Is it that scary for being quarantined in Vietnam due to the spread of Coronavirus?

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Among the days of disease – when the Coronavirus spread throughout the world, cause nightmare to almost everyone, being quarantined sounds dangerous and scary. However, if you are quarantined in Vietnam, it may be become a different story and you may see that isolation not so scary like your imagination.

At the positive point of view, there is no doubt that the isolation region seems like the safest place at the moment where people are taken care and their health is monitored everyday. Among countries which are experiencing the difficult time due to the disease, Vietnam is a rarely safety place where the number of infected patients is low, no death recorded and the medical condition is still guaranteed with modern facilities and experienced doctors. And as Vietnam government act soon enough with the campaign for protecting national health started from the middle of January (or maybe earlier) and keeps continuing up until now with more and more strong policies have been published, especially the rule of isolation for everyone who arrived Vietnam from some foreign disease centers (since the earlier of March) which make many people, especially tourists, feel uncomfortable. However, don’t make your imagination scares you, being quarantined in Vietnam is a lot more interesting than you thought. And although the quarantined zone cannot compare with your home, you absolutely don’t have to suffer any bad thing here.

Why being quarantined?

Since 7th March, only 4 days before the time Vietnam can claim the end of disease (according the international rules from WHO), a new case of Coronavirus infection was found, the protecting national health campaign of Vietnam government has to start again. Vietnam is forced to prevent the attack of disease all from the beginning and this time, we make it stronger! After found out that the new case on 7th March was from UK, as an effort to control the spread of Coronavirus, many quarantined zones are organized to welcome not only Vietnam citizens but also tourists who are from foreign countries (especially some disease centers).

What you can get in 14 quarantined days?

Everyday health care

Every isolation region has a team of medical staffs who take care and follow your health everyday until the last day of your quarantined time. You will be checked everyday to make sure your health is alright and they also run virus test each day for you. In the case you need special health care, you absolutely can get it, no one is leaved behind.

Doctor take care of patients in isolation region in Vietnam

Doctors take care of patients in isolation region in Vietnam

Good accommodation

Of course isolation regions which mostly are hospitals, medical centers or military barracks, cannot compare with your sweet home. However, it absolutely can adapt your basic needs with shared bedroom (include bed, pillow, blanket, fan) and a bathroom (include basic amenities, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, shower gel, brush and toothpaste).  Other essential stuffs like hand sanitizer, mouthwash, medical masks (2 pieces/person/day), etc. are provided continuously. The fee for staying in concentrated quarantined zone is supported by Vietnam government. However, with foreign tourists who may want better services, you can choose the option of being isolated in a hotel with private room, full facilities (assigned by Vietnam government) and pay on your own.  

A room in the medical center's isolation region

A shared room in the medical center's isolation region

shared room in military barrack's isolation region

And in military barrack

Three tasty meals per day

In concentrated quarantined area, you will be provided three main meals per day and sometimes also snacks. The meals are mostly in Vietnamese style cuisine which usually include rice, meat/fish, vegetable and soup for lunch and dinner, meanwhile breakfast may be different types of noodle, banh my (Vietnamese baguette), savory sticky rice, etc. And don’t worry about the taste of meals, most of people said the food is really good, easy to eat and there is no worry about lack of food. Of course, option for vegan food is available, you only need to note with the staffs there. In addition, if you feel like want to eat or drink something else, you can ask for the help from staffs there, who will help you to go out and buy the food you want (in their abilities).

A typical meals in Vietnam isolation region

A typical meals in Vietnam's isolation region

New friends

Being quarantined in a concentrated zone means you have to stay with others in a same room and share the common area with everyone there who from every class in social with different ages, characteristics, careers, hobbies, etc. A room may have 4-8 people and a quarantined area can have thousands people stay there at the same time; you will never be alone there. In addition, if you are single, you may meet your destiny somewhere in the quarantined zone. Don’t doubt that, some people succeed with finding their sweetie in these 14 days.

A new couple in Vietnam isolation region

Cute confession moment of a couple in Vietnam during quarantined time

Chance to learn something new

As thousand people stay in a same area, at the same time, a small society was formed where different people stand together and help each other, all are friends which make each member become more responsible and socialize. Some people is from special career, in 14 days they can help you to learn a new language, play guitar, get some basic Yoga lessons, etc. and in contrast, you may inspire them something else.

14 days no working and almost no worry, you will have enough time to do things you want to do but have never had enough time. Reading books and exercising seems like at the top of things-never-be-done list. With 14 days, you can absolutely finish reading a few interesting books and also have time to exercise twice a day in 2 weeks.


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