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North Vietnam - A New Travel Trend in Southeast Asia in 2022

September 09, 2022 - 239 views

For years, Thailand and Singapore are known as tourism hot spots in Southeast Asia. However, Covid-19’s effects have reshaped the tourism industry in the region. After 2 years of the pandemic that paralyzed the tourism industry, a new travel trend was created as many ranks named Vietnam, especially the North area as a must-visit destination for 2022.

The appearance of North Vietnam in reputable travel rankings in early 2022 

This January, Vietnam appears in at least 3 reputable travel charts belonging to TripAdvisor, New York Times, and CNN.

According to Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Awards, Hanoi is a charming capital with an old quarter, historical sites, colonial architecture alongside modern developments. This year, Hanoi ranked 22nd out of 25 destinations for food lovers around the world. The traditional delicious foods that diners should try in Hanoi are Pho (Vietnamese beef/chicken noodles), Bun Cha (Vietnamese noodles with grilled meat), Bun Rieu (crab vermicelli), Banh Cuon, Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette), Cha Ca (grilled fishes), Egg Coffee, etc.

1. Rome (Italy) 14. Valencia (Italia)
2. London (UK) 15. Naples (Italia)
3. Paris (France) 16. Cairo (Egypt)
4. Dubai (UAE) 17. Bordeaux (France)
5. Barcelona (Spain) 18. Cartagena (Colombia)
6. Madrid (Spain) 19. Lyon (France)
7. Sao Paulo (Brazil) 20. New Orleans (US)
8. New York (US) 21. Mexico City (Mexico)
9. Bangkok (Thailand) 22. Hanoi (Vietnam)
10. Singapore (Singapore) 23. Charleston (US)
11. Florence (Italia) 24. Marrakech (Morocco)
12. Istanbul (Turkey) 25. Hongkong (China)
13. Lisbon (Portuga)  

TripAdvisor’s top 25 destinations for food lover 2022


Stuffed pancake is must-try in Hanoi, Vietnam

Stuffed pancake is a must-try in Hanoi, Vietnam


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At the beginning of January every year, the New York Times publishes a list of 52 destinations after collecting readers' opinions from more than 2,000 different options. This year, after two years in a row of pandemic impacts, the list is different because many new destinations can tackle problems like over-tourism and climate change.

Out of 52 names, only the Red River Delta of Vietnam is a destination in Southeast Asia. Charly Wilder, the editor of the travel page of the US newspaper, commented: "Once tourism gradually returns to normal, tourists will not hesitate to flock to famous beaches and cities.

In a traditional craft village in Vietnam's Red River Delta, you will be immersed in the space of a thousand-year-old culture and traditional lifestyle that is gradually disappearing. Fortunately, many Hanoi travel companies organize tours to take visitors to discover ancient villages, Buddhist temples, craft villages, as well as river tours to contribute to preserving history and traditional culture here.

1. Chioggia (Italy) 27. Thy (Denmark)
2. Chimanimani National Park (Mozambique) 28. The Red Sea Mountain Trail (Egypt)
3. Queens (US) 29. Little Calumet River (Chicago, US)
4. Northumberland (UK) 30. Inner Hebrides (Scotland)
5. Zihuatanejo (Mexico) 31. Normandy (French)
6. Ibera Park (Argentina) 32. Estes Park (Colorado, US)
7. Alentejo Wine Region (Portugal) 33. Kunta Kinteh Island (Gambia)
8. Lucayan Archipelago (Bahamas) 34. Naples (Italia)
9. Evia (Greece) 35. Hoga Kusten (Sweden)
10. Cobscook Shores (Maine, US) 36. Humboldt (Kansas, US)
11. Hoonah (Alaska, US) 37. Greenland
12. Cleveland (Ohio, US) 38. Marrakesh (Morocco)
13. Courmayeur (Italia) 39. Northland (New Zealand)
14. Red River Delta (Vietnam) 40. Vancouver Island (Canada)
15. South Africa 41. Eijio Panti National Park (Belize)
16. Uttarakhand (India) 42. Sarasota (Florida, US)
17. Fogo Island (Newfoundland, Canada) 43. Vanuatu
18. The Great Highway (San Francisco, US) 44. Santa Cruz County (California, US)
19. Kyoto (Japan) 45. Serra da Capivara National Park (Brazil)
20. El Yunque National Forest (Puerto Rico) 46. Saguaro National Park (Arizona, US)
21. Sierra Leone 47. Islas Cies (Spain)
22. Slovenia 48. Monaco
23. El Hierro (Spain) 49. Bronzeville (Milwaukee)
24. Summerland Peninsula (Australia) 50. Thaidene Nene National Park (Canada)
25. Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan 51. Cerro Castillo National Park(Chile)
26. Gouda (Netherland) 52. Daintree Rain Forest (Australia)

New York Times’s 52 Destinations for 2022


In addition, CNN has just released a list of the world’s best soups, according to a vote from culinary experts. One of the first dishes mentioned is beef Pho, Vietnam. So far, beef noodle soup is still the most popular version of Pho, according to an introduction from CNN. Beef noodle soup usually has two main types: cooked beef and rare beef. Cooked beef is pieces of beef that are boiled in broth, and rare beef is thinly sliced ​​meat, quickly blanched in boiling water. Then, the seller will arrange those slices of meat on the noodle soup, pour the broth and serve the diners.

Vietnamese Pho

Pho is a must-try food in Vietnam

While the international tourists are quite familiar with Southern Pho selling in most of the Vietnamese Restaurants around the world, the authentic Pho is actually in North Vietnam where it was born and developed. The top-recommended place to have the best Pho in Vietnam is Hanoi - the thousand-year-old capital where Pho is a daily breakfast for locals and gathers most of the best Pho restaurants in the country.


North Vietnam as a new travel trend in Southeast Asia

As being mentioned in many reputable travel rankings in early 2022, it seems like North Vietnam is heading to become the travel trend of this year in Southeast Asia. For years, international tourists have been familiar with Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia as travel hot spots in SEA.

However, after 2 years of staying at home due to the Covid-19 impacts, the world needs a new breeze to change travel habits and ensure safety. It can be seen that all crowded metropolises that were hot destinations before the pandemic is not mentioned for travel trend in 2022 - the year for the world's recovery after Covid-19.

Tourists are oriented to go to places that are less touristy, closer to nature, or have cultural and historical values. In Southeast Asia, North Vietnam has been famous for its rich history and culture; also it owns beautiful nature, majestic mountains, and forests, which is suitable for all needs of tourists.

North Vietnam become new trending travel in SEA 2022

For anyone who is considering a trip to Southeast Asia for post-Covid travel, North Vietnam can be a good start for your new normal life which can satisfy all tourists' travel needs, and more importantly, it's always safe. Join us on our interesting tours to North Vietnam and catch up with the new travel trend in 2022!

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