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Halong Bay Cruise: Tenet Movie versus Real Life

April 06, 2021 - 418 views

Have you watched the Tenet movie by Christopher Nolan? Do you remember the look of Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) when she was on the yacht in her unpleasant vacation in Halong Bay, Vietnam? Are you curious about how Halong Bay looks and is it worth a “9 million dollars” vacation? Here you come with the comparison between the Halong bay vacation in Tenet movie vs Real-life!  

A fancy holiday in Halong Bay with a huge splendid private yacht, deck boat, helicopter, servant, etc. not only cannot make Kat’s life happier but also becomes a heartbroken turning point when she totally lost her chance to get the freedom and her son back. Kat’s family holiday in Halong Bay was lavish and painful, how about your holiday here? Is Halong Bay looks like in the movie? Is there any luxury yacht there? Is it that expensive? Will it be more joyful? The answer is below.

halong bay cruise: tenet movie vs real life

Halong Bay Cruise: Tenet movie versus Real life

Tenet movie vs Real-life: Halong Bay scenery

If you are a fan of Tenet, you would know that Halong Bay appeared in the movie was not the real Halong Bay in Vietnam. In fact, all the scenes with the yacht in Tenet were filmed in Amalfi Coast, Italia - a part of the Mediterranean with totally different natural features such as geological structure, eco-system, climate, etc. comparing with Halong Bay, which means there is nothing identical between Amalfi Coast and Halong Bay scenery.

In real life, Halong Bay is in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam, and it owns the unique beauty created by a special natural geological structure that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Earth needed at least 500 million years with different changes of natural climate to craft the special magnificent scenery of Halong Bay. The karstic field with big and small, short and tall rocky mountains in Halong Bay needed more than 20 million years to be abraded into present shapes.

  an overview of halong bay scenery from above

The magnificent scenery of Halong Bay from above

Tenet movie vs Real-life: Halong Bay cruise yacht

The yacht in Tenet movie is a private boat which is actually a superyacht named “Planet Nine” which worths about US$ 101 million. This outstanding yacht was built in 2018 with 8 cabins, a large private lounge, a generous office, a pool, a helideck, and many incredible water features such as kite surfers, surfboards, scuba gear, inflatable canoes, and Jet-Skis. In general, the “Planet Nine” vessel is like a splendid villa in the water.

Tenet yacht - The Planet Nine

The "Halong Bay cruise" in Tenet movie - Superyacht Planet Nine

On the other hand, you cannot find any superyacht like “Planet Nine” in Halong Bay as most of the boats here are for the economic purpose; meanwhile, most of the private cruises for hiring are quite small, wooden, and of course, none of them can be as modern as the one in Tenet movie. However, there are some cruises with yacht design traveling in Halong Bay such as Stellar of the Seas and Scarlet Pearl Cruise. These boats, although cannot as luxurious as the yacht in Tenet, still are at 5-star standard with more than 20 cabins from 28m2 large, a pool/Jacuzzi, bars and restaurants, gym rooms, spa, and massage services, a wine cellar, etc. In addition, besides those 5-star yachts, there are many huge high-end vessels in Halong Bay with 20 - 30 cabins and many function rooms included. On the other hand, as the size of a boat does not affect its luxury, some small Halong Bay cruises like Ylang or Emperor Cruise, with no more than 10 cabins and provide all-inclusive services (no additional bills after the trip) claim as the top high-end cruise in the Bay.

The real life yacht in Halong Bay - Scarlet Pearl Cruise

The real-life yacht in Halong Bay - Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Tenet movie vs Real-life: Halong Bay vacation cost

In Tenet movie, Kat said that her family’s unpleasant vacation in Halong Bay costs US$ 9 million –  what an insanely lavish trip!

In fact, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars on a Halong Bay vacation, a few thousand dollars is far too enough. A cabin in the most luxurious Halong Bay cruise price is about US$ 690/night with all-inclusive services and normally the longest itinerary a tourist would choose to travel in Halong is a 3-day-2-night cruise tour, which means only almost US$ 1400 for a trip for 2 people with the most expensive cruise in Halong Bay, very reasonable if you expect to have a fancy vacation. Including the expense for flights and domestic transportation, you absolutely don’t need to spend US$ 9 million as Kat’s family to explore and enjoy Halong Bay.

Emperor cruise - the most expensive cruise in halong bay

Emperor cruise - the most expensive Halong cruise

If you want a private trip on a modern yacht like Kat, you definitely can book a charter cruise in Halong Bay with Stellar of the Seas or Scarlet Pearl Cruise, of course, it still cannot as not costly as in the Tenet movie. Comparing with the expense of hiring the superyacht “Planet Nine” which is more than US$ 650,000/week (almost US$ 95,000/day), charter a big cruise with about 20 cabins in Halong Bay is many times cheaper. However, if your group has only a few people, booking a charter of a smaller 5-star cruise may help you feel cozier.

Tenet movie vs Real-life: Halong Bay activities

In Tenet, except for swimming, there are no other things to do in Halong Bay mentioned, all you can see is the yacht anchored in the Bay most of the time. However, on a real trip in Halong, you will not have time to be boring as many interesting activities here are waiting for you to experience, such as take a short flying tour with the seaplane, enjoy Halong Bay kayaking, Cat Ba cycling, cave exploring, night squid fishing, etc. And please don't forget to enjoy BBQ night and fine dining meals on the deck while having a classy vacation in Halong Bay, they are a must-try! 

multiple choice for halong bay activities

There are many things to do in Halong Bay

After all, although Kat's family vacation is not happy, there is no doubt that it was an important moment of her life that hiding one of the most important keys of the Tenet movie. On the other hand, real-life is not the same as anything that happened on the screen. A vacation in Halong Bay may be a painful moment in Kat's life but it would be absolutely one of the best times in your life. Just think about the joyful side of a US$ 9 million vacation here and book your own luxury cruise tour in Halong to experience how fancy a holiday can be! 


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