Halong Bay Kayaking

Kayaking through Halong Bay is a must-do bucket list activity and it is the best way to explore the bay. This activity gives travelers more independence and allows them to visit places that cannot be reached on cruise ships. Exploring Halong Bay by kayaking is one of the best experience you should have while in Vietnam

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Below is some useful information about kayaking in Halong Bay, a list of best spots for kayaking, and some tips. The easiest way to participate in this activity is to sign up for a Halong bay cruise and just enjoy your cruise ship with kayaking.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

This kind of activity first appeared in Halong Bay at the end of the 20th century and it nowadays becomes the most popular activity for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists who come to visit Halong Bay. Thanks to the bay’s thousands of islands, calm water, fine current, Halong Bay is an ideal place for kayaking and kayaking becomes the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay. Using kayaking to explore the hidden caves, distinctive cliffs, lagoons, waterfalls, unspoiled beaches or local life in floating fishing villages and observing picturesque scenery by kayaking brings tourists unique experience which you can not find elsewhere. Kayaks go where other big boats cannot.
Most mid-range and budget cruises in Halong Bay offers free of charge kayaking while some luxury cruises will ask an extra fee for kayaking. The local government has issued strict guidelines on where travelers should kayak in order to protect areas of Halong Bay. To join the kayaking activity, you need to follow the instruction of the tour guide. He will show you teach you how to use the paddle. Each cruise has its different kayak route and time frame, so check with your travel consultant if you want to kayak to a specific spot

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kind of kayaking used in Halong Bay

Best Kayaking Spots

Everywhere in Halong Bay is beautiful, there are endless amounts of places for kayaking in Halong Bay. Fishing Villages, hidden caves, or islands are among the most wonderful places to do kayaking in Halong Bay. Below are a few kayaking hotspots in Halong Bay.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

It is the final perfect destination for kayaking to explore the fishing village, home to keep the typical cultural characteristics of fishermen inextricably living with the sea. Some tourists use a bamboo boat ride around the village, some use kayaking. When arriving in the village, you will have a chance to row bamboo sticks, participate in fishing trips, pull and remove fish from the nets like an actual fisherman or just enjoy the spectacular natural scenery with surrounding mountains and a nearby rainbow arch.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Vung Vieng fishing village

Luon Cave

It is another outstanding place for kayaking in Halong Bay. Luon Cave has the shape of an arc with 60 meters in length and 2.5- 4 in height depending on the tide. To pass through the cave when the tides ride, tourists need to stoop down. There is a small lake deep in the cave and the cave is the intersection between the sea and the lake. Visiting the cave, you can see a variety of plants such as ferns, cycads, Benjamin’s fig trees, and many beautiful orchids. It is a truly natural place that you can not find anywhere in the world.

Kayaking through a cave in Halong Bay

Exploring caves in Halong Bay with kayaks


Cap La Island & Cap La Fishing Village

It is an ideal place to do kayaking with a wonderful landscape, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and a pristine white sand beach. Kayaking to this island is a favorite activity and tourists will have a chance to pass by Cap La fishing village where each boat is a separated household. These boats are tied together, and the image of working fishermen in these boats is the reason why more and more tourists come here.

Kayaking in Cap La Village

Visiting floating village

Cong Do island:

Cong Do area is very diverse in its flora and fauna. In this area, there’s an abundance of sea life in the form of squid, crab, various fish, and underwater vegetation. Therefore, fishing becomes a popular activity that attracts many tourists besides kayaking.
Besides, Ba Hang Fishing Village, Tung Sau Area, Cua Van Fishing Village, Bright and Dark Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Cong Do Island, Hon Co Island are great to explore.

Kayak in Cong Do Area Halong

Cong Do area

Tips & Experience

Before you do kayaking

  • Wear suitable clothes: T-shirt and short in the summer, warm clothes in the winter
  • Warm your body up with a bit of movement
  • Listen to the tour guide carefully and remember the route, timings, and rules.
  • Wear a life-vest: one life-vest per person.
  • Be aware of the weather, tides, and currents, and the wind strength.
  • Stay well away from cliffs, caves, and rocks.
  • Never, ever go kayaking whilst intoxicated. It’s dangerous and not worth the risk.
  • Ensure you hold the oar with your arms about the same width as your shoulders, with the concave sides of the oar facing behind you.

What to bring:

  • Water bottles for each person.
  • Sunscreen in a high factor.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Camera & dry bag storing the camera.
  • Swimsuit in the summer
  • Good, comfortable shoes
  • Hat & sunglasses

While you do kayaking

  • Holding the oar correctly: the distance between the 2 hands should not be too close or too far, it should be just over shoulder-width apart and the concave part of the oar should be facing backward.
  • Be Energetic. Don’t be afraid to use some force.
  • Be away from cave entrances. The current is strong You may be drawn into the cave if you get too close.
  • Keep a good distance between other kayaks to avoid unnecessary collisions.

having fun with kayaking in Halong

Having fun with kayaking

Hope that the above information is helpful and have a great time kayaking in Halong Bay.

Jenny Tran

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