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4 Reasons to Choose a Private Halong Bay Cruise?

February 26, 2024 - 250 views

Halong Bay private tour now is ubiquitous for its considerable advantages to visitors. If it is the first time you take a cruise in Ha Long, please consider a private Halong Bay cruise an ideal option. Please find 4 reasons why we recommend you to choose a Private Cruise in Halong in this article.

You may find it quite confusing because Halong Bay serves you with an array of different cruises ranging from a full-day cruise, 2-day-1-night cruise, group cruise, private cruise, and so on. Among these cruises aforementioned, a private cruise would be highly recommended for most Halong Bay tourists. Let's take a closer look at several reasons that make private cruise stands out!

Advantages of a private Halong Bay cruise

Main benefits for choosing a private Halong Bay cruise


1. High Privacy when doing Private Halong Bay Cruise

First of all, for every cruise, travelers' privacy will be put as a top priority. A private cruise will definitely enable you to feel immensely secure as much as you crave for it. With a limited number of guests on no more than 4 cabins that every private cruise offers, you can enjoy your airy space and breath-taking scenery of the Bay at your own pace. A limited number of boat personnel is another remarkable feature that makes a private tour worth trying.

The standard number of boat personnel frequently includes a captain, a chef, a tour guide, and a few staff. A private cruise, therefore, is considered a real dream for not only lone travelers but also travelers with their partners, families, or friends. Lone travelers will make the most of a few guests enjoy the trip in a more comfortable way. Besides, gathering under a smaller area is beneficial in terms of tightening the bond between you and other relatives.

Valentine Premium Cruise Deluxe Cabin

Two deluxe cabins on Valentine Premium Cruise enable complete privacy for small groups 


2. Private Halong Cruise offers a Unique Experience

Secondly, a private cruise tour will attract you a lot for the reason that it can create an exceptional experience that you can hardly find on other group tour cruises in Halong Bay. Private junk boat tours are often made of wood and smaller in size, which makes it easier for them to glide through the off-the-beaten-track route from Halong Bay to Bai Tu Long Bay or even Lan Ha Bay to help broaden your horizon of these pristine spots.

Get ready to explore white sandy beaches stretching on emerald seawater of Bai Tu Long Bay while learning intriguing stories about cultural tradition, custom, and unique lifestyle of local fisherfolks at floating villages. Another choice that a private cruise can provide to you is to travel just within the Halong Bay itinerary, which absolutely meets the need of visitors who is keen on taking a boat trip through a more vibrant route.

Both routes of the private tour are responsible for offering you a wide range of exciting activities such as majestic cave and spectacular karst formation sightseeing, adventurous kayaking, or amazing night squid fishing.

Squid Fishing In HLB

Spend a night of squid fishing with local inhabitants in Halong Bay is a fun and exceptional experience


3. You Can Maximum Customization on a Halong Private Cruise

Thirdly, participating in a private boat tour would not only create an unforgettable experience as it follows unique routes but it also help you customize your trip to the fullest. It is likely that you will have insufficient time to check your favorite locations in Halong Bay when you travel in groups with a large number of people.

A private tour here happens to address that problem by providing you more time to get a more in-depth look into the area of your choice. If some unexpected incident takes place, it will be even more convenient for you to customize the itinerary without bothering other guests along with you. As a result, you may have a lifetime personalized experience when you choose a Halong Bay private cruise for your vacation.

LAzalee Cruises Day Cruise

Catch a glimpse of the splendid Halong Bay landscape before participating in intriguing outdoor activities


4. Attractive Price for a Halong Bay Private Cruise

Last but not least, you may find it satisfying that Halong Bay private junk boats grant you different ranges in price. Most visitors believe that a private cruise would cost them an arm and a leg; however, there are some particular private cruises from BestPrice Travel reasonable enough for you to get a true sense of Vietnamese culture. Let's take the Nang Tien Day Cruise as a telling example. The Cruise truly amazes you with an exploration of a vast array of magnificent sceneries of beautiful Halong Bay.

Moreover, when joining Nang Tien Day Cruise, you will take a great chance to immerse yourself in an international standard of service, impressive decoration, and tasty seafood well-prepared by enthusiastic staff. All wonderful experience from Nang Tien Day private boat tour just costs you 63 USD!

Nang tien day HLB Cruise staffs

Well-trained staff on affordable Nang Tien Day Cruise is available at any time to satisfy guests

By and large, by taking a private junk boat tour to earthly wonder Halong Bay, you can have direct access to high privacy, a one-of-a-kind experience, maximum customization, and budget-friendly prices. Let pack your backpack up and give it a try now!

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