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All You Need to Know About Firework Festival in Danang - DIFF 2019

January 10, 2022 - 1964 views

It has been 11 years since the first time the Danang International Firework Festival (DIFF) organized in 2008. Like every 10 years before, this 11th year, the festival this year promises to satisfy every tourist with its “light party”.

Theme - Story By The Rivers

Each year, the DIFF has a different theme and each team uses their fireworks and music to tell audiences the story of that theme in their own ways. DIFF 2019 has the theme of “Stories by the Rivers” which was inspired by the fact that Vietnam has many rivers throughout the country and those rivers not only created 2 big deltas where many Vietnamese people earn their livings, but also have their precious historical meanings and moving stories. But not only Vietnam, rivers play important role in many countries around the world, therefore, through the “Stories of Rivers” topic, but it is also hoped that each team this year will share their own stories of the rivers with everyone successfully.

DIFF 2018 - Legends of the bridges

Stunning DIFF 2018 - Legends of the bridges

Teams and Schedule

Teams join DIFF 2019

DIFF 2019 has 8 teams from different countries: Vietnam, China, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, and Brazil. These teams will compete with each other through the matches in 5 nights with different small themes each night (which also link to the main topic "Stories of Rivers").

Schedule of DIFF 2019

In many years, the opening ceremony is on 30 April and this festival takes place in about 2 months. However, there will be many differences with DIFF 2019 as it will take place in only about 1 month and the opening ceremony will be on 1st June 2019 which is also International Children Day. Explaining for shortening the time of DIFF, the head of Danang said that they believe there is no need to prolong this festival in about 2 months or more which causes many difficulties and inconveniences for all teams attended, 1 month is considered as a much better period.  Besides, this year DIFF matches will happen every weekend which helps the tourists can arrange their time to come and enjoy the “light party” easier.

DIFF 2019 Schedule with Theme

DIFF 2019 Schedule with 5 nights of performances

Ticket Price

This year, the DIFF ticket price will be higher a little bit than last year with the number of seats is lower with 83,000 seats (lower than the last year 2000 seats). In general, the ticket price will be from 300,000 VND (~ US$ 13) to 1,200,000 VND (~ US$ 50), except for the Stand A tickets in the Opening and Ending Ceremony which will be raised from 1,500,000 (~ US$ 65) to 2,500,000 VND (~ US$ 105).

DIFF 2019 Public Rates

DIFF 2019 Public Rates

On the other hand, as it is not easy to buy a ticket of Da Nang Firework Festival, the tickets in the black market will be pushed to extremely high price, up to 5,000,000 VND/ticket (US$215) or more for a seat in Stand A on the peak days. With other tickets on different days and different stands, in the black market right beside Han River's bank, outside the Festival zone, the ticket prices are varied but can be twice or triple the official public price. 


  • Be careful with your private stuff such as wallet, smartphone, camera, etc. as they are the aim of the pick-pockets around the festival.
  • Wait until the performance begins if you cannot get the ticket with a public rate, the black market tickets for that night will be much lower (equal or lower than the public rate).
  • Enjoy the DIFF 2019 "light party" from the sky lounge of bars, restaurants, and hotels nearby. The price for a seat at these places is not cheap at all but it is much better than trying to buy a ticket on the black market and more interesting than getting inside the festival zone as you can have a good drink or totally delicious meal here while enjoying the stunning performance.

Some suggestions for the sky lounge

  • Sky36 - Novotel Premier Danang Han River
  • The Top Bar - À La Carte Danang Beach
  • Brilliant Top Bar - Brilliant Hotel Danang
  • Rooftop Bar & Coffee - Sun River Hotel Danang

 The Top Bar of À La Carte Danang Beach

The Top Bar of À La Carte Danang Beach

Let's go to Da Nang and contemplate the sparkling night at the Danang International Firework Festival.


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