and autumn outfits for your amazing journey, such as a cardigan or silk scarf
  • Book your cruise tour in advance due to the start of the high season

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Winter - Mild and Humble

  • Months: Nov - Jan
  • Temperature: 12°C - 23°C
  • Humidity level: 65 - 69%
  • Average hours of sunshine per day: 4

Without sunlight on most winter days, wintertime in Halong Bay is quite cold, with average temperatures of around 16°C – 18°C. You’ll see fog and drizzle in the morning and late afternoon.

This is also the second driest season with only 29 mm of precipitation per month and a low chance of rains or storms due to the dry season.

Halong Bay Winter

Winter makes Halong Bay landscapes more charming in fog

Top things to do

  • Cruising: Outstandingly, come and indulge yourself in a hot tub on the Halong Bay cruise for wintertime.
  • Hiking: From the top view, you’ll have an opportunity to behold a mystical Halong Bay, where limestone cliffs are nestled under meek fog.
  • Inland activities: It’s time to join activities like having a barbecue, visiting local villages, shopping at local markets, and tasting Halong's specialties.

Winter Weather

  • Prepare warm jackets or sweaters in January, as it might be super cold
  • Higher costs and crowds because this time is the peak season for foreign visitors
  • Time for special deals on Christmas and New Year's Eve

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Best Time To Travel 

There is no doubt that Halong Bay has its own distinct beauty in each season, making the wonder worth visiting all year.

However, you can decide your best time to visit Halong Bay depending on the weather conditions, budget, or your preferences:

  • Most favorable weather: February - April & September - October
  • Hunt for hot deals: June, July, and August
  • For well-known festivals and events: Late January - May
  • Make your reservation early in case of cabin unavailability during the peak season (Spring)
  • Be noted that you may be charged additional fees when traveling on popular public holidays in Vietnam such as the Tet holidays
  • Check the weather forecast to avoid unexpected weather, especially in the storm season (Jul - Sep)


In a nutshell, the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the bay is up to you due to its distinct vibe during each season. 

If you consider the weather the most, Spring and Autumn are the ideal options due to the calm climate condition, and they are also the peak season for tourism.

  Climate What to do
(Feb - Apr)







(May - Jul)






Squid fishing

(Aug - Oct)







(Nov - Jan)








Halong Bay Monthly Temperature & Rainfall Averages

The highest precipitation in Halong Bay falls in the months from July to early September, which should not be chosen as the appropriate time to visit.

This also coincides with the off-season from May to September - the period in which few visitors come to the bay.

For more details, let’s check out our guide on Halong Bay weather by month below!

Read more
Average Maximum Average Minimum Average Rainfall
January 20°C 14°C 15 mm
February 21°C 15°C 22mm
March 23°C 18°C 53mm
April 27°C 21°C 57mm
May 32°C 24°C 175mm
June 36°C 25°C 175mm
July 37°C 26°C 201mm
August 36°C 25°C 265mm
September 28°C 21°C 190mm
October 28°C 21°C 54mm
November 24°C 18°C 12mm
December 21°C 15°C 22 mm

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