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Halong Bay Weather & Temperature: Ultimate Guide

Halong Bay weather and temperature vary seasonally. Therefore, it would be wise to know in advance which season your trip would take place, how the weather is then, and what to pack.

In the following lines, BestPrice Travel will give you a comprehensive guide on different types of weather in Halong Bay and how they affect your trip.

  • Halong Bay weather is mostly hot, humid all the time
  • There are four seasons in Halong Bay: warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter
  • Spring and autumn are perfect time for outdoor activities
  • Best things to do in Halong Bay during summer are water activities
  • The best time to visit Halong Bay in terms of weather condition is spring and autumn


Halong Bay Weather Overview

As a part of the tropical monsoon climate zone, Halong Bay weather is known to be hot, humid, and rainy; however, it does not stay the same all year round but varies in four seasons. 

In general, both spring and fall are warm and comfortable with clear skies and low frequencies of rain, ideal for many outdoor activities. Meanwhile, Halong Bay weather in summer and winter could be extreme sometimes. Summer is the hottest and rainiest season, and winter features blistering cold weather. 

Therefore, the best time to visit Halong Bay appears to be during spring and winter, when it is all calm and favorable. Yet, it would be too soon to tell which season is the best for you without digging deep into each’s detailed characteristics.


(March - Apr)

  • Temperature: 20°C - 24°C
  • Humidity: 50% - 70% 
  • Rainfall: 30mm


(May - Aug)

  • Temperature: 27°C - 36°C
  • Humidity: 60% - 80%
  • Rainfall: 60 - 90mm


(Sep - Oct)

  • Temperature: 22°C - 25°C
  • Humidity: 50% - 60%
  • Rainfall: 20 mm


(Nov - Feb)

  • Temperature: 16°C - 20°C
  • Humidity: < 60%
  • Rainfall: 10 - 15mm

7 Days Weather Forecast

25 Jul TODAY
26 Jul Fri
27 Jul Sat
28 Jul Sun
29 Jul Mon
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31 Jul Wed

Halong Bay Weather in Seasons

Warm spring, hot rainy summer, cool autumn, and dry cold winter are how people usually describe weather in Halong Bay. If you want to know more, dive into the following detailed description of each season.  

Halong Bay Weather in Spring (from March to April) 

Spring lasts from March to April, featuring warm and pleasant weather in Halong Bay. During this time, temperature ranges from 20°C to 24°C, plus the sky is clear, making it favorable for cruise tours and many outdoor activities.

Spring is the perfect time for Halong Bay sightseeing cruise tour

Spring is the perfect time for Halong Bay sightseeing cruise tour

In fact, rains could still set in sometimes in spring; yet, most are drizzles and occur only in March. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about rains or any extreme weather patterns such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc.  

On visiting Halong Bay in spring, it is best that you bring some short clothes and take part in activities like kayaking, cave visiting, hiking, etc.

Kayaking during Halong spring

Kayaking during Halong spring

Besides, many travelers like doing cruise tours at this time to explore majestic caves and limestone karsts within the bay’s area.


Halong Bay Weather in Summer (from May to August)

As the hottest season of the year, summer sets in between May and August, increasing the temperature to 27°C - 32°C. This, along with the high humidity, could make it stifling, extremely uncomfortable to do Halong Bay tours. 

Yet, it is not the whole summer that should be avoided. In May and June - the early summer, though hotter and rainier than spring, Halong Bay weather is still fine, even ideal for beach bathing and water activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, etc.

Immerse in the cool water of Halong Bay during summertime

Immerse in the cool water of Halong Bay during summertime

Snorkeling during summer days in Halong

Snorkeling during summer days in Halong

Only when July starts, do heat waves and thunderstorms hit the area. During these months, the temperature can reach 37°C, making it boiling and sticky. In addition, heavy rains, typhoons, and tropical storms are unpredictable and very likely to last for several days once they occur.


Halong Bay Weather in Autumn (from September to October) 

Autumn is usually known as the best weather in Halong Bay since it is calm and features less rain. From September, the temperature decreases to 25°C and remains throughout the season. As it gets to mid-autumn, heat waves are gradually replaced by last-day cool breezes and drizzles, ideal for countless outdoor activities in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay weather during autumn is cool and comfortable

Halong Bay weather during autumn is cool and comfortable

Plus, after days of heavy rains and summer storms, the air seems extremely pure and refreshing in autumn, making visitors even more excited and energetic to explore the beauty of Halong Bay. 

Halong Bay weather in autumn is so nice that it attracts a great number of tourists, making September and October the peak season for domestic and international travel. Therefore, increasing airfares and hotel rentals are inevitable.


Halong Bay Weather in Winter (from November to February) 

Like summer, winter in Halong Bay also comes with two stages. The early winter, lasting from November to December, features cool and dry weather. During this, the temperature does not drop too low but remains between 18°C and 20°C. Rains come less, plus humidity is much below average, comfy, and restful. 

Besides, Halong Bay weather in the early winter also makes it uniquely interesting to do some morning sightseeing, as dense and swirling fog could come down at dawn, adding serenity to the scenery.

Morning fog during Halong Bay’s winter makes its scenery more alluring

Morning fog during Halong Bay’s winter makes its scenery more alluring

If such cold weather does not bother you, November and December could be an ideal time to visit Halong Bay, as it is off-season for domestic travel

As soon as January starts, winter turns intense, sometimes harsh, due to the plummet in temperature and increase in rain frequency. Some days, it could drop to under 10°C, while rainfall doubles or triples, ending up chilling and frosty. 

Besides, the late winter is also the time for several national holidays in Vietnam such as New Year’s Day and Lunar New Year. The heavy traffic before and temporary service close-off during these holidays also make January and December the least recommended to visit Halong Bay.

Temperature & Climate Overview

Average Maximum Average Minimum Average Rainfall
January 20°C 14°C 15 mm
February 21°C 15°C 22mm
March 23°C 18°C 53mm
April 27°C 21°C 57mm
May 32°C 24°C 175mm
June 36°C 25°C 175mm
July 37°C 26°C 201mm
August 36°C 25°C 265mm
September 28°C 21°C 190mm
October 28°C 21°C 54mm
November 24°C 18°C 12mm
December 21°C 15°C 22 mm

FAQs about Halong Bay Weather & Temperature

What is the best time to visit Halong Bay?  

In terms of weather conditions, spring (March - April) and autumn (September - October) are the most recommended times to get to Halong Bay. However, to decide when to visit Halong Bay, it not only depends on seasons or weather conditions but personal budget and preferences as well. 

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What is the hottest month in Halong Bay? 

June and July are the hottest months in Halong Bay with the average temperature ranging between 29°C - 36°C. 


Is December the coldest month in Halong Bay?

December is not the coldest month in Halong Bay. During this month, the temperature is 17°C - 20°C, plus humidity is 40% - 50%, totally tolerable. 

In fact, January and February are considered the coldest in Halong Bay. Due to low temperature (10°C - 15°C)  and high humidity (60% - 70%), wet cold mist is trapped in the air, making it bitterly cold and even harsh when rains set in.


Is Halong Bay water warm? 

From July to September, Halong Bay water is pretty warm with the average temperature varying between 27°C - 32°C. In May and October, it cools down a bit to 23°C - 25°C. In the other months, the water temperature would drop to under 20°C, which is really cold. Therefore, the ideal time to swim in Halong Bay is from May to October.


What can I do during heavy rains in Halong Bay? 

Indoor activities are highly recommended when it rains heavily in Halong Bay. particularly: 

  • Spa treatments
  • Cooking classes
  • Cave visiting 

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In conclusion, Halong Bay weather is hot, humid and rainy almost all year round, making the bay exotic and interesting.

If you plan to get to Halong Bay in the near future, feel free to contact us for more updates about weather, temperature and the best time to visit. We are always available to support you!

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