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[Local choice] Top 10 hot search destinations in Vietnam

January 11, 2022 - 244 views

Your vacation will become more amazing for sure if you come to visit 10 local choices Vietnam destinations as below. The list is based on searches on Google in 2022.

1. Cat Ba Island

Well, Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, you must have heard at least one of these destinations before and Cat Ba Island is located right at the border of these magnificent bays. According to the Google Year in search 2020 report, this destination as the biggest island in the Gulf of Tonkin was researched mostly by Vietnamese, overtook many hot trend places like Nha Trang, Da Lat, or Moc Chau. To catch the trend, you may book a Cat Ba cruise departed from Halong city or Got Ferry to visit this amazing island.

cat ba island - hot search destination for 2021

No.1 on the hot search destination list 2021 - a spectacular victory for Cat Ba Island 


2. Da Lat

While not so many international tourists know about this lovely mountainous city, Da Lat has been one of the most favorite destinations among domestic guests. As Vietnam is a tropical country, a city that has cool weather all year round like Da Lat is always a wonderful choice for vacation. Besides, the romantic scenery that created the nickname “The City of Love” attracts many couples to enjoy private holidays, honeymoon, or take wedding pictures.

da lat - the most romantic city in 2021

Ranked at No.2, Da Lat is the most charming destination this year


3. Sapa

There is no doubt that a world-known destination like Sapa should be missed from this local choice list. In fact, this town has been named as one of the most popular travel places for years. While foreigners come here for thrilling adventures, Vietnamese tourists choose Sapa tours to enjoy a cool summer vacation or admire the frozen landscape in winter - an extremely special scenery in a tropical country like Vietnam.

Sapa - the most popular adventure destination 2021

Has been a hot spot for years, who can deny an adventure to Sapa?


4. Da Nang

In the second booming period of Covid-19 in Vietnam, Da Nang was considered as the beginning of the pandemic. However, only a few months later, after reopening the city, Da Nang gradually claims its position as a top trending destination in Vietnam. It is expected that in the upcoming public holidays, the number of domestic tourists to Da Nang will be boosted thanks to campaigns to stimulate tourism in the city.

Da Nang is the No.4 hot search destination in Vietnam 2021

Overcome from the outbreak, Da Nang is the No.4 hot search destination in Vietnam 2021


5. Con Thoi Son

Con Thoi Son or Thoi Son Islet also called Lan Islet is obviously a new name for international tourists. However, with Vietnamese travelers, this is one of the top favorite destinations for a selfie in the Mekong Delta in 2020 and it seems like the pandemic couldn’t stop a huge number of domestic guests to come here, sail through the winding canals inside dense coconut palms and enjoy the fresh fruit.

Thoi Son Islet - a newbie top search travel places 2021

Thoi Son Islet - a newbie in the list for top search travel places this year


6. Ta Dung

Another new destination is named in the list this year. Ta Dung belongs to Dak Nong, a small province in the Highlands region. It was promoted to domestic tourists a few years ago; however, after some magnificent photoshoots from drones captured the magical landscape which large 20,000ha with 36 big and small islands, this place becomes a top trend among Vietnamese travelers.

Ta Dung - the "Halong Bay" in Vietnam Highlands

Ta Dung - the "Halong Bay" in Vietnam Highlands


7. Moc Chau

In Vietnam, people call Moc Chau as “Da Lat of the North” as the weather in these two places is similar. Moc Chau is cool throughout the year and famous for leafy green tea hills, pine forest, fruitful strawberry gardens, and plum orchards which help it become one of the top search destinations in Vietnam.

Moc Chau green tea hills - Vietnamese tourists' hot search

Moc Chau is always in the list of Vietnamese tourists' hot search


8. Nha Trang

As a familiar destination for leisure vacation, Nha Trang has always been on the list for many years. This coastal city which owns some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam is always a hot search, especially in the summertime - the peak travel season of locals. Tourists keep coming to Nha Trang for relaxation for almost two decades due to its inherent natural beauty, classy resort services, diverse cuisine, and diverse entertainment activities.

A beach holiday in Nha Trang is always a trend in summertime

A beach holiday in Nha Trang is always a trend in summertime


9. Sam Son

Claimed as the No.9 in Google's top search list for travel destinations in Vietnam 2021 is an extremely well-known town with Vietnamese but also a strange name with foreigners - Sam Son. This small coastal town is popular for its beautiful beaches, strong waves, and powdery sand. In the domestic tourist season from May to July every year, Sam Son welcomes millions of visitors from all over the country to visit and relax. This year, despite the influence of Covid-19, this beach is crowded by meeting tourists' short-term, self-sufficient travel needs.

Sam Son beach - a hot spot for vietnamese

Sam Son beach has been a hot spot with Vietnamese for at least two decades


10. Co To

To conclude the list, another representative from the Gulf of Tonkin is called - Co To island. Has been promoted for a decade, it seems like tourism here has not developed so much. However, it still attracts many tourists by its wild and rustic beauty which helps it pass many other famous destinations in Vietnam to keep the No.10 position in this list.

co to island - wild beauty nearby halong bay

Has been a trending destination for a few years - Co To Island


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