Bangkok Travel Tips & Experiences

Avoid scams for a smooth trip

  • Use official taxi brands and other popular public transport

Keeping away from unknown taxi brands and choosing reliable brands for transporting is very important, it will help you avoid scams and being charged 3 to 4 times more than the average price. Moreover, other public transport in Bangkok, such as BTS Skytrain, should be used - especially in rush hours, because it’s the faster way to move around this busy city than cars, buses, and tuk-tuks.

  • Have a map when you are outside

The solution when you are lost in Bangkok is to use a map. Remember to equip yourself with a Bangkok map when leaving your hotel (though the possibility of getting lost is low if you travel in groups). However, if you’re not comfortable carrying too many things when traveling, just have a smartphone that is installed with the Google Map application with 4G available.

Do Not Forget To Bring A Map With You

Do Not Forget To Bring A Map With You

  • Be careful with touts and strangers offering something to you

This can be a scammer! Be cautious when a tout invite you to get on a taxi with no brand or you have to pay a more expensive charge than common taxis for a transfer. Moreover, it’s similar to the case someone comes to you, convinces you that a famous attraction is closed, and offers you an alternative trip to a who-know spot. Just say “No” to them.


Insider tips when shopping

  • Have a small amount of cash (in Thai Baht)

Always carrying cash with you when going outside is convenient, especially when you are traveling in a foreign country since you are easier to pay for things/ services in public transport, shops, and local restaurants.

Thai Baht

Thai Baht

  • Barter for a better price but still keep your head cool

Many shops in the local market don’t have price tags, and you should bargain for a lower price. However, the Thai people are known for their calm way of communication, and if you have a bad attitude when bartering, you cannot get any good deal! The solution is: remember not to lose your temper and when you can’t have a good price, just go to the next shop as there are many shops selling this item in the market.


Things to know before visiting temples

  • Dress respectfully when going to temples

Bangkok has many major temples that attract countless tourists from many countries, and if you travel to Thailand, paying a visit to these marvelous temples is a must. However, you should dress politely so as not to receive disagreement gazes from others. The dress code is: wear long pants that cover your knees and shirts with sleeves that cover your shoulders.

Remember To Wear Appropriately In Temples

Remember To Wear Appropriately In Temples

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