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Jay Fai Crab Omelets Bangkok: Must-try Dishes

July 14, 2023 - 1455 views

Have you ever been to Bangkok and tried to eat crab omelette bangkok. This is a delicious dish available at Jay Fai, an ideal place to eat.

Lots of food at Jay Fai was created and served in a sterile environment and your experience will revolve around what gives you overall clarity along with great food. Raan Jay Fai while expensive by Bangkok street food standards is not cheap, however, it is also not expensive. However, the food is excellent and highly recommended for the signature dishes of the restaurant, especially Jay Fai crab omelette.

About Jay Fai - Where to Try Famous Bangkok Crab Omelette

Finding the best place to taste Crab Omelette in Thailand is not too difficult, it is located at 327 Mahachai Road (at the intersection with Samranrat road), next to Thip Samai restaurant. This is considered a paradise of snack foods in Bangkok which many people choose as the ideal dining spot.

There are many ways to get to this address, the easy option is to call a taxi or a tuk-tuk will also take visitors to this address.

Located on the same street as Thip Samai (restaurant at 4), Raan Jay Fai is the only street food restaurant in Bangkok with Michelin stars (a prestigious title in the food industry). The owner of the restaurant, the one who founded and directly created the dishes here, is a woman who, at this age, is 72 years old, Jay Fai. Her familiar image is wearing glasses and a black wool hat, and she makes all the dishes, of which the most famous dish is Jay Fai crab omelette.

Jay Fai Restaurant

Jay Fai Restaurant

What Jay Fai Crab Omelets Attracts People

There are many dishes here, but people everywhere mention it and cannot forget its taste: Raan Jay Fai crab omelette. This is a crab egg roll with ingredients only including chicken eggs and crab meat, served with raw vegetables with chutney. Creating a dish looks very simple but a whole process. When choosing crab meat to make this dish, it also requires very thorough, fresh, delicious crab meat, not frozen for a long time so customers are very satisfied with this dish.

Making crab omelets at Jay Fai

Making crab omelettes at Jay Fai

This dish was created by the owner who has many years of experience and opened the restaurant himself. Chicken eggs and crab meat will be gathered together, adding spices and accompanying types to create a famous dish in the land of Thailand that everywhere people will find this dish.

Here, mostly seafood, and their must-try specialities are omelettes, crab curry, and dried porridge, all baked on the charcoal fire. Their most famous dish is the Thai Crab Omelette Kai-Jeaw Poo, which is a large egg roll with pieces of delicious, juicy, and tender crab meat fried on a charcoal fire.

Crab Omelets

Crab Omelets

Surely, if someone had once tasted the taste of this dish would still want to enjoy it again. The taste of it is very wonderful going into the heart of people. In addition, a crab omelette is a dish that provides many nutrients to the body so it can be considered a perfect choice not to be missed.

What Is the Price of Jay Fai Crab Omelette?

A famous dish, many people also care about its price. Like a great dish, the price is also relatively high but should try once, this dish is priced at about 32 USD. Compared to what it brings, the results are well worth it. As for the amount of crab meat you get in an omelette, I think it's not very expensive because crab meat is generally very expensive.

One thing that you also need to consider if you plan to come here is the number of customers is too crowded, so you should book in advance. The restaurant has a long list of customers waiting but is expected to have to wait two to four hours to get a seat. Also after you have sat down and placed your order, you have to wait at least an hour to be able to eat the food, because Jay Fai makes all the dishes himself. A dish created by its creator to serve everyone so you need to wait patiently.

Jay Fai crab omelette is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Coming here, you will enjoy the wonderful taste of the dish and have many experiences. Some guests shared that they were so nervous when they got there, crab omelette Bangkok was mainly the reason why they decided to stay one more night in Bangkok.

On it is shared information so you can gain more knowledge about Jay Fai crab omelette and what it brings. If you have the opportunity to take a Bangkok tour, try these dishes, although the price is high, it is worth it. You will not regret enjoying this famous dish.

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Hi, This is Pooja from India. Could you please tell me how to book table at Jay Fai Street restaurant. Thank you. Regards


Hi! Jay Fai don't take booking table in advance, you have to get to the restaurant, line up, and wait until your turn. We suggest you should be there from around 3pm, maybe you are lucky enough to get into the restaurant

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