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Accommodation in Mandalay

February 23, 2024 - 2626 views

There are a range of accommodation to suit everyone's needs when travelling to Mandalay.

Luxury Hotels

5-star hotel: Rupar Mandalar Resort, Sedona Hotel Mandalay

Sedona Hotel Mandalay

Sedona Hotel Mandalay

4-star hotel: Mandalay Hill Resort, Hotel By the Red Canal, Triumph Hotel Mandalay

Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel

Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel

3-star hotel: Bagan King, The Home Hotel,  Nadi Myanmar Hotel, Mandalay Swan Hotel, Mandalay City Hotel, Mandalay View Inn ...

Bagan King Hotel

Bagan King Hotel

Budget Hotels

There are quite a number of cheap guest houses and hotels in Mandalay. Many of them offer nice rooms, friendly staff and some basic services at a cheap price. These are ideal accommodations for the budget travelers: Peacock Lodge, Royal City Hotel, Royal Guesthouse, AD 1 Hotel...

Peacock Lodge - Front Of The Guesthouse

Peacock Lodge - Front Of The Guesthouse


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